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Teacher: Jenessee Roy
Great to Review in Preparation to the Live Upcoming Workshop 

Class ONE
Begin to learn about Estoeric Cosmology and the ascension through consciousness. Discussion will focus on the first triad, recognizing the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body. A process will be done that connects you into the physical body to get a sense of what is going on and where possible development may be needed. Ideas will be discussed and theories reviewed. Q&A will be submitted for review during second class.

Class TWO 
Moving into more detail now about the bodies, this class will continue to explore your energetic field and what it means to be living within each of the bodies. We will get into your chakra column here and how and why this effects your field. You will experience a guided meditation to take you through clearing each of the bodies for yourself and others. Q&A that were submitted will be answered so make sure to send those back ASAP.

Class THREE 
This final class will review concepts learned from the previous two classes and arrange the information into usable content that can help you to build a foundation to move forward with your own work.