KRMA Radio Wellness Hour Episode #8

Saraswati will call the cell in to discuss Apr 28th

Sound Journey

  • What is a Sound Journey?
  • What are the benefits of Sound Healing?
  • Tell us a little bit about the instruments?
  • Why do you love working with Sound?

Cacao ceremony

  • What is involved in a Cacao Ceremony?
  • How is this Cacao different than regular chocolate?
  • What do you love about leading Cacao ceremonies?
  • What do you hope participants take away from the Cacao ceremony?
  • Why do Sound Journeys and Cacao ceremonies go well together?

EARTH DAY – SUNDAY 22nd – Barrie Rosencrans is teaching a free yoga class at 10am

Astrology you need to know for May 2018 (Friday, April 27th at 6pm)