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My reading with Jenessee was both eye-opening and inspirational. She has a unique system of evaluating the individual in 5 broad dimensions – physical, emotional, mental, frequency and guides and provides an assessment regarding the subject’s self-awareness and current way of operating in life. In these 5 broad areas she drills down further and examines finer aspects of ourselves which I found particularly helpful in understanding myself in much greater detail. I also learned what I need to pay more attention to in order to make greater progress in life. More importantly the reading also included my higher self’s intended level of attainment in each of these areas, which was very aspirational. She did her reading in advance with only having my full name. When we met it was most helpful as we discussed each of these areas and I was able to ask questions for greater clarification and insight. I walked away from the experience with not only a greater understanding of myself, but also a clearer path as to how to better myself. I’ve had many different “readings” over the past 50 years with various mystics, psychics and astrologers and this was one of the best and most practical. I highly recommend her.
— Daniel Cohen, MD (Neuroscientist, Author, Inventor -sol tec)