When All You Want Is To Be A Unicorn!

Why do we carry SHAME? Shame is the shadow side of the Solar Plexus Chakra and more often than not people begin instilling this into us during our developmental childhood stages. Early In life we are told who we are authentically is not good enough. We get compared to siblings in our family, we have parents trying very hard to instill social norms into our being. Don't shine so bright little one someone might see you and notice what you are doing - and oh my, they might judge or worse label us... why aren't we allowed to be Unicorns?

From a young age we are taught what we are is too much or too little, this is how we are taught to be a part of society and not something that doesn't fit in. When we are supposed to be grounding our authenticity into this world, most are pulled away from the  shinny brilliance of the unicorn and taught to be REALISTIC. This will allow you to connect better into the world they tell us, but who's world are we connecting to?

Archangel Gabriel teaches us that we are the creators of our own world. What you see is of your creation. Everything around you is the reflection of you, for you, by you. So what do you see? Is your reflection that of the brilliant Unicorn you were always destine to be? Or when you look in the mirror do you shame yourself because you have lost a piece of the magic. Don't forget that shame is something we allow ourselves to feel because we tell ourselves that who we are is not good enough. This narratives chorus will stop when you APPRECIATE yourself for the divine UNICORN you are!