You SEEK - Clarity in Thoughts, Intuition, Mental Alertness and loss of Ego

Your LESSON - You have yet to learn that the mind is a powerful tool and everything you think, visualize and see through your mind will end up manifesting into your own reality. It is time to balance the energy flowing through your intense power center called the mind and begin to take yourself on a review process of everything you are intentionally creating.

Your WORK - Focus on your mental body. The mental body is the third body surrounding the outside of the emotional body and then the physical body. In the mental body it is time to let go of controlling thoughts and patterning that get us into trouble and make us repeat lessons over and over because we become to stubborn to allow the mental "ego" body to release. When the block from the mental body is released full wisdom regarding the lesson is able to settle into your field making it possible to move on from the lesson once and for all.