111 Numberology

Meaning of 111:


Energy Flowing: Physical aspects of divine energy are flowing into your life. Look for foundational changes and support coming in to help your create a new reality to grow from.

Number 111 is a powerful number of manifestation, and carries the combined attributes and energies of number 1 and the karmic master number 11, & 1 which resonates with assertiveness, independence and uniqueness, motivation, new beginnings and striving forward, insight, self-leadership and inspiration, positivity and achieving success. Number 11 tells us that to connect with our higher-selves is to know and live our soul mission and life purpose. Number 111 symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, inspiration and intuition, self-expression and sensitivity.  

222 Numberology

Meaning of 222:

New Cycles Starting: This is the beginning of a new path. Look for the next 3 fold number sequence you see to get more clarity of the new path you are ready to embark upon.


Another meaning of 222 and a reason why you are seeing 2:22 repetitively, is that the new ideas that you’ve seeded in your mind are ready to grow and become your new reality.

So, what was it that you planted?

If the ideas that you’ve consciously or unconsciously nurtured actually serve you for your highest good, continue to water and care for them. They will emerge from the fertile ground of your mind and you will soon see them manifested into your life experience as your own creation.  Always remember that you are the producer, director, writer, and actor of your own play.

Have faith and patience in your life plan.  The bigger the goal, the more physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy you'll have to put into your plan in order to make it happen – and it will happen.  It will happen at the right time for you.

Keep up with the positive affirmations and visualizations.  

333 Numberology

Meaning of 333:


Time to make a Decision: You have a decision to make - this will lead you to a 666 sequence where it will be time to repeat a lesson on a deeper more wisdom filled level or to a 999 which shows reconciliation of karma and completion through all time and all space.

Seeing the number pattern 333 can mean that you have to make an important decision with regards to what you were thinking about.

This decision can take two different turns, depending on whether you’re in tune with the Universal intelligence or not.

Hence, if you're on the right path, your decision can turn into a 999 energy, which brings closure to your problem. In this case, whatever your decision was, you made the right choice, and you’ve put an end to what’s been on your mind.

Opposed to a 999 decision, you can be less inspired and go for a 666 decision. This decision is the result of being out of alignment with yourself. Eventually, you will have to start over.  Because all growth comes from pain and suffering, challenging experiences are meant to be learned so that you can grow.  Your soul already knows what to do and you just need to listen to what feels good in your heart.  The best decisions are always based on love.  Can you remember a time when your decision was based on fear?  What was the result of that decision?

Just remember that there will always be another, more inspired solution for you. Trust that it will be revealed to you at the right time when you need it.

When you see 333, all you have to do is ask for the blessed guidance of the ascended masters, have faith and you will receive it.  

Trust that you are surrounded, protected, loved, and guided by the spiritual masters of our planet.

444 Numberology

Meaning of 444:


What is currently occurring in life is a reflection "creating your reality". It is time to dive deeper into what you may think you know. Take time to study through a mentor, reading, seeking or discovering what this reality you are creating is all about.

When you see 444, it's a sign to let you know that you’re on the path of spiritual awakening. You have become more aware of the spirit within you as you are feeling the subtle energies from the Universe. The more you start learning about this new path, the more you want to discover who you really are. Are you suddenly more interested in the spiritual nature of things? Are you into spiritual books and people? The number 444 is here to tell that you’re awakening and you're on the right track of entering another dimension on a higher spiritual plane.

555 Numberology

Meaning of 555:


Unity Consciousness: Congratulations your have arrived at the level of unity consciousness on the Spiritual Plane. Mastery of teaching through the lower body or the 3D - 4D planes has been accomplished. Christ Consciousness - Highest Spiritual Number.

Seeing 555 is an angelic reminder that you are a divine infinite being who chose to incarnate here on Earth to experience life. Always feel that you have worth because you are here to co-create with the Universal Source and complete a life mission.   Your life has ultimate significance.

555 is a powerful number and it represents the wholeness of creation. It is the number of Christ, the number of unity in consciousness, the pentagon, the 72° angle, and so on. Hence, the meaning of 555 is the perfection of the human being that is you.

666 Numberology

Meaning of 666:

Earth Consciousness: Number of life and mankind in his relationship to the Earth. Carbon has six protons, six neutrons, and six electrons. Watch for physical events happening on a Community and Earth level.


Number 666 is a compilation of the energies attributes to the number 6, including honesty, justice, integrity, charity, faith, love, humanity, service, balance and peace, domesticity, responsibility, care, the teacher, convention, the provider, protection, idealism, selflessness, charity, faithfulness, the nurturer, truth, order, economy, emotional depth, curiosity, deep love of home and family, humanitarianism, service, unselfishness, balance, peace, self-sacrifice, empathy, sympathy, unconditional love, circulation, agriculture, grace, simplicity, compromise, reliability, social responsibility, compassion, beauty, the arts, generosity, concern, family, home, community service, self-harmony, nurturing, caring and harmony, the need for stability in all areas of life, society, possessions, planetary issues and concrete tangibles. Number 6 also symbolizes gratitude, responsibility and service which needs to be achieved through love and self-less service to humanity.

777 Numberology

Meaning of 777:


The school of life where you are no longer simply learning the lessons but living the lessons becoming present to their teachings.

You are riding the wave and are in tune with your true self and the whole Universe.  You are in alignment with your life purpose. When you understand who you truly are, you work on what's meaningful to you and bring your energy and light to the world. This is what the world needs from you.

Whenever you see 777, remember that your purpose flows from within you and everything that is unfolding or being revealed to you is part of your purpose.

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in life.

888 Numberology

Meaning of 888:


Completion of a particular LESSON on that has been swirling around you during you for completion.

Number 888 is a powerful number as it carries the vibrations and attributes of number 8 appearing tripled, magnifying its energies and influences. Number 8 relates to self-reliance, reality, manifesting wealth and abundance, dependability, truth and integrity, self-confidence, discernment and good judgement, achievement, giving and receiving, philanthropy and serving humanity, and karma; the laws of cause and effect. 

Praying Mantis Energy

Praying Mantis Meaning:

  • Patience
  • Stability
  • Meditation
  • Peaceful
  • Quietness
  • Cosmic Connection
  • Reflection
  • Serenity

You have learned to take your time and live your life at your silent pace. Furthermore, you never make any movement without careful thought or contemplation. You know exactly where you are going and when you will get there. Even within this calm and serene environment you are capable of quick and decisive action when opportunity presents itself.


The Great Central Sun is a Source and a Center of the All-Pervading Presence of the Great "I AM". It is a Point of Integration of the Spirit/Matter Cosmos, and an Central Concentration of God Consciousness and the release of Light and Life and Love to all creation. It is a Nucleus, Heart Center, or White Fire Core of the Cosmos. (The God Star Sirius is a Focus of the Great Central Sun in our sector of the Galaxy.)


Insect beings appear within mythologies throughout the world, including Native American and African folklore. The Khoisan tribe of Africa specifically regard the mantis as the first living creature upon the Earth, who granted life to animals and humans, inventing language and bringing fire to the people. It is even said that the mantis created the moon as a guide for hunters by throwing a gallbladder into the sky.

The Mantis beings have presented themselve to me during meditation where a connection to the earth and the great central sun have been needed. They come to offer portals to new worlds and help us connect to our path when we have become grounded and nuturing to all living things (planet at the top of that list).

Grasshopper Energy

Grasshopper Meaning:

  • Lucky
  • Stable
  • Virtue
  • Vibrant
  • Content
  • Intuitive
  • Fertility
  • Patient
  • Peaceful
  • Creativity
  • Abundance
  • Insightful
  • Messenger
  • Connected
  • Courageous
  • Resourceful
  • Forward Thinking

You are being asked to take a leap of faith. Just go ahead and do it without knowing the outcome. Usually this is something that you have been avoided doing and is often linked to a large scale change in direction. This can be a change in relationship, career or a change in yourself. Know that you have the wisdom that you need to get past any obstacles in an efficient manner. For the most part all possible outcomes will be positive.

Master Trip 77


DISCLAIMER :: Don't Read with EGO there is NO EDITING!!! Straight thoughts from before/during/after trip

Leaving Serpents Mound we drive eleven hours towards Arkansas. Choosing to stop over somewhere along the way I can tell that the messages of Anger were coming through – interpenetrating the trip to Serpents Mound, but were going to be a constant pattern through the driving portion of our trip. Knowing what the energy is trying to express I am able to catch myself during moment of emotional expression, but have yet to completely let go into the flow of those around me. 

The trip to Serpents Mound helped to finalize my connection to the five individuals which started during my trip to Mount Shasta, now moving towards Arkansas and the Magnetic Planet I can tell the information about Anger started to come through to help solidify the messages from the angelic planet and possibly even to help me better understand the messages of Kindness on of the virtues I have set forth to better understand from that cord of connection.

Arriving to Arkansas we stop at our first of three locations. Centered in the heart of Mount Ida or “crystal mountain” as it is known in these parts we have five days of exploring before we pack up and move south towards “diamond country” and more mounds. Having no expectations for the trip all I have scheduled are our three overnight accommodations, the rest I leave up to divine to implant where needed. Thinking about this trip during the days before our drive all I could tell you is that things felt good and exciting almost like there was a party waiting for me fifteen hours away.

