What's Your Meaning Vortex Tree

In the moment when your intuition grabs your higher self and directs your attention towards OBSERVATION of divine manifestation in your physical world you may see a VORTEX tree.

A VORTEX tree is simply an area within nature where the matrix energies are coming in so strong, access portals open up and begin to affect the "physical" specimens that share their space. It is where divine tells its story to nature and nature writes out that story physically creating spiraling, twisting branches on a tree.

When you chakra column is in need of balance: when crown is hypo-under active and pulled back from full divine awareness and root chakra is hyper-overactive believing too much in the human constraints and restrictions limiting your 3D physical reality... Become the OBSERVER because this is when VORTEX tree is most likely to present itself in your path.

Sitting within VORTEX trees' spin will unlock the passion of the mind releasing the ARTIST within leaving one free of guilt to peruse their divine path. As well as downloading you with the fortitude to continue seeking your own authentic balance between reality and spirit.