You SEEK - Clarity in Thoughts, Intuition, Mental Alertness and loss of Ego

Your LESSON - You are literally creating the world you are walking in. Every emotion every encounter every situation you find yourself apart of you have created. This is a blessing when your perspective is great enough to learn the lessons from these encounter. This is a curse when you think the world is happening to you and not because of you. Take time to review the field around you and feel into the situations you have created to gain more insight on where you are perceiving from.

Your WORK - Focus on your emotional body. This is the second energetic body residing just outside of the physical body. Here you are able to begin to feel into situations that are creating this block within your field. When you find yourself engaged in emotions such as denial, begin to separate yourself from those feelings and look at your world to see where you may need to make immediate decisions regarding your life and upcoming path. Once the emotional body is cleared it will be time to understand this lesson from the mental body.