Day one does not disappoint at our secluded cabin location. Arriving to our new home we drive into the 200 acer property up and down and around a mountain towards four red cabins sitting along a babbling spring feed creek.  The boys are giddy seeing the pasture of cows grazing the hillside and then noticing that the creek is just the right size to play somewhat unsupervised by moms watchful eyes. We unpack our loaded minivan and start to blow up the floatation devices for more water play. Day one will include mom relaxing Creekside while the boys get increasingly water logged. Towards the end of our day we drive back to the top of the hill where the only cell service can be located to phone home our arrival. Camden was chosen to drive up the hill and Taylor had been selected to drive us down (on moms lap of course) as we crested the top of the first hill a Bald Eagle comes soaring down towards our car and then inclines up towards the tree tops. Stopping, pointing, and getting charged with energy all three of us joyously cheer as we see the magnificent bird. The voice inside my head begins talking as the clairvoyant inner vision begins placing the Eagle at the top of a medicine wheel. In shamanic terms I see the Eagle get placed at the North node and the voice says King of the Sky. 

Intrigued I pause my outward enjoyment of the moment to reflect on what was happening internally. Curious if this Magnetic Planet journey was going to repeat my first adventure to Sedona where animals came out to guide my experiences, I smiled thinking how easy that might be to follow and understand and relished in the thought that this trip might just be that perfect. Letting go of the experience we made it to the top of the hill and phoned home then turned in for the rest of the night. 

Day two it was time to explore the crystal mines housed around mount ida. Having selected Twin Creek Mine I tried putting the address into my cars navigation system only to come up short. No recognizable street, city, location to get us close enough to the mine to find our way and this being day two I was completely lost on where I was in the new town to venture out on my own. Checking my phone I also had no cell reception to pull up one of those brilliant google maps. Remembering the connection once outside of the property we drove on with no real clue where we were going hoping cell service would kick in soon. Hitting the top of the hill text messages came through signaling a connection so I proceeded out of the property waiting for the internet to also connect. Arriving to route eight right outside the drive way, there was still no connection so I chose the direction to the right. Hoping the internet would connect soon we drove route eight for fifteen minutes of no connectivity. Having not been down this road before my heart started to pick up as I realized I might not get cell service at all! Having no clue where to go I read every sign hoping to find some clue as to where a city or gas station or some type of life might reside. Reading a green street sign I was given an option to go towards Mount Ida and decided that is where the crystals were so we turned right again when route eight came to a dead end. Driving and checking my phone over and over still no reception. Twelve minutes later the first glimmer of hope presents itself. A sign for Wagner Mine just 2.5 miles ahead. Not what we were looking for, but a mine indeed. Following the signs we find our way to the mine and park. Making it with a few minutes to spare we are right on time for a 9:30am excursion to the top of the mountain to dig for crystals. Paying for the trip we have a few minutes to walk the property, standing tall in front of the shop is a carved statue and a roped off section of ground filled with quartz crystal pieces. Moving closer I read the inscription on the plaque and can see the carved statue more clearly. 

IMG_4191 2.JPG
IMG_4196 2.JPG

Arch Angle Michael! Now laughing at the extremes divine went through to get me here today I almost dance with joy in front of the crystal pit knowing how connected this adventure is going to be. Day two of eleven and I find comfort in the fact that even the littlest of mistakes of planning on my part will be rewritten by divine to get me where I need to be. The Magnetic Planet’s guide is Arch Angle Michael and it is only fair that I start out the eleven day adventure knowing that he is guiding my journey. I am sure when I planned to go to Twin mine first, the guides made sure I would be redirected to find the Wagner mine with its statue of Arch Angle Michael and the glorious bed of crystals. 

I have been guided to grid crystals throughout these adventures leaving connections behind in the five states I have visited not only to ground my energy and connection to each place, but to also raise the vibration and space itself to that of the discovered energy. Before coming on the trip to Arkansas I searched my heart for what felt connected to this experience and what crystals wanted to join alone on the journey. Feeling almost silly to bury crystals where crystals were already imbedded in massive supply the only stone that jumped out was a record keeper stone and of course the Tibetan tektite for connection to the cosmic thread connecting all this together on the Earth Plane. Having such an amazing time during our three hour dig and quite literally getting wiped out by the sun and bending over to harvest quartz crystal the boys and I finished our dig and walked right back to the car heading straight for a cooling body of water to take respite in. The day ended with everyone drained and ready to fall over asleep.

Day three began with a trip towards Twin mine, now having a better understanding of the area and getting a pamphlet including turn by turn directions we found our way to the mountain where this mine was located. Turning off the paved road we headed up a pit hole filled gravel road, moving slowly up the side of the mountain about ten feet in front of our car a black bear comes barreling down the left side of the mountain heading towards lower ground moving in a straight line in front of our car. Never stopping I scream for the boys to look and see what quickly moved in front of us. Missing it by seconds they do not glimpse what I see, stopping the car I wait to make sure there are not more to follow as this one seemed smaller and possibly young. While the car idly waits the voice inside my mind and clairvoyance kick in placing the bear at the West node on the medicine wheel in my mind and the voice whispers the King of land. Smiling I wonder what all of this is going to turn into and find enough time has passed to drive on. Making it to the mine we dig in the blazing sun for 90-minutes before it seems to be time for our packed lunch. Stopping to eat we never seem to regain the energy to go back out and dig so we say our goodbyes to the woman at the mine and drive back down the mountain scanning for bears the entire way back to the main road. 

IMG_4202 2.JPG

Being around noon there is plenty of time to do something else before we head back to our cabin. Having a despite urge to drive to a city I saw written up in an online article, we begin our north bound drive.  The article talked about this town having multiple locations where a plethora of different crystals could be found by looking in creek beds and just lying along the roads. Driving the hour north we enter the town and begin hunting in the random locations. Finding everything, but crystals we had fun poking at a mini lobster in one creek and jumping a trampled barbed wire fence at another. A total adventure that earned the boys ice cream shakes for participating so willingly. Driving back home it was time for the water as another hot day of rock hounding took its toll. Not but 30-minutes into our drive heading back to the cabin I realized I had completely forgotten to bury crystals at this location and at the statue of Arch Angle Michael. Wondering if I should turn around, I realized this might infuriate my passengers and decided we would stop there again on another one of our trips.

Day four June 1st a day for wrapping up loose ends. We start the day heading towards Wagner Mine. I forgot to bury a record keeper and Tibetan Tektite there and I have this urge to ask if I can buy some of the crystal that surrounded the Arch Angel Michael statue for the master grid I plan to make at my home once all of these five trips are complete. Driving the street towards the mine I pass a rather large snake crossing the road, once again the voice and clairvoyance kick in and I hear King of the Ground and see the snake anchor into the Eastern node. Smiling yet again I wonder what the last king could be? Sky, Land, Ground… I think about the water and laugh at the thought of seeing a dolphin or whale somewhere in Arkansas. Making it to the mine I am told we can shop for crystals in the garden surrounding Michael so we do so and head out towards Magnet Cove the city where I forgot to bury the other crystals on day three.


Driving towards the city I decide we will head into little rock another 90-minutes from this destination and go to play at a splash pad for kids that I had jotted down might be nice for the boys. As we make our way north I see the sign signaling our ascent towards Magnet Cove. Seeing this sign I also feel like something slaps the side of my face and immediately realize that I am headed to a place called MAGNET… The planet of Angels was named The Magnetic Planet. I am startled that I did not recognize this on our previous trip and am astonished at the synchronicity. No wonder I didn’t find what I was looking for on our previous trip, it was about the crystals it was about recognizing the connection. This trip was panning our more like Shasta than the Sedona trip and the animals, but both were ever present. Finding the bridge we placed our two crystals and headed out of town towards Little Rock.

Almost two hours later we found our desired location along the canal or river or whatever it was filled with trendy shops and restaurants. There were a lot of blockades near the Peabody Splash Pad area our GPS was trying to take us to so we drove around until we found a parking garage near the end of the row of shops. Getting out of the car it was around 11:30am we walked back towards the splash pad location to find everything was closed down getting ready for rockfest… a famous street fair taking place that Friday. A bit disappointed a man stationed at one of the rockfest openings told us to go to the War Memorial where another splash pad was located. 

