Membership Reading 3-3-2019 (WEFWDS)


The energy I feel when I flip all the cards is that there is something trying to manifest but your holding on too tight somewhere not open and vulnerable enough to have it show up... ok let’s get to details. 

you- Archangel Michael - you are so heart aligned and know exactly who you are that you are magnetizing the people you need to you! Ask/pray/call to Michael to facilitate (use this connection as one of the ways you can begin to let go and trust the astral plan is doing the “human” work you need done) michaels message  

We must recognize our differences as humans and allow this to unite us and not drive us apart.

When someone who does not share your view or opinion comes into your life it is not your job to

make this person aware of your views. It is not your responsibility to try and solve their situation.

It is your job to recognize that this soul is understanding life differently than you and all you can

do is accept them in their time and space and allow them to be and feel whatever it is they might

need to be and feel to go through their own awakening process. We tend to separate ourselves

from the people around us because their vibration is different than our own, and this can make

us feel uncomfortable if our own energy is not maintained. We must seek as much togetherness

as possible even in the most diverse of groups to allow everyone the opportunity to feel the

loving energy that is of non judgment and fully accepting. By connecting with your own stillness

and divinity in situations that are less than perfect you will allow others the space they need to

see and feel your vibration. This alone will allow other souls to open up to their own stillness,

acknowledgment, and divinity. We must stay together with non verbal, non judging support. This

will allow everyone on earth to feel and experience their own journey while still supporting each

other through love, stillness and calm.

whats blocking you - hyper sacral chakra which is obsession. This is interesting because it shows there is some type of overt over connection to another person. Could be expectation or actual need to connect. I see a home/family card above this so could be one of your family members. Hyper shows a tendency to be leaning towards the future so this could be more directed to expectations or ideals you are holding in your mental field for this person.

goals - happy home card. This is manifesting I to your field and starts that you are looking to cultivate more heart centered energy in the family/home/foundation. That which is supporting you. 

the foundation is shadow side of crown chakra. This is attachment. Here is where I ask what is this expectation you have? What is this perfect vision or the obsessive thoughts in connection to this person. There is somewhere here where life is being squeezed/controlled and the manifestation flow is being blocked because the vision/expectation you hold is preventive the flow to manifest into this solid foundation for you.

distant past - ok so I would now ask are there signs popping up that indicate a pattern from the past that you don’t want to manifest. This card is in a manifesting position and distant past indicated where we might repeat patterns from our past. So are you witnessing things happening in your field that are indicative of something that you are currently trying to control and not have manifest because last time it did or last time these signs popped up it created an outcome that was hard or painful?

future is archangel Chammuel. His message is all about vulnerability. This is where you are being asked to trust and release your control on this situation so that it can manifest in alignment to the highest outcome. 

chammuels message All beings share one heart. The sacred heart belongs to no one person. The sacred heart is a

collection of the love we hold and have for ourselves unified by the connections we have to all

beings. We must learn to love ourselves for exactly who we are. There is no more hiding the

truth of our being. We must emerge from our protective shells and be ready to call from the

mountain tops. They will hear our calls of devotion to ourselves and our dedication each and

every day to finding and loving more pieces of our true being. There is no more time to be afraid

of what people will think. Fear is what keeps us trapped in believing that what we are is

unlovable. We must love ourselves enough that our love reaches every heart everywhere in the

scene and unseen worlds. We must have vulnerability so that we may give ourselves over

completely to the understanding that if we love everyone as much as we love ourselves we can

shift the vibration of all being to that of peace, care and stillness. Our sacred hearts are all

unified by the same source creator. By filling our own hearts with love we intentionally fill and

love each other. By acknowledging that we are vulnerable when we love so strongly we can

take the power away from fear and our own in capabilities to love and give the power to the

movement of love

your attitude- empathy. You are getting every release card! This is now asking you to release this density from your emotional body. To walk your walk and talk your talk, is this scary? Don’t control/don’t be strong- be the complete expression of these energies you are feeling this is going to be what heals you through all levels and layers.

other people’s views - this is the hyper heart chakra card which is co-dependent. Signaling you overly connected to this persons life experience. I go back to what’s blocking you and it was the hypo sacral chakra “obsession” over another person here this card other People’s views is echoing this block sentiment. There is somewhere where you are trying to control the outcome as it is attached to another “human” and this could be mental / future based.

hopes and fears - kismet. That everything is aligned and synchronistic. I go to the distant past card where all the signs are happening like they once did, and because of the outcome from that situation you fear it could repeat. So you hope everything is divinely aligned but then again this is a fear because the signs are similar.

outcome - message in a bottle card. This is inspiration. You are manifesting this energy where your passion is in full connection to how you express yourself. By being authentic and allowing yourself to not only feel the depth of whatever is going on but then to be able to express this full in life with how you act you internal and external world will be in harmony and you will gain the ability to inspire others through how you are currently living this story so clearly.