Heart Centered

I was recently blessed to listen to Julie Calvey speak about the Universal Divine Heart and her thoughts on this transitioning into the 5D space. Julie blew my mind as I followed one of her meditations. I recognized many similarities between her meditation and what I had evolved mine into. Although I had recently changed my own meditation I was not fully aware as to why this new piece of information changed until I found Julie.

My path has been leading me even deeper into this transitional shift into the 5D world and I have been very present and eager to see and learn what this might hold. I use to think shifting meant that I would evaporate into light and be somewhere  off this planet doing work of the highest importance. While that isn't so far-fetched, I finally realized that the 5D world will exist with in our own current world. This 5D world will be a shift in consciousness where as a being still in a physical vehicle I will be completely working from the heart center and spreading light and creation to all of those around me. As we evolve others will also evolve in their conscious shifting as well, so all divine beings will be elevated into this plain of existence just waiting a stones throw away. It is our job as Devine beings to recognize our abilities to work from the place of the true authentic heart and start to make shifts with in our own beings so that others will also be able to recognize and remember the light of their own being.

I have been blessed recently to lead many through meditations and watch as they transitioned from 3D physical realities into an awakening of their own Souls Devine Nature. I am so proud and excited to watch as it now only takes a few days of powerful guidance to instantly awaken a soul to their divinity. I am so thankful for these opportunities and hope to be able to spread some of my most recent meditation experience here.

Recently I found a new component embed itself into my meditation. It was a calling to recognize and work with the Heart center. Being very conscious about Chakra Theory I know how magical the transition in an opening heart can be so I was happy to include this information into my meditations. Here is what I included:

Start like always with the grounding: after you ground your body and come into your body awareness then start working with the heart center. I first call to mind a memory that holds a strong emotion of either joy or happiness. I cultivate this memory until I can feel the memory in every part of my being. Then when the memory is at its peak I start to use circular style breathing (in through the nose, out through the mouth) and actively pull the memory down from my mind into my heart of hearts or true heart. This is not your beating heart, but the heart directly behind your beating heart. Once you make the connection with your heart of hearts I release the emotion behind the memory and just sit in stillness with this memory. I feel the stillness of my heart of hearts and enjoy being present in my most powerful of spaces. I then work with my breath using my breath to expand my heart into controlled boundary filled spaces, I start my auroric field, then I move my heart into the room I am in, then I move my heart into the state I am in, then I move my heart into the world. Finally after I see and feel my heart in all of these centers I allow my heart of heart to connect to the entire expansive universe. I allow the heart to be free and connect to everything and nothing all at the same time. From here I come back to my heart of hearts in my body and find the stillness. (if you use the grounding technique listed above, I wait to call in my guides until after I have made this heart connection. I think this is very important to find this space before you invite any guides into your sacred space.)

Back to Julie, I recently was blessed with receiving this heart guidance to include into my own meditations. Yesterday I listened to Julie and her meditation and brilliant explanation of her operating methods and realized that this heart connection I was performing was a way to help transition and bridge into the 5D consciousness. Julie has her own grounding where she has clients inhale white light through the body, then she pretty much does the same centering of the true heart or heart of hearts. She does something really amazing to me that I will start to use and that is once she finds the feeling or memory instead of releasing the emotion to the memory she has you pull back your shoulders and project the feeling/emotion out to the Universal Devine Heart. She does this to have you share your true self with the Universal Heart. She does this to have you make a bond with the Universal Heart and I absolutely LOVE this. Then Julie, has you wait while you receive back messages from the Universal Heart.  Every message she considers a gift. She has you pull these gifts into your true heart (sacred space) and then project it into your belly where it can be released into your physicality. I feel blessed daily to have such syncronistic experiences with Devine Source and all that surrounds this existence. I promise to continue my Journey to help bridge those that need to see and feel more light.

And So It Is!