Finding the War Memorial thirty minutes away by the zoo we were deleted to find a gigantic public water park and play area. Spending hours playing we stayed as long as we could until the rain started to poor down. Jumping into the car, I searched for a panara bread nearby needing public wifi access I knew a panara would have good food and open connectivity. Having to do some 9-5 work responsibilities this was an easy opportunity to accomplish what needed to get done. Arriving at the panara we all played, our electronics until the food came, and then we ate. Towards the end of our meal a man named Mr. Aaron came over to our table, an older gentleman probably in his seventies he gently and kindly engaged with the boys. Talking to them in his best story telling voice he told them, “eat up for your mom now.” Be good boys so you can grow big and strong like Mr. Aaron. He went on to wrapping their bread like it was gold and he dazzled them with his magic wrapping style. He catered to their every need and coddled them to the point of Taylor saying, “I will never forget Aaron.” Mr. Aaron even walked us to our car to say goodbye. At one point Mr. Aaron pointed out that he had been given the title of Kindness Ambassador by Panara, a title he was so proud of having. Little did Mr. Aaron know that is exactly what my unfinished contract with the Magnetic Planet was all about. Mr. Aaron was a pure reflection of what the Angelic Virtue of Kindness meant. Mr. Aaron changed my relationship in that one moment to the Anger I had experienced during the trip. I recognized exactly how a person can get wrapped up in another person’s field to facilitate the ultimate good and help completely change the perspective and narrative of the reality being experienced. Leaving the Panera we went onto see a movie as it was still raining and then drove two hours home to our cabin turning in for the night. 

Day five our last full day at the cabin on Mount Ida. We chose to explore a new mine called sweet surrender, where Taylor found a massive quartz crystal the biggest one of the trip. Spending three hours at the mine the boys had earned water time so we drove home to the cabin. Up until this point the three other cabins on the creek had been empty, but now we had neighbors to the left and right of us including other kids to play with. The boys changed quickly into their swim trunks and began making summer friends. Sitting on the covered porch of our cabin watching the kids play I allowed my mind to doze in and out of reality under the warm pressure of the sun. Each time an animal would come out to play near the porch I would question divine if this was the forth animal of the totem that was being created. Humming birds flew to and fro drinking from the hanging liquid feeder. A hawk made his appearance in a tree near the brook and squirrels played endlessly near the trees below. Not one seemed to fill the empty forth spot of King animal. 

IMG_4236 2.JPG

Pulled out of my lazy gaze the kids start screaming near our neighbors cabin. “It’s a snake, I think it’s a water moccasin!” to this I jump off the porch and move towards the loud voices. The kids are gathered around a black snake who is now curled up on the side of the creek. Throwing rocks at the snake they are taunting it to either strike or swim away. Not knowing how to feel, I pull my kids back and tell them not to throw rocks, but do not feel right in telling the other children what to do. Being the adult I stood by until the show was over making sure no one got too close or hurt for that matter. The one boy threw a final blow that made the snake slide off the shore into the water to which it swam away to the other side of the creek. Feeling sick to my stomach at the thought of the snake getting hurt for simply being around, I walked back to my spot on the porch with an uneasy feeling. Was there something I was supposed to do? Snake showed up for me as a reminder of my journey yet I did nothing for it during its time of need. Sitting with this though for quite some time, I realized that the snake showing up might have been a final showing of the King animals. Right before the screams erupted I had been questioning what the last King animal was, but maybe snake showed up again at that moment to say this is it, or even this King lives in the Water and the Ground! Now figure the message out.

It took me all night to put the pieces together. Now lying down for bed I performed a quick meditation and asked what the meaning of the King animals on my path meant. I saw the animals triangulate around me and saw five crystals in the shape of a five pointed star around them. Then a large crown came down from above and fit itself around my entire body. The voice came through and said, “you are the kingmaker.” This was a familiar phrase and triggered me immediately to something I had experienced during my trip around the Great Lakes of Michigan. In a dream I was shown five crystals in a shape of a star, then upon looking in a mirror I was told I am the king maker. I called upon my astrologer friend Diane to decipher this message as I knew the Kingmaker was a star in the sky “Regulus”. 

Diane got back to me at the end of that trip which was a bit ironic since the information I thought I needed during the trip did not come through. Now I know the information was not necessarily meant for that trip, but meant for now! The Kingmaker star is a fixed star in our night sky, it is said that Regulus represents one of four Arch Angles, Regulus being Arch Angel Raphael. And here we begin the shift. There were two parts to the Magnet Planet the student and the teacher. Arch Angel Michael came through to represent the student who is still learning the divine angelic virtues and Arch Angel Raphael came through during my second visit to the Magnet Planet to show me that I was also teacher. I can see clearly how these energies are intersecting on this trip and I now understand why this trip had to be so long compared to the others. It is now day six here at the red cabin and it is time to leave for the second half of our trip. It is here that I believe Arch Angel Raphael will be guiding my adventure helping with the final activations of this trip.



Leaving The living waters cabin on Mount Ida, it’s time to move to our next location and hour south at Diamond Joes right behind the Crater of Diamonds State Park. The extended drive gave me time to reflect on all that had been experienced while exploring Mount Ida. The trip thus far had proved to be all that I had hoped it would be. Greeted day one by Arch angle Michael and the last day recognizing the shift to Arch Angel Raphael I could tangibly see the transition happening from Part 1 of the Magnetic Planet to Part 2. 

Learning the lessons of Kindness and flow that Michael was trying to usher in, I had come to terms with this shift on yet another emotional level and allowed the stagnant energy to release helping to finish the contract, completing more of my divine lesson plan. Planting pairs of crystals all around Mount Ida (a record keeper and Tibetan Tektite) the three pairs were left at the feet of the statue of Michael, in a creek bed in Magnet Cove and outside the Living Waters Cabin. At each place, much information had been received helping to connect the dots. Seeing now how these crystals are going to be gridded, I can clairvoyantly see a hexagon shape begin to take shape in my mind creating the bridge between the three experienced locations and three upcoming. Bringing six record keepers and six Tibetan Tektites, three pairs have already been dedicated to Michael where the other three I can assume will go to Raphael and his lessons from the Magnetic Planet. 

Arriving at Diamond Joe’s we check into our tree-house cabin throw on our swim attire on and head to the state park where a promising water park awaits two excited boys. After an hour of swimming we get stormy weather overhead which leads to the guards calling the kids out of the pool. Hopefully waiting, the weather does not change so we decide to grab lunch at the local gas station. May I remind you this is a very small town with limited eating options! Grabbing a few essentials for our tree house we head back to Diamond Joes camp ground where we find the cage housing peacocks, ducks and chickens and a cage with a golden finch. Playing around the birds cages and taking pictures from every angle, we walk back towards the river where other campers have congregated and decide to spend the rest of the night gabbing, fishing, playing in the muddy banks and swimming to the sand bar. 

Sitting along the rivers edge digging my feet into the grass, I noticed something that had started happening to my feet during the time I arrived at Serpents Mound. A bit more than three weeks ago I had done a peel on my feet, being a Spa Director I receive a lot of products to test out for potential use at our spa. Peels usually take effect 72 hours after the peel is administered, maybe because this acid peel was expired nothing happened in the typical three days, but a little over two weeks later my ankles started itching. At first, I thought I had quickly acquired a lot of bug bits from the grass around our cabin at Serpents Mound. Then along the drive to Arkansas I had noticed the itching turned into peeling. Once at the Living Waters Cabin in Mount Ida more noticeably the bottoms of my feet started peeling off in sheets as if full casts of my feet were being removed. Not something I would take any particular notice of, especially after performing a standard peel, but the timing was oddly strange and delayed and not to mention my feet are big symbolic connections in relationship to the my 3D human experience. 

When I started recognizing my detachment from the human experience years ago at the beginning of my spiritual emergency, I noticed it all started by my recognition of how much I hated the feeling of the Earth beneath my feet! Now years later I am always aware of walking barefoot and acknowledging the special connection I have with the Earth beneath me. Watching my feet become activated at the beginning of this trip and now continuing to peel almost completely turning into new feet at Diamond Joe’s I take subtle notice of something trying to grab my attention and shift my perspective 


That night the boys went right to sleep just as our power went out at 8:30pm, and for whatever reason, “she said… with a grin on her face!” my night was not so peaceful. Twisting and turning I could not get comfortable. The temperatures outside were in the high eighties yet the inside of the tree house was freezing cold from the multiple AC units. Not recognizing just how uncomfortable I truly was I tried to make it through the entire night; cold, in pain from the bed and with an overly active right brain. I recognized immediately that this was a duplicate repeat of my traumatizing night during trip two in Michigan while trying to sleep in the back of the van! 

The next day with nothing to do in town, and not yet ready to mine at the crater we headed to a native American burial ground and spent the morning running from mound tomb to mound tomb in a downpour of rain. Having more fun than I thought we could have exploring the area in a storm we waited for the weather to lift and then combed the terrain for arrow heads which had been neatly placed for the kids to find. After a few hours of work and collecting many treasures we chanced the water park yet again even though the storms were looming overhead. Getting to the park right at noon we were able to stay until closing. The kids made friends and even I connected with a traveler from Texas. Saying our goodbyes we both agreeing tomorrow would be the day to take the kids to the crater and mine for diamonds then repeat the swim park until close yet again. We parted ways hoping to see one another the next day.

Getting back to the camp ground I started wondering what my spiritual purpose was here at the Crater of Diamonds. So far, I felt completely disconnected from the spiritual experience. I was 100% connected to making sure the boys were having a good time which after Michaels teaching made sense in the grand scheme of thigs, but even if that was the lesson to be had I still felt as if divine had left my field all together. Confused on what the lessons here were I took some much needed time to sit down and meditate hoping to connect with Arch Angel Raphael and see what his messages for me might be. 

