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twelve planets, eleven bodies, one soul

a journey to discover the master archetype

This non fiction autobiographical memoir takes on the tone of a Science Fiction novel. Thestory spans the length of just one 24 hour day on Earth. Following the stories lead character, Jenessee you begin to understand from a first person perspective what it feels like to go through a metaphysical conscious awakening as an entire life is reviewed from the perspective of multiple incarnations on twelve different planets. This journey takes you on a visual stunning exploration of different planets. Each new planet introduces Jenessee to a new body which has been frozen to teach her different lessons about her soul’s master archetype. Throughout the journey Jenessee struggles to believe in what is presented in the astral realm, she is found constantly fighting the urge to believe in what she experiences and finds no affirmation from those who surround her. The novel has political, environmental, advocacy, and self-help undertones all of which help the reader to understand their own cosmic place in this multi-dimensional multi-verse.




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Develop Your Unique Gifts & Talents

This book was channeled directly from nine out of the twelve guides that assisted in the astral journey writing process of the book; 12 Planets, 11 Bodies, 1 Soul. As many have discovered through their own seeking, once a persons conscious process begins unfolding as long as there is a willing recipient to receive, the answers will come. This book was written before 12 Planets and after A 94 Day Chakra Journey. During this writing nine divine guides were present with whom I knew very little about yet desperately wanted to know more close. I opened myself as a vessel through meditation to their teachings and over a thirty day period they came into my mind and wrote through my hands, automatic writing. Never knowing what the end of the sentence would say, I wrote with no fear, the ULTIMATE test of TRUST in the divine. It was by reading and understanding the channeled words that my body began accepting the twelve beings into my energetic field which would inevitably take me on the astral journey that lead to writing the book, 12 Planets, 11 Bodies, 1 Soul. This book helps its readers to find the ways in which their own energetic field is ready to open up to divine energies.




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Chakras Root to Crown

A 94 Day Chakra Journey

It’s 5 p.m. exactly and I've had repetitive thoughts swirling around my head for the last forty-eight hours. I’m taking this as a sign and have made an agreement with the voices in my head to perk up, pay attention and start writing.  I, like you, have gone through many life changes over my twenty-nine years on earth.  Perhaps unlike you, I have used chakra theory and other eastern philosophies to analyze and reveal the deep secrets that my soul holds.  Today, I will begin counting down ninety-four days until I turn thirty years old, and I’m committed to making this a pivotal transition by exploring my history, tendencies, personality, and choices, through a root-to-crown chakra experience.  I’m convinced that this discovery will help shape and influence not only my future, but the future of all who choose to read these words. 

This book chronicles the journey of a souls' intuitively guided ninety-four day journey. This adventure is meant to inspire you, and all those whom you come in contact with once you’ve begin the journey.  This spiritual-awakening biography tracks the progress of one individual, a soul, but represents the developmental tendencies of all spiritual persons contemplating their own conscious existence here on earth.  Within the pages of this book you will follow the awkward, intense and beloved events this soul encounters along her real-life journey.

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Chakras Root to Crown

Oracle deck, workbook & coloring book

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The Chakras Root to Crown, Oracle Deck, Workbook & Coloring Book can be used to read the energetic field for yourself or anyone whom you wish to read for. Like the Tarot or other Oracle decks, these 78 cards rely equally on the left and right brain to bring through the most accurate information for reading any situation. This deck reads from the Akashic Level meaning once information is gathered and relayed patterns of the SOUL can be changed "karma" learned in a single life. The user once acclimated with the cards can attached meanings such as marriage, divorce, birth, death... to individual cards as the energy presents itself to you thought the card, but practice and learning on an Akashic level must happen before these connections will appear.