Grounding Into Your New Foundation...

 Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Hyper Root Chakra & Hyper Solar Plexus Chakra– When you have taken on a new role, a new foundation, a new life and things aren’t exactly what you envisioned and the view from your new position in life seems different than what you expected it to be – stay true.  Don’t fear or try to control what is happening around you, stay open to this new platform and how the energies are aligning to come in. Do not allow yourself to be tempted into changing who you are to meet this new adventure, evaluate your authentic self (meaning: what are the three things that make you uniquely you?) stay true to those things, don’t let this re-start, this new growth cycle dissuade you from being authentic otherwise you will create hyper Solar Plexus Chakra tendencies layering onto your new growth cycle discordant energy that will need to be released at some point (usually by negative circumstance).

Relationships – Take this new time, this new cycle, this new beginning in life to form relationships where you are not only the Teacher living and connecting to other one on one relationships through your divine expressive self, but also find your growth in allowing yourself to be taught by those relationships. Use your passion to facilitate the ever important inspiration those same relationships need to continue their grow cycle. This will bring out the teacher in both parties allowing each to grow together yet differently at their own pace.

Fortitude and trust in your intuition will bring more clarity and balance to the grounding of your new foundation. Aligning completely to the authentic self, the soul self, the high self will keep you balanced on this new path. It will take all of your energy and trust in the version of yourself that got you to this new path, do not fall victim to the HYPER tendencies of the Root and Solar Plexus Chakra (Laziness & Arrogance – stopping your from moving forward and possibly clinging to the ego self the one that operated from you position before the transition), Not clinging to the Hyper tendencies of these chakras will be your tests, proving if you are ready to align to this re-born, open, conscious version of yourself, or will illuminate where more work and release is needing to be done.

By grounding this new energy in a slow, and steady way you will create the SANCTUARY you have so desperately been seeking. Divine love and unlimited compassion await you on this new path all you have to do is ground into it with no Fear and complete Trust!

When All You Want Is To Be A Unicorn!

Why do we carry SHAME? Shame is the shadow side of the Solar Plexus Chakra and more often than not people begin instilling this into us during our developmental childhood stages. Early In life we are told who we are authentically is not good enough. We get compared to siblings in our family, we have parents trying very hard to instill social norms into our being. Don't shine so bright little one someone might see you and notice what you are doing - and oh my, they might judge or worse label us... why aren't we allowed to be Unicorns?

From a young age we are taught what we are is too much or too little, this is how we are taught to be a part of society and not something that doesn't fit in. When we are supposed to be grounding our authenticity into this world, most are pulled away from the  shinny brilliance of the unicorn and taught to be REALISTIC. This will allow you to connect better into the world they tell us, but who's world are we connecting to?

Archangel Gabriel teaches us that we are the creators of our own world. What you see is of your creation. Everything around you is the reflection of you, for you, by you. So what do you see? Is your reflection that of the brilliant Unicorn you were always destine to be? Or when you look in the mirror do you shame yourself because you have lost a piece of the magic. Don't forget that shame is something we allow ourselves to feel because we tell ourselves that who we are is not good enough. This narratives chorus will stop when you APPRECIATE yourself for the divine UNICORN you are!

What's Your Meaning Vortex Tree

In the moment when your intuition grabs your higher self and directs your attention towards OBSERVATION of divine manifestation in your physical world you may see a VORTEX tree.

A VORTEX tree is simply an area within nature where the matrix energies are coming in so strong, access portals open up and begin to affect the "physical" specimens that share their space. It is where divine tells its story to nature and nature writes out that story physically creating spiraling, twisting branches on a tree.

When you chakra column is in need of balance: when crown is hypo-under active and pulled back from full divine awareness and root chakra is hyper-overactive believing too much in the human constraints and restrictions limiting your 3D physical reality... Become the OBSERVER because this is when VORTEX tree is most likely to present itself in your path.

Sitting within VORTEX trees' spin will unlock the passion of the mind releasing the ARTIST within leaving one free of guilt to peruse their divine path. As well as downloading you with the fortitude to continue seeking your own authentic balance between reality and spirit.

Don't Fear Your Guidance Isn't Clear

Everything you perceive in this world is of your creation, the sooner you are able to accept this reality the sooner you will be able to see that all along what you though was a figment of your imagination was the creation of the vibration you needed to validated your divine path.

Having conviction to peruse those intuitive divine relationships will lead to your ability to receive clear and balanced non-ego controlled guidance that will inevitably lead you to trusting in your clairvoyance however it presents itself to you for review.

example: I was just thinking about birds so the fact that a bird came to me during meditation must mean my left brain created that image! -WRONG, be vulnerable and just go with it see what rabbit hole you fall down


Develop Your Psychic Abilities - Class THREE

In class three you will continue to explore the energetic field around you. We will jump right into a process where you will call down your higher self and establish a trusted place where you can begin to develop your own practice. Through reviewing this experience we will continue to expand on practices specific to your talent and this will help to further your psychic attunement and give you more confidence in the information you are receiving. 

Webworkshop - Psychic Attunement, Class ONE

Class ONE
The best part of working in a group setting is that the combine intention of the group allows all individuals to succeed at greater rates then if they were flying solo. We will review information about your energetic field and what it means to receive in a psychic way and then move into a process where we will sense our own frequency and see at which level we are working in the field.

Develop Your Psychic Abilities - Class ONE

Develop your Psychic Abilities - Class ONE

Date: Sunday, June 28th
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Where: 20150 Lake Shore Blvd, Euclid OH 44123
Cost: Donation, All donations go to support the Conscious Nest Community a 501(c)(3)

Class Description: This workshop class is great for all practicing levels. For those who have developed a practice and want to lend their energy and intention to a group of like  minded people to help elevate the group as a whole. Also for those who are working on beginning to develop, understand and hone their intuitive gifts through meditative practice, understanding of their own energetic field and receptivity to universal energy. This class will teach you the different primary methods of receiving, take you through guided journeys to further develop your gifts and go over practices to continue your own growth away from the group setting.

Bring: If you like not necessary: crystal or stones you connect with (for raised frequency), comfortable clothing for meditation components, journal and pen.

*Class will close once max number of participants register*

Akashic Reading - Person 110

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