On cue the boys ran towards the rivers edge, finding their fishing buddy this allowed me some time to sit and connect through meditation. During the quite reflection time Raphael’s energy came through very strong. So much so that I felt his presence around certain parts of my physical body, signaling our connection was strong. The messages that came through were all focused around my connection to an underground crystal and how this crystal would help to bring balance to my bodies during this transitional time. I could feel strongly the energy of the crystal as it adjusted and manipulated different areas of my body, creating a state of euphoric ecstasy. The light energy pulsated into areas of my body opening and allowing for activations to happen on some unconscious level, leaving me feeling weightless. The sensations were welcomed, but I left the meditation having no more clarity then when I had started on this locations spiritual purpose for my journey.  

Night came quick and as the three of us retreated back to the tree house the familiar and distinct sense of unease came immediately back to life. Greeting me like an old friend, it kept me up late that night probing my mind with questions and ideas that could not manifest, for the time and place were completely wrong. I reviewed the ending of the trip and the grids that would soon need to be completed in my own yard connecting the five grids I had planted all over Norther America. I saw miniature grids manifesting to life through my mind’s eye and reviewed the smallest of details that needed to be acknowledged before making these talismans. Knowing it was the wrong time for this endless borage of questioning thoughts I could not stop them from coming. Wondering again what my purpose was for coming to Diamond Joes in this present moment I got lost yet again in the unknown spiral of thoughts. This constant borage finally broke me. It lead me to grab the television remote turning on the television simply to numb and distract me drowning out the thoughts I can’t control.

Waking in the morning my body hurts and I am overly aggravated at the outcome of the previous night. Grabbing my phone to distract my still overly active mind I start reviewing the pictures of the trip thus far trying to select some to send to my husband. Scrolling through I see pictures taken from the previous day, first in line is a full color image of the peacock. When I saw this one image the totality of what has been trying to come through at Diamond Joes became clear! Diamond Joes sits on Roy road, which is my last name. Stumbling across this picture of the Peacock helped to fuse the name of the street together with the picture of the peacock allowing me to access a flood of memories locked in my subconscious body. The peacock has been my spirit animal, my souls’ totem animal since I became a conscious spiritual seeker. This was one of the first fully connected spiritual experiences I had that validated my clairvoyance and it was through that shamanic journey experienced in Norther California that I received message after message to start moving forward. The shamanic journey validated my spiritual existence, setting me towards a path that has not slowed down or stopped since I first connected with the peacock. 

Now here at Diamond Joes this memory resurfaced along with the understanding that I have been asked to leave “Jenessee” behind, that is the Roy connection and step into my next spiritual role. This was the main teachings of my astral experience that lead to these five journeys. All along the goal here has been to finish the open contracts I still hold and move into the next phase of creation alongside our matrix. Now thinking about my feet I recognize the fact that I am actually loosing my physical connection to Earth and who I was. No wonder I have not felt Raphaels presence with me, I am being asked to completely disconnect from “Jenessee” to lose the person with whom I have created these experiences so that I might step into the next phase of my journey. The phase of the teacher. No wonder this place has been so hard to connect to! I was never meant to connect, I was meant to let go and the more I tried to connect and create a relationship to what was happening the more aggravating it got trying to get me to let go!

IMG_4249 2.JPG

At this recognition, everything I had been struggling to connect with simply melted away. We were scheduled to stay another night here at Diamond Joes, but with this new information I can’t see staying another minute, I will happily forfeit the final nights payment if I can leave this disconnected feeling behind. While the boys slept, I began feverishly packing the contents left in the tree house into our car. Not knowing where we were going to go, I simply had to get out. With this final part of me disintegrating with the last thing needing to be transitioned now gone I recognized more than ever the disconnect from this location.  No longer supported by the foundation underneath my feet, energetically this chapter of the book had ended leaving me ready to step into the next adventure. Ready to move and with no fear present in what lied ahead, all that was left to do was wake up the boys and go. 

Packing the last contents of the tree house into the back of the car, I see tucked into one of the cars side shelves the box of crystals I had brought to bury at the different transformational locations. Opening the box, I am ready to bury two more crystals to represent the transformative energy taking place. To my surprise when I opened the box along with a pendulum and some Paulo Santo burning sticks I notice I had packed a huge A+ grade Pink Danburite Crystal. Apparently, I had completely forgotten about this selection made back in Ohio. Looking at the pink crystal, I knew immediately this represented my heart, my love for Volume One Jenessee, the one who had gotten me to this moment in time and who was now ready to be buried here. The love vibration of the pink Danburite represented my connection to the growth, life and now death of the soul and lesson plan from volume one Jenessee. 

Understand that this death is not a human one, but more like a shamanic death where no more learning can be done from the current soul’s perspective. When this happens the soul must leave everything behind going through a little death which creates a clear and open vessel to bring in new teachings and grow from a different higher perspective. Burying this stone here will help signal the readiness and completion of my path up until this point. Excited to begin creating the next level of my existence I grab the pink crystal and count the Tibetan Tektites. I notice there are four remaining! How does divine always do this… Either I packed seven or these things have multiplied. The subconscious actions we perform always have meaning, my etheric body must have know this would happen and had me grab seven of these black stones instead of six to match the number of record keepers I had brought. Either way it was destine to be this way. Walking to an overgrown pond area that no longer moved water, but grew lush greenery I noticed the three Easter Island Statues sitting along the top of its stone laid wall and found this as memorable a place as any to bury my heart and connection to the hybrid human existence I had now fully accepted.

IMG_4311 2.JPG

Now on the road and not knowing where to go, I pulled up an old website I had briefly explored before the trip started. The search I had performed to find this page included something about the vortex points in Arkansas and where their present- day connections were. The sight didn’t match this search request exactly, but when your performing a spiritual google search it doesn’t necessarily have to! The page talked about the fall of Atlantis and made connections to Arkansas in the present-day, quoting it held vortex energy, sun discs, and recently activate underground crystalline energy emanating from underground caverns. Skimming the page while driving the one road out of Diamond town, I found a paragraph that talked about Magnet Mountain apparently different than Magnet Cove. This is exactly what I needed to see, the planetary connection has come back once again to save the day! Just like the chapeters of my book, the Magnetic Planet connection had made itself known two times in my objective world confirming divine was back on my side. Having no clue where in Arkansas this mountain was I went right back to google and typed in magnet mountain. The number one link was The “Ozark Jesus” built on Magnet Mountain in Eureka Springs. My mind makes the connection and realizes that of course, it would be another connection to my birthed from Master Archetype of Jesus. Concluding Volume One of the life of Jenessee I guess when you disintegrate your first human timeline and begin your second journey ready to expand fully into the cosmic matrix it makes sense for one to go back to the starting point within the cosmic origin. For me this is with Ascended Master JESUS! 

Eureka Springs here we come! Its seven in the morning and we have a five-hour drive ahead of us. Not wanting to stop for breakfast because that would mean having to spend another minute in a town that no longer supported this new timeline of mine, I promised the boys if they could just hold on for an hour I would find them donuts! Speeding as quickly as I could along the back-county roads, the navigation system ticked along and an hour later we are in the familiar territory of Mount Ida where a small local donut shop resided along our route. Making this one stop we were slated to arrive to Eureka by noon.

The remainder of the trip I can only explain as an activation that has completely changed my ability to perceive what is happening around me, release limiting beliefs and judgments, as well as opening me to a flow that was sometimes forced to be around coming from the old version of Jenessee. Now connected to the aforementioned Atlantean website, I see how starting my journey around the northern tip of Arkansas and moving down is quite like what is happening to my clear and open channel.

IMG_4309 2.JPG

Ozark Jesus and Magnet Mountain house the Platinum Crystal of Communication which was activated on 11:11:11. The Platinum crystal exudes calming energy of brilliant magnificence. Balancing between the dimensional realms of the New Earth and those realms that will help us interface more greatly with the Angelic Realm. This crystals helps to regulate everything between matter and antimatter creating a harmonic cycle of energy. The magnetization of the mountain helps to facilitate this and the expansion of the 11-crystaline grid. It was here taking pictures near the Ozark Jesus statue at the top of the mountain that I captured many blue orbs signaling the angelic connection taking place. I left one of the remaining pairs of crystals here for a connection to this part of the grid. Spending the day and night in Eureka gave me a chance to assimilate to the energies coming from Magnet Mountain. Swirling channels of soft flowing energy is the best way to describe how this crystalline connection greeted me.


After a blissful night in the Ozarks we headed south towards Pinnacle Mountain where it is said one of the twelve Sun Discs resides. Arkansas is supposedly the most powerful of the twelve discs staged neatly around the globe including: Sri Lanka, Australia - Uluru, French Polynesia – Moorea, China – Xi-an Pyramids, Africa – Kilmanjaro, Egypt – Giza, Russia – Siberia – Lake Baikal, Russia – Ural Mtns, Scotland – Roslyn Chapel, Bolivia – Lake Titicaca, Brazil – St. Tomas Des Letres. The job of the Arkansas Golden Sun Discs is believed to help in the rise of the Lumerian Energy, bringing back into full power once again. Going through activations which starting around 11:11 and completed around 12:21:12 these discs are helping code the DNA of the Earth to that of the NEW EARTH reprograming vibrational frequencies so that transition for both human and Earth can happen. These discs connect to sacred geometric lightcode which will help humanities expansion into higher dimensional fields allowing the 3D to become 5D then 12D moving in ascension towards cosmic awareness. 


