Cross Layout - Relationships


You - use your voice in a clear way and walk your walk and talk your talk. Throat chakra. Make sure to express you authenticity ❤️ 

Whats blocking -hyper third eye chakra obsession, this means don’t go outside of your self to play a role because of the repetitive thoughts in your head. Stay true to yourself, don’t think about what the other person might say. Try to be you as much as possible without questioning what the other person might do or say.

goal- realist... BE YOU this is all about being able to ground the authentic you into the situation. Staying realistic with your expectations (over yourself!)

foundation -  flexibility between your passion and what you anchor into your world. You are being asked to stay flexible. Every relationship must find their flow and how two come together to be one so her it’s a reminder that by finding a flow that stays grounded in both of your passions you will stay connected to the goal of being and staying your authentically.

Distant past, the potential pattern you could repeat. This is about intuition. Connecting to your foundation and it’s manifesting for you so I would interpret that in the past you have pushed that intuitive voice away and allowed the ”ride” to go on longer than it should have because it was convienente - this is asking you to not repeate the pattern so when something intuitively doesn’t feel right - get grounded immediately, and be pragmatic about it so if your feeling jealousy..... don’t ground into attacking energy but sit down be vulnerable and say I am feeling really uneasy about something between us, and am not sure why. Can we talk this out and you try to help me.... something like this “pragmatic” is not emotional but more left brain 🧠 (I am using any emoji it shows for the end!)

Future - you are really manifesting stability here! Have you though that this could be a person you move in with....?!? This is manifesting stability again grounding a one on one relationship into you life and making it your foundation. 

your attitude - is you want this to be easy you want this relationship to feel like a vacation! This is about patience. Finding black ace between you want to use your willpower to move things forward while also taking the time to enjoy what’s happening.

other peoples view of this - teacher and manifesting the energy to teach through using your voice in connection to the relationship. Here I would say what your goal is “purifiying” your ability to speak clearly in this relationship is also what those who are witnessing you in this new relationship see as your “triumph” moment. Holding you will authentic speak your truth.

Haha your hopes and fears - kindness, you hear me saying use your voice authentically and now your brain is like well what if my voice and mind are wanting to scream FU! Haha so the juxtaposition here is that you hope that authentically there is always an ability to be kind you the relationshipbit also your own mind and thoughts and your fear is that if you use the voice authentically when you feel like you should that speaking truth might now result is (sunshine, rainbows, and 🦄!) 

Outcome - your lesson/purpose here is to use your voice to find your purpose. Concentrate to make sure what you speak is always aligned to your highest alignment. the goal here might now be just to speak your truth but to learn how to speak that truth in a way that will help (teach, send compassion, and uplift) the other person while you are still presenting your soul for review. Does that make sense. It feels like you are being asked to move to a new stage of expression where you are 100% true to yourself but chose how you speak carefully so that every reverberation of your voice is keeping you aligned to the highest outcome.

jumper - prophet - which I swear you have gotten as a jumper before. This is reminding you that you know what you need, you are a leader not a follower, so trust your instincts because they are there to clue you into the next step even when the people around you might not see or be ready for what’s coming. 

love, Love, love