KRMA Radio Episode #26

Wellness Hour Episode #26 KRMA Radio Today on KRMA radio episode #26 Jenessee interviews Michael Ramsey about consciousness and the way to begin working with the golden grid we call the matrix. The matrix can be defined as the source of our divinity so when we learn how to tap into this limitless potential we can become the masters of our own fait. Join Jenessee and Michael Ramsey and they discover and play in this field of entanglement together.

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Episode #20 Wellness Hour on KRMA Radio

Episode #20 Wellness Hour on KRMA Radio


Wellness Hour presents climbing the mountain of life...

in this episode we discuss what it mean to ascend this spiritual plane and transcend our human worries finding our truest and most authentic joy. It is within all apsects of life that we can see how we are walking the divine path yet we get so focused on the outcomes, the charge of interactions and the dysfunction that we end up staying in our old patterns and blocking out purpose. We discuss how to see clearly when you stand at the base of the mountain getting ready to climb. We discuss action steps to reclaim your life and talk about healing way to see and respect what you are aligning to in your outside reality.

KRMA Radio Wellness Hour Episode #17

KRMA Radio Interview with Dr. Tatiana Irvin, Dr. Tatiana H. Irvin Dr. Irvin works with business leaders in both corporate businesses and start-ups to provide clients with essential feedback via energy awareness assessment tools, content rich Integrated Leadership presentations, and intimate breakout sessions, all helping to direct each client to their most purposeful and sustainable contribution. Skills to develop and access to our latent potential with innovative discoveries in neuro-plasticity and epigenetics call our attention to this untapped skill set within us. These skills can be taught and harnessed to enhance our day to day performance and sustainable wellbeing. Tatiana is a #1 Bestselling author, motivational public speaker, teacher of Energy Leadership workshops teaching these tools in a step by step format for ease of integration and user friendly application. Dr. Tatiana holds a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science, Energy Leadership certification from iPEC, Medical Intuitive Certification and various supporting certificates in “energy awareness” modalities and has a Ph.D in Philosophy specializing in Holistic Life Coaching. What could be accomplished personally, professionally and as a community of likeminded and purposeful creators should we “power up” our undeveloped potential? Let us awaken you to your innate abilities and provide the POWER to your purpose.

KRMA Radio Wellness Hour Episode #3

10 Simples ways to increase resilience to stress: “What do you want to make of your one wild and precious life – today? – Mary Oliver quote sums what Dr. Timberlake is all about 0-Tapping (emotional freedom technique) 1-Movement 2-Forgiveness & Appreciation 3-Personal Connection (hugs/oxytocin) 4-Journaling 5-Supplements to support resiliency 6-stacking the pain (do what you hate first) 7-forest bathing (inhaling phytoncides from trees reduces stress hormones) 8-foods to reduce stress 9- Aromatherapy 10-Hydrotherapy -1 Conscious Breathing (this leads into Shaun’s talk) Shaun on Mind, Body Connection 1- Connection between mind and body is first and foremost breath 2- Taught a. Square breathing b. 3 part breath or yogic breath c. Breath for anxiety 3 inhale double exhale – slowing down the heart beat 3- Meditation and how this comes after breath work a. Yoga nidra b. 6 healing sounds from Chi Gong (Heeeeeeee) i. Ways to start to get into meditation practice ii. Next month he teaches quieting the mind… Barrie on eating a Mediterranean Diet 1-Plan/Prep/Shop/Cook/ Jenessee on Chakras & Energy 1-move us into present moment

KRMA Radio Wellness Hour Episode #1

SHOW BREAKDOWN: Timelines --- not traditional story (beg/midd/end) we’re going to jump timelines and stay in the flow Intro & Bio on Jenessee o Spa Industry o My own spirituality Tue Feb 28th went to Akron Public Library – ESCAPE FIRE: FIGHT TO RESCUE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE (Netflix) o Hosed by Tara Scott the Integrative Medicine Director at Summa Health o Also there was CEO of Summa Dr. Cliff Deveny as well as a chiropractor, nutritionist and acupuncturist o Synopsis: ESCAPE FIRE: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare tackles one of the most pressing issues of our time: American healthcare costs are rising so rapidly that they could reach $4.2 trillion annually, roughly 20% of our gross domestic product, within ten years. We spend $300 billion a year on pharmaceutical drugs––almost as much as the rest of the world combined. We pay more, yet our health outcomes are worse. About 65% of Americans are overweight and almost 75% of healthcare costs are spent on preventable diseases that are the major causes of disability and death in our society. Main Talking Points o implementing preventative alternative medicine o What is preventative medicine:…… (nutrition support, acupuncture, alternative medicine and fitness) o WALDEN prevention – so many doctors in community giving back w/ prevention yet people think this is WOO WOO or still out of their reach / not validated…. o Safe Way had huge insurance premiums and decided to incentivize its employees who strive for health – they documented the vast improvement when funds were dedicated towards prevention o It’s the businesses that decide what packages they will get with health care, but so many use “buying agents” to help them navigate how to build a plan that doesn’t cost $$$$$ HR & Agents actually decide