At Pinnical mountain I was reminded of my connection to Toth or in Greek lore Hermes. Before my trip to Serpents Mound and Arkansas I was repeatedly contacted by messengers of Toth first by numerous birds in and out of my life carrying his signature then by his name synchronistically appearing on License plates, client names, print and other means the few weeks leading up to my departure. While at Pinnacle Mound during meditation I was reminded of my exploration years ago into the Emerald Tablets which produced a very powerful initiation by Toth. I was gifted the name Shu Shu Ma, which I was told meant connection between Earth and Sky. While meditating on top of Pinnacle Mountain connecting to the Golden Sun Disc I was shown how I was a connection between the duality of Heaven and Earth – Human and Alien – this was my task. I am a bridge for hybrids who reside upon this Earth to help them remember, to help them re-connect and to validate their Earthly experiences. Leaving my second pair of crystals here I wanted a remembrance of this connection here validating for myself the connection to the Golden Sun Disc and this part of the grid.

FullSizeRender 19.jpg

Moving South yet again we connect to Toltec Mound where The Ark Crystal of Gravity resides. This crystal is said to have a counter rotating specific magnetic field around cylindrical crystals creating antigravity waves. The crystal here helps to apply crystalline ovid-shield effects around crystalline structures, minerals and gold which create vibrations making hyper-dimensional divergent energy fields. It is said that when a light worker connects to this crystal they become a code carrier helping to transmit the activated crystalline energy to other grids helping to seed in the rising vibrational energy of the New Earth. Sitting alongside the lake with my side facing towards the furthest mound I can feel the swirling energy as it meets my body. Through my minds eye I see my astral form move in between the three visible mounds. Surrounding my body are wind turbines that shift horizontally in a counter clockwise spin. The crystals I can feel reside in the fifth dimension and sit not under the ground but project upward from the mounds which creates such strong vibrations which any sensitive could feel.  Moving from my first meditation position to the open dock the boys and I shift now to the opposite side of the mound where another small seat has been built into the decking. Feeling inclined to sit once again, the energy changes completely or possibly my reception of the energy changed. I feel it move stronger now through my body making me almost loopy from the energetic effects. Walking away from the visible mounds back towards the visitors center I feel dense once again. Or in different terms as I am sure I am not spiritually dense I feel grounded. There is an emptiness to my vessel that was not present before and I feel energetically like things have completed.

Not realizing it at the time, but by separating myself for my original travel plans and departing Diamond Joes to head north I had moved away from my foundation of this journey where so much learning had taken place and started the ascent process towards the northern region of Arkansas. By doing this I had literally and figuratively started the creation of my new soul self by simply listening to the instinct to “GO!”. Symbolically, I had to scale the mountain to meet my maker which allowed the divine transformation to begin taking place. Feeling everything starting to manifest clearly into my channel, with no cognitive attachment to any of it I allowed myself to become clear. Successfully opening to let go, I now drive towards our next scheduled hotel with excitement in my heart.

Typing into the cars navigation system I am told it will take around two hours to arrive to our destination. Having no clue where I am going I know I am headed back towards mount ida as I had originally scheduled all three locations about an hour away from one another. In planning these five spiritual trips all I know prior to the adventure is that I want to be near a specific aspect of the trip that drew me there. 

Sedona – the Spiritual Vortexes

Michigan – the Northern Lights

Shasta – the Energy of the Mountain

Serpents Mound – the Mound itself

Arkansas – the Crystal Mountain, Mount Ida

In booking places to stay in Arkansas I selected areas within an hour of Ida and only knew I wanted to mine for crystals. I assumed everything else needing to be done would present itself clearly. So in driving back towards Ida I was amazed when my path was almost exactly the same as when I drove down for the first time from Serpents Mound. Not realizing the last hotel would take me back towards Mount Ida, because in complete honesty when on these trips I live minute to minute. So, when the freeway showed signs for Ida and the navigation system told me to take route 270, the route I drove to get in the first time my mouth gapped open and then drew into a smile. It was like I was being give a second chance to experience the Crystal Mountain with all of the new activations in place. This trip I can only describe as a journey that has been experienced through two completely different perspectives and two completely different bodies. Engaging the first time as a student, I re-entre Ida as a fully realized teacher, but a teacher who knows nothing and doesn’t have to hold onto anything previously known or experienced I reenter Ida as a clear channel a vessel that will be given the wisdom needed in each moment as the wisdom is needed. I can see that my channel will mold to the student, one day a lesson might express one view of life where another day the information might seem completely different to address another. I no longer believe in anyone thing, but trust in what may come through the light when present with another enlightened individual. I trust in that which is unclear, and find no longing to know what lies ahead. From an individual who use to have to know where the path was leading I am happy to give up the vision of the finish line I use to hope to hold, and surrender to a life full of surprises that will amaze me every second I am willing to be present to its unfolding gifts. I understand trust in the divine as I have never understood it before because I finally realize I am co-creating every minute of it and if I have no expectation of what it might bring every “present” moment will be just that. 


Master Trip 66


DISCLAIMER :: Don't Read with EGO there is NO EDITING!!! Straight thoughts from before/during/after trip

Preparing for the last two trips to complete the contracts from the book, 12 Planets, 11 bodies, 1 soul. I find complete clarity in what is happening to me on this journey. Starting out this adventure I blindly followed a request from divine to visit five cities around northern America where experiences and information awaited my connection. Knowing nothing more then where I was going to start the first journey to Sedona uncovered the totality of the four remaining trips and where I needed to go. Still having no idea what I was supposed to do when I got to these places I trusted the divine guidance and heeded the call to explore without attachment or expectation.

After Sedona, I traveled to the great lakes surrounding Michigan and Canada. It was here that the remaining bit of control over this journey departed and I became the completely open vessel whom is writing to you today. After the Great Lake adventure it was time for Mount shasta where to my amazement my astral travel to the Planet of Peace and Connection was mirrored detail by detail during the four days spent around the mountain. Each new experiences was more mind blowing than anyone could have imagined and it was during this trip that I came to realize my subjective and objective worlds were co-mingling in the presence of my grounded human form. 

Traveling back to Ohio and awaiting the next trip to Serpents Mound I keep the energy that surrounded me on the Shasta trip. Completely trusting, I released any need to know, anything. Whether it be spiritual, work, friends, family. I simply surrendered into the moments as they presented themselves, trying my best not to hold onto a single piece of information as I knew that once I grabbed hold I would miss the next element flying by.

Back at home synchronicities started bombarding my field. So much so that I allowed myself to plummet into a state of confusion, there was so much energy swirling around me trying to get my attention and I had no understanding of why it was present and so powerfully trying to pull me in. Leaving for Shasta a dear friend one who I would go as far as to say that I had been the catalyst for her spiritual awakening had been on the edge of a viscous divorce. Daily she was getting pulled deeper and deeper in the fear of her situation and was becoming enveloped by the demands of everyone surrounding her. Barley able to come up for air her she was drowning fast in the complexities of trying to establish a new foundation in trusting divine guidance instead of fearing the unknown. The day after coming back from Shasta another friend whom I would go as far as to say I was the catalyst in him finding his spiritual voice in this lifetime told me he has requested a divorce from his wife. Hearing his words made me step back to look for the energetic connection and perspective. As I dethatched myself from his words another friend came floating into my awareness one who I would again claim I was the catalyst for his spiritual awakening. He a few weeks ago requested a reading from me where divine came in and told him to begin establishing his new foundation this new year of 2017 and begin to grow in a spiritually conscious way. He was probably the one who was most removed from the conscious movement yet was called very quickly into this transforming during this year 2017 which numerological stands for the number 1 or new beginnings. 

With three very close relationships going through this energy all at the same time I had to ask myself what was my part in it all. Being the teacher who preaches the reflection technique I began questioning if I had missed anything happening in my own field. Using the reflection technique anything that is happening around you is typically a direct reflection of what you can’t see or haven’t chosen to acknowledge within yourself. Searching my own feelings I can honestly say that my husband and I are in a very good place so instantly I called my husband to confirm from him what our current relationship status was. Getting him on the phone and asking a very direct question about the status of our relationship, he responded to me as I would have to him. He used a page straight out of one of my spiritual notebooks. Understanding very quickly that we are both on the same page and in a very good spot in our relationship, this only lead to more confusion about what was happening to my circle of people! Why were they going through this all at the same time and why was I in the middle? There was a distinct connection, but to prove my theory there was one more person who I had been a catalyst for during 2016 and before I completely bough in, I wanted to check with her. Sending a very brief email I asked how her spiritual awakening was going and how the transformational year of 2017 had started out? The response came within the day and to no surprise she had stated that she had decided to get a divorce from her husband. Proving my hunch, I asked divine to make the connection clear for me so I could move forward in whatever way was needed for myself and these people. 

