Sacral Chakra Day 1
Need: Journal & Pen
Time: 34minutes
Use: This meditation will help to align yourself with the Sacral Chakra energy for the upcoming week. You will set the intention to work within the space of this energetic chakra center.

Sacral Chakra Day 2 through 6 
Need: Review Worksheet
Time: 51minutes
Use: To help run the Sacral Chakra energy through these meridian pathways so that the body becomes fully aligned to the Sacral Chakra energy. Brings Fluidity, Relationships and Change.

Sacral Chakra Day 7
Need: Journal & Pen
Time: 38minutes

Use: To bring through the persona housed within the Sacral Chakra and learn the lessons necessary to move forward in your spiritual path. This is the meditation where we learn our most essential wisdom to move forward.

(TAPED 1-2016)

Listen to hear a recap of others as well as host Jenessee while going through this weeks meditations.