You SEEK - Authentic Connections, Truth and Detachment from Density

Your LESSON - You must recognize that holding onto expectations will drive you crazy! This life you live is your own and you would not chose to give those experiences away to any one of your fellow human beings, so why is it you still try to lesson the experiences of those around you? Remember this is a life that only one sole at a time can live so let them live it!

Your WORK - Focus on your emotional body. This is the second energetic body residing just outside of the physical body. Here you are able to begin to feel into situations that are creating this block within your field. When you find yourself engaged in emotions such as disillusion and attachment, begin to separate yourself from those feelings and look at your world to see where you may need to make immediate decisions regarding your life and upcoming path. Once the emotional body is cleared it will be time to understand this lesson from the mental body.