Master Trip 3 to 4.jpg

That day I went home to a warm sun hanging in the sky. Taking advantage of the warmth I sat outside on our patio with my computer to research some business items. As time ticked away began to feel a pressure in my head, they type you might chock up to a headache starting yet it never quite turned into that. Then out of my peripheral vision I started to see a blind spot, but instead of just fuzzy this spot grew and shrunk on command and had a complete geometric pattern that moved around the outside of its boarder. Like a ring around the entire spot the shapes danced back and forth and even glowed with color. This distortion stayed in my view for hours and I simply enough played with it making it bigger and smaller. My mind at one point clicked and decided I had to be playing with some sort of wormhole or dimensional opening. All I have every wanted was to see clearly with my eyes open and here sitting in the sun, I know whatever this is I am perceiving energy of another dimension. Feeling accomplished in everything that has transpired from the day I retreat to bed that evening ready for sleep.

Relaxing into bed that night I started to perform the meditation my Dragon guide from Serpents Mound had asked me to perform on the last day of my Shasta trip. Connecting to these five cities: Miami, New York, Chicago, L.A and San Francisco began to see the light fill each of their dormant crystals when divine intervention came through and connected the most important piece of the puzzle thus far. 

The whisper came through, “The five cities connect to the five people currently surrounding you who are going through their conscious awakening and regrounding into a new growth cycle.”

I could see the people who I had recently connected with and had a hunch who the fifth one was. In this one statement I understood what my job was in connecting to the dormant crystals and new that symbolically these five people were the physical representation of how each of these cities would fair with this new wave of conscious energy coming in. 

Around two maybe three years ago I had connected with a fifth dimensional Dragon from Serpents mound. At that time she told me that it was time to connect and begin awakening the dormant crystal under San Francisco. Before doing anything, and because I had never connected with a fifth dimensional dragon before, I had taken this information to my mentor. I asked her what the dragon intended when she expressed to me to awaken the dormant crystal. My mentor told me that it might be unwise to perform such a task. “When you awaken a dormant crystal especially one like the one you speak about under San Francisco it can have unintended consequences for those who are not ready to go through a conscious awakening.” Her words now ring through my head, I understand what it means to awaken a crystal, by doing this you are allowing divine energy to ground down into the third dimensional plane. A crystal is a host for this celestial energy and will fill to the brim with this new energy and then pour it out into the landscape surrounding it. Anyone residing in the five cities above the dormant crystals would begin to bring this new conscious energy into their energetic field and by doing so they would begin to move through their own spiritual awakenings. Not a bad thing but an awakening has also been called a spiritual emergency because the spirit begins to emerge, but also creates a state of emergency for the soul going through it. During a spiritual emergency the foundation, the bedrock, the constant for the soul begins to shift and change and things begin to adjust so rapidly that if that soul doesn’t have a context for what is happening or have a mentor or teacher for the conscious shift they are going through when they begin to release old patterns, beliefs, and limiting systems they could become almost trapped by the fear of the drastic changes happening around them and block the shift from taking place in a harmonious and natural way.

Having avoided this two to three years ago, this time when the request came to begin activating the dormant crystals I knew I had to help usher in this new energy. I didn’t question the request this time, and now see clearly why these five individuals have been brought forth to symbolically represent the cities and their own acceptance of the new changing, shifting energies. 

Finishing the meditation I drifted into a lucid sleep. Still somewhat present in the room I began hearing hundreds of papers shuffling all around the floor of the room. Near sleep this startled my heart and snapped my consciousness back into my body. Lying frozen listening to the sounds I was immediately triggered that exterritorial visitors might be around. My mind goes to this explanation because it has happened once before to me by an alien group called Kryon. When they came the same sort of sleep cycle took place and then I awoke frozen to a choir of children laughing. Having clear awareness that this might be what was happening I said a prayer to ward off anything unwanted and when the noise continued I knew I was in good company and invited whoever the unseen beings were to work on updating and activating my light body however then saw fit. With this statement, my racing heart settled down and I began to drift off to sleep once again yet right before my eyes closed a bright white light poured into the top of the room near our upper windows. The light came in so bright that my eyes squinted to see through it. Then through the light came a figure and the figure was an unmistakable image from my catholic days of Jesus nailed to the cross. Yet this was a real man handing from a real cross. Out loud I repeated to myself “this is actually happening, this is actually happening, this is actually happening.” By the fourth time I said it out loud the light started to get sucked out of the room and the image disappeared.

Awaking the next day, the experience of the night lingered with me and I am amazed by what I had experienced. I saw with my eyes open in full third dimensional view Jesus on the cross. Not sure exactly why it was Jesus, but that’s what it was and I must think it also had something to do with the vision distortion I had experienced leading up to the encounter. Armed with new vigor for whatever this experience was turning into, I felt a strong pull to connect with the fifth person who I had not yet reached out to. Aging this fifth person is someone over the past few years I have been a catalyst for her awakening and understanding of how divine was working through her. 

Sending a text to meet for coffee we connected the next morning and I was greeted by a person who was a ghost of her normal self. Having recently decided to split from a long time partnership she had lost all way in life and later told me that day if not for my reaching out to her the night prior she would have been ready to take her own life. After talking for an hour about her fear in moving forward with this new energy and having to let go completely the life she had previously created you could start to see signs of the old friend peeking through. She was on the brink of discontinuing her journey because life had started becoming muddled and the path was no longer clear. This seemed to be a consistent energy for these five people whom I had connected with. Not all engrossed enough in the fear to question their existence on the Earth plane any longer, willing to take their lives, but enough so to create drastic changes to meet their conscious awakening and clear a path for new growth and drastic change.

This last encounter really put into perspective the shifts in energy that were taking place and how these unique individuals yet separated people could be connected to the bigger picture of what is coming through into our earth plane right now. Talking with this friend showed me a glimpse of my connection to this situation. I realized that these people were leading their own lives in a very accelerated way and they were my mirror into how the diving energy was coming in to these five cities and how the inhabitants of the cities were going to be able to deal with the new upgrades. I was clued into my potential to help guide these five individuals through their own accelerated process in finding their new foundation or a new root chakra and moving through this next root to crown experiences while being beacons for the new harmonizing planetary frequencies.  

I have always understood to a degree the meaning of becoming a vessel of light as your one true authentic self and by doing this you can in effect change the world one person at a time by holding your own authentic light. I had never understood it to this new degree, that once you reconcile your master archetype you begin holding a light that in itself is so high vibrational that those who you encounter that are ready to accept their journey towards finding the master archetype will branch off becoming birthed by your light and begin the amazing journey towards reconciling their own archetype in this one lifetime. The gravity of this one notion sends shivers down my spine. It only takes one breath, one look, one moment, to know that you are truly impacting the world around you, simply by acknowledging your divine purpose and your authenticity you can begin the expansion of the matrix one person at a time.

These five individuals represent five of the petals of my master archetype from the Heaven Planet, they each represent a frozen bodies on one of the twelve planets that I had previously completed before starting this second journey. I was told this second exploration for me was going to help complete the contracts of the five bodies on the five planets that were still needed to be completed. I became fully aware of this and what was happening once the Jesus connection came back to me. At the completion of the first astral adventure to discover the 12 planets I was shown the Heaven Planet where master archetypes are held for individual souls to being their freezing, expanding adventure. I saw my own soul get birthed from the Jesus archetype. One thing I have yet to mention up until this point is that I too had been birthed by a mentor who spoke to me of my connection to a master archetype. During a training session one day my mentor answered a question for me that I could tell she was hesitant to answer. The response came from her stating that I was holding a soul of Jesus. Never telling anyone this before because in all honesty how to you bring this up to someone, expressing that you hold one of the twelve souls of Jesus without sounding a bit off or egotistical. I had no real clue what it meant and in all honesty through our conversation I don’t really think she knew fully what she was relaying either. She mentioned that I held a part of the soul that would one day leave me like it had left her and moved to me. When I visited the Heaven Planet she was one of the souls inhabiting one of the twelve vessels like I had been. Putting these pieces together and witnessing these five individuals in my life come together so suddenly and so deliberately to teach me this final message, I was ready to recognize my own master archetype souls to see them come forth and reflect to me that which I had created. This is my world after all, said in the most ego-less way possible! I stress that this is all of our reality, I have been chosen to teach this part of our creation story just as you have been hand chosen to teach your part. Jesus as the man we knew him to be on Earth once fully aligned to his cosmic master archetype collected his apostles, his twelve reflections of cosmic cords. Just as my eleven cords are stepping through in the same way. I have been gifted with the clarity to see my cosmic connection and through that connection I get to see those who have been birthed by my present moment conscious awareness. They will reflect to me the divine cosmic connections I had to planets I had once frozen bodies on. Five of these individuals are know and I have a hunch the other six will make themselves know as time goes on. 

