Visionary Retreats connect you with an intimate collective of like minded individuals all looking to grow together in a conscious way. Each retreat highlights four to five different visionary facilitators who take turns leading the week long retreat. Each visionary will teach their 8-hour course to our small group of participants for one day. During the retreat, leaders and guests will live together on the retreat property, share meals, network, play and connect together creating a powerful collective experiences.  

Each day the 8-hour courses will be tapped for online re-production, all participants of the retreat must sign a video release form allowing for video footage to be posted and sold on advertising channels. Each retreat is held at different sacred sites, more details below:

June 17th 2019

Join your Cosmic Guides in Mount Shasta, California. Get an insider seat as we connect together under the divine guidance of our VIP facilitators & discover more fully our path. Read More...


What Lead to Mount Shasta for the Visionary Trip!

6 Night Retreat - Mount Shasta, California
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Intuitive Art Reading
from 440.00

Intuitive Art, What's Your Story?

Let Jenessee perform an intuitive reading for you and capture the essence of your reading on canvas. The process starts with your (first/middle/last- name) this is all Jenessee needs to connect with your energy, once the story is received Jenessee will paint the story on canvas capturing the energy and frequency of your messages.

S I $440 M I $660 L I $880 XL I $1100
Shipping rates included will send your canvas rolled into poster container for minimal shipping expense. Any frame shop can remount your canvas properly onto wood backing. If you prefer canvas to be shipped full size and ready for hanging extra shipping costs can be assessed (between $$-$$$)

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