Birthing more clearly reviewed: Having this connection all along has helped me to realize the biggest component of this astral adventure. When I envision Jesus as he was here on the Earth plane he has his 12 disciples, in the Heaven planet he also had his 12 vessels each with a truth about Jesus the Master Archetype. I understand fully now that when a soul makes a reconciliation in one time in one space that souls becomes released from his cosmic contract, living a pure and divine expression of complete authenticity which can begin to expand the matrix. The 12 vessels surrounding Jesus are the 12 disciples that he collected during the life in which Jesus made full reconciliation. Those who surrounded him on the Earth journey were also on a path to reconciling their master archetype, as Jesus became aware of their presence they to also became aware of the cosmic connection and that they had frozen bodies on other planes of existence hence the birthing process began. When one is completely clear of their cosmic archetype they can reflect (as they are being reflected) to another their “birth” into discovering their origin story. I believe now that during the life where one finds reconciliation they are able to meet the ones that are birthed from their archetype to assist in the overall beginning expansion of the archetype itself. A teacher in physical form that will then become ascended master from a different plane. Guiding always those who chose to continue the expansion process of the matrix and continue the spread of divine authentic light and learning from the expansion itself.

Getting ready to embark upon the last two adventures I see clearly the lessons of teacher and student from the Magnetic Planet. We are always learning and teaching, it is our consciousness that leads us to this expression during times of complete presence. As the days counted down to my fourth and fifth trip to Serpents Mound and Mount Ida, Arkansas the energy that intertwined with these five people grew stronger. Every night I would perform a meditation that connected my energy to the five dormant crystals under: San Francisco, L.A, Miami, New York and Chicago seeing chakra colored light fill the crystals I would then hold the energy until pure white golden light came cascading in. The energy every night was strong and during the day a series of intense meditations for these individuals came through. Specific meditations to help them begin to update their own light body blueprints for future manifestation of their path. Still having no clue what their individual paths will be and maybe never knowing I simply recorded the meditations as they came through and sent them attachments until one day both stopped. About ten days prior to my own trip to Serpents mound the nightly meditations stopped as well as the channeling of information. I didn’t even recognize the nightly dormant crystal meditation leave until a week after it stopped. The energy was extremally intense and then simply vanished. It is my belief that the trip to Mount Shasta ushered in the energy of the dormant crystals and the upcoming Serpents Mound trip was going to finalize any lose ends with these five people. 

There was something unique and interesting about what had happened and upon further reflection I realize that my lack of meditation and clarity produced other ways for me to recognize just how important these five individuals were going to be on my adventure. Leading up to the Shasta trip I was not connecting to the field through meditation so divine started to come through my urge to draw. Thinking I was getting back into social media I had the brilliant idea (later recognized this was divine pulling on open purse strings) to draw pictures and then pull a layout from my oracle deck to see what messages divine wanted to give out to the people surrounding me. Doing this over and over every message was about relationships and people needing to review the close partnering relationships around them. Every day another reading different yet the same. I had pulled away from reading myself or trying to find out what my trip had instore for me yet divine found a way to get my attention and focus my energy clearly on what needed to be brought together. So starting around the time I left for Shasta to right before the time I left for Serpents Mound I finally understood what divine was saying and found my five beings of light who I believe are now ready to explore their own cosmic master archetype.

Serpents Mound


Driving to serpents mound from Ohio is slated to take four hours. No big deal in comparison to some of the recent trips the boys and I have taken yet every request, every stop, every need of the two boys in the back seat seem to anger me. Having released all emotional impulses (no joke) I truly have no reactionary impulses through emotion at this point in my human existence. To respond to almost every rise in energy level from the boys with a triggered sensation of Anger frightens me.  

The boys have not changed as a matter of a fact they are the same old road accomplices yet my reaction to their needs has changed dramatically. It takes the entire drive and arriving at our destination to reveal what is happening. Once at the red barn cabin I have time to decompress and review the trip from a higher plane. Existing in the realm of connections once again I begin to see the pattern of Anger and realize that this trip might be panning out to repeat our Michigan trip. During the drvie around the great lakes I had been transmuting Fear for not only myself but the collective consciousness of all beings. With this realization I almost pray that my instinct is wrong. The trip around the great lakes although it be powerfully moving and a complete release of control helping me to step fully into trust with the divine, it was one of the most draining things I had ever experienced.

Reviewing my reactions of Anger towards the needs of the boys, I begin my subjective comparison of the two trips. Fear was most definitely root chakra based and a way to allow my soul to step into full acknowledgment of its trusted connection to divine. Here with Anger I can feel the vibration resonate somewhere around my heart chakra. I am angry because the boys are not listening to my rules, they are blatantly disobeying our everyday standards, they are demanding, they are petty and fighting and they are requiring my every ounce of energy to simply keep a normalcy to our trip. I am angry because it isn’t easy and my expectation of them and how they should behave isn’t panning out. Thinking more clearly now I remember my teachings about emotions and recall Anger happens to a person when they haven’t established a boundary between them and another person. Anger is the trigger that shows you a cord from another has attached and triggered your field signaling a boundary line needs to be set. 


Recognizing this pattern is enough to detach me momentarily from the emotion of anger and allows the boys and I to relax peacefully at our new destination. Renting this secluded cabin, we chose to explore the new property and go for a hike. Finding a creek, pond, and paths galore we travel around the boarders until it is time to prepare food. Moving inside I begin making the food while the boys play together on the hammock. Screams erupt and I am called into action once again to separate the fighting boys. Immediately I am connected to Anger and the trigger pulls me away from the emotion to reflect the pattern yet again playing itself out. Recognizing the pattern, I send compassion towards myself for feeling the way I do and realize there is more work to be done surrounding whatever messages are trying to come through. 


After dinner and desert the boys go to bed and I finally lay down with a moment to myself. Performing a quick meditation, I pull a book onto my laid out body and ask a simple question. “What do I need to know about the Science Planet and how it connects to my journey here at Serpents Mound?” Always able to find answers to lifes great questions within the pages of a book, I flip through the pages until one sections feels right. Page 181 had a large chart on it with no words and so did 180 yet 180 had a single paragraph at the top. 

“The progression of the monad beyond the human kingdom can be seen in Figure 11I, which is a continuation of Figure 8f. When the monad achieves cosmic consciousness at 1500 and rises to plane 8 (the lowest subplane of the cosmic emotional plane) it discards its entire triad chain (from the 1:7 atom to the 7:4 molecule). However, the monad retains its 7-atom until it has finished its evolutionary journey and is fully conscious on the plane 49.” – the Science of Spirituality by Lee Bladon.

Reading this excerpt I become fully aware of what is happening and actually understand completely where I am being guided. It has been my understanding that after connecting to my cosmic master archetype that I will begin the detachment process from what I have created here on the 3D plane and begin to move back into a consciousness that is expansive and undefined. Yet I am required to completely let go of that which I have created and attached to here in the 3D plane so that the new expansion can begin to take place. Throughout these journeys I have been conditioned to let go of expectation over myself and release the need to see clearly what is being presented for my review. I have connected into the present moment allowing my subjective and objective worlds to guide my experiences. I have full trust in what is presented and greet most things now with no expectation over how it is going to interact with my path, I simply allow the energy to come in, act on it in a very connected and authentic way and then allow the energy to leave. Again, doing all of this with no expectation of how it should manifest into reality or what the result of its presence should turn into. I am an active member of the flow of divine moving through my existence. Yet here I am being told that there is another level of letting go that is needing to be achieve before this complete release can happen. The paragraph above talks about a monad “soul consciousness” moving through the cosmic plane. In Lee Bladon’s book he talks about the solar scale and the cosmic scale. A monad is moving through first the solar scale achieving complete reconciliation with its divine self and then begins to move through the comic scale repeating everything it had accomplished in the solar scale seven more times at each plane of existence. This is how a new matrix is formed. Reading the above statement, I do not believe I am at a level of existing somewhere between the physical and emotional plane on the cosmic scale, but I do understand this message to mean that in order to fully reconcile what I have learned about my cosmic master archetype that I have to now let go of what is presenting as emotional triggers in my field. Here during my journey I understand that the Anger is happening because I am attached to an outcome of how I want others to behave around me. I have let go of expectation as it pertains to myself, but am still engaged in outcomes through my attachments to others. Having children I understand that it is believed that we must mold them into perfect societal representations of ourselves and our beliefs and teachings so that they represent all that we have learned in this life, making them better versions of ourselves. This is a concept that I have never bought into because in my own quest for authenticity I had to remove layers of my own programing to reveal my truest nature. I did not grow up with a strong understanding of who I was and had to release the beliefs and programing that was imparted in me to find my own authentic voice. I can see now how my Anger is revealing where I am overly engaged in others authentic paths, but not only is it reveling where I am trying to control and outcome for multiple people it is showing me where I am not allowing divine flow to take place. 


This became more clear when my husband and I connected over the possibility of buying property down near Serpents Mound. Part of the trip focused around my want to purchase property near the mound, this was discussed many times by my husband and I. A real estate agent was acquired and an entire day was spent reviewing property near Serpents Mound. Finding a 20 acer plot of land I thought we were ready to buy. Speaking with my husband on the phone about what was found he had taken a 180 spin in the opposite direction and told me he was not ready to buy. Poor communication between the two of us, lead to a burst bubble for me. I though this was it and the time was right and became very angry when over the phone he conveyed his agenda. Again, Anger emerged and this emotion not typical of my normal constitute allowed me to see more clearly the pattern being created. Anger towards my children not following rules can be validated, but Anger towards my husband when my dream of buying this property had been burst was totally different. It became clear that the cosmic emotional plane was trying to teach me that the people surrounding me were helping to divinely orchestrate my path. I had become to wrapped up in my own subjective world and when I had an idea/concept of what was right for me that wasn’t right, the people surrounding me were going to help get my back on my path by dissuading me from what I believed or had been roped into thinking was right at that moment in time. Sometimes being clear on your path means you can feel things so strongly that you feel like the time is now to do something or make a change. When you move past the 3D model of time, space everything becomes aligned to your path and you can feel strongly everything aligned to you in this cosmic plane. Yet we still have to live out our human existence learning and teaching as we go. I realize that the Anger trigger was helping me to see clearly where others were trying to slow me down and keep me aligned to the flow of where I should be on this path.  

Figuring out the Anger component left me open to do the work I needed to do at Serpents Mound. After a day at the cabin it was time to visit Serpents Mound and reconnect with the Dragon if she would present herself once again. Finding my way to the back of the mound I sat on the stone platform that was built to view the forest below. Finding a quiet moment while the two boys played on their electronics I connected easily into the fifth dimensional field surrounding me and am greeted quickly by visions and here is what began to come through:

Scientists from the resource stealer planet were working with light energy and learning how to use this to stabilize the health and Connection of their people to the planet that they had drained of natural resources. I see the body of these beings as a hologram and watch as the scientist move light around, interpenetrating the holographic blueprint helping to nourish the body with what it needs. 

After the vision of the Scientists, the dragon meets me and takes me to visit a crystal beneath serpents mound. She said this crystal works with the frequency of my body and by moving here I will be in harmony with a frequency that will not only help me, but stabilize this part of the planetary grid. The crystalline energy here resonates with my holographic body and like the scientists from the Resource Stealer planet I can heal my blueprint with the energy of the underground crystal here.

I am told that the five people apart of this journey, who were birthed by my cosmic connection are also connecting with their crystals and yes they will find harmony with the place they are connected to, but will also find connection by simply beginning to connect to that crystal below the city that sits within the grid that they are in connection with. The crystal is a representation of them symbolically, in a holographic way, but also physically. By establishing a connection to their dormant crystal they will help to raise their frequency relieving the messages they are waiting for. By finding harmony with the place and crystal each person is meant to connect with they will begin stabilizing the grid of the New Earth as well as helping to ground the galactic energy coming in further signaling their hybrid status. This will also help to raise the frequency of the dormant crystal in its current location which will help to effect change for the local people dwelling above ground in the cities surrounding the crystal connection.

Finally, I am shown that The planet of Peace and Connection, the Scientist Planet, and the Dragon Planet are all connected. They show me this symbolically by connecting each Planet to an angle of the downward pointing triangle of the star of David. They anchor this once triangle to the upward pointed triangle finishing the star of David and connect this three dimensional symbol within me. Malachi the guide with me confirms everything is happening simultaneously and everything I have experienced, has happened before, and is also currently happening. The presence of this the solution, I Am that I Am, As Above so Below. By being aware of these interactions and claiming my connection to the current frequency I can help finish contracts and even facilitate further progress of the cosmic connections I am tied into. My current awareness in this conscious space allows further awareness in all cosmic connections.

These 5 people were gifted cosmic awareness through their birthing Connection to me. Just like I was with my mentor and Jesus when I was consciously birthed. Once we become conscious of our cosmic archetype we begin reconciling all cords we are still connected to and then we reconcile, living and expending a completely new path and reality. Reading this section of the book, I understand I have to let go of everything I have created it is time to find my eleven representations here on this physical 3D plane. I have awareness of the five people who have been birthed by my reconciliation of my first five contracts, as soon as the remaining contracts complete which is the goal of these last five trips the others will begin presenting themselves to me. I will have my absolution, I will subjectively and objectively be perceiving on all plans of existence. My birthed archetype will come through to show me the completion of my master archetype and the completion of my cords to this 3D experience. From this I will be able to consciously expand the matrix in full presence and awareness by simply enough living! 


Master Trip 55


The planet of peace and connection


Tonya my mom blessed me with her company during the Shasta trip. Happy to have a companion, our trip started separately with her in San Diego with my sister and here two kids and I in Ohio preparing the crystal selections for the trip.

The crystals selected for this trip were chosen because as they came into my life some years ago each had a distinct quality which was it resembled a mountain. Not knowing until a few months prior to this trip that this is what each of these crystals was for I was happy that the message was clear this time. Selecting a quartz with tourmaline, fadan quartz, emerald in a matrix, and tourmaline with a quartz chunk I had the main stones selected. Of course the Tibetan tektite came as well. Before the trip I was organizing a box of small crystals I use for gridding on photos and grabbed a few new crystals off the shelf, thinking I might bring this box along to show to Tonya. Pulling the new crystals I grabbed my crystal information book to see what watches meaning was and why they might have chosen to come along. Brookite, Argonite, starolite- as I write out a quick synopsis of each they all are stating the exact same information: clarity in third eye and sight into higher planes of reality. Having always wanted to see with eyes open and having just received a tattoo for Regulus and Archangel Raphael synchronistically which stood not only for the dream had while traveling the Planet of Fire but also to connection to Clear Sight through Raphael I knew these three stones must make the trip as well. In the bag also came 2 plan stones one a sunstone and one a labrodite and some crystal presents for Tonya.

Day one I arrived before Tonya and explored Stewart Springs where we were to stay the found nights of the trip. Arriving just as a sweat lodge ceremony was finishing I checked in and began hiking the wooded area around the cabins. Having released any need to know what this journey would entail I completely surrendered to divine allowing the guides to present my path as it needed to be explored and this was no different. Starting the hike I telepathically reached out stating if there is anywhere I need to be guide me there now. Just as the call went out two deer appeared in my line of sight. Standing at the end of a path up a hill I took the immediate sign and follow the path.


Walking this path there were many rock formations and great large moss covered oak trees. Staring wildly at the beauty of this place every new foot placement had something amazing catching my attention. Stopping for a short moment I sat upon a rock which hugged a tree. Connecting to the land I simply let go. Walking further up the hill a specific tree caught my eye. Screaming vortex the branches spiraled downward towards the earth interlocking in endless infinity signs. Feeling the energy I knew this was the place to start and performed a quiet reflective meditation getting in touch with the land and trying very hard to release any more expectations so that I could be a clear vessel for the trip. Leaving the black tourmaline with quartz and one of the tektites I felt this was a good area to charge the stones and when I brought Tonya back we could retrieve them for our next adventure.

Day two started Tonya wasn't due until 6pm so I spent the day hiking, drawing, partaking in the ritual or the mineral springs and preparing my body for an open in controlling journey. When Tonya came into the property we got her settlers and then began our hike to the vortex tree. Not knowing how this journey would go, anytime another soul is accompanying me on these adventures I have recognized that there is a need to be flexible to their level of spiritual practice. If it were me alone I would sit and meditate possibly for an hour at each location, but with kids and now my mom that might not be the case. Being tonyas first day it was hard for her to get out of her head and once at the tree she talked quite a bit which helped me recognized she was not going to sit in quite reflection to receive guidance yet so we engaged in talking at the tree and then carried on back down the hill. At this point it did not feel appropriate to retrieve the stones so I let them be sit in the tree and decided we could retrieve them anytime. Returning to the lodge area we found our way to the angel statue which sat in the middle of the stream. Having had quite the moving experience with archangel Raphael before the trip started I felt this was the time to leave the three stones brookite, aragonite, and stratolite at the alter created to pay homage to the angels. Feeling somewhat distant from the direct purpose of this trip I knew the stones had come along for a reason and left them where they seemed to fit.


Day three Tonya had an interview and needed internet connection something we didn't get on the property we were staying at so we drove to Starbucks and she jumped on her call leaving me to draw and get some things lined up for the day. Not knowing where to go the only feeling I had was to visit North, South, East and West Shasta. Staying at Stewart Mineral Springs we had were already immersed in the North so I pulled up a web page and wrote down a few interesting addresses to some hikes around Shasta. Not knowing or wanting to plan where our day would head I kept an open mind. The page that compiled the hikes had some links that looked interesting one to a pyramid and another to a garden. The pyramid looked like sessions of some sort and the garden had a picture of mother marry which I though might be great for Tonya. Jotting down the address to the garden I though this might be a nice first spot to visit and then called the number attached to the pyramid to see if the man could squeeze in a session (whatever that instilled) for us. Calling the number a man Answered and happily scheduled us for the next day. Not asking any questions mostly because I didn't want to know I trusted divine was guiding me and set my note book down feeling accomplished.

Tonya came back and we headed to the garden. Arriving to the address there is nothing indicating the space other than a low sign that says Peace Garden! 


Immediately I knew our trip was beginning. Visiting Shasta to connect to the Planet of Peace and Connection and here we were first day exploring and finding the peace garden. The private garden did not disappoint with multiply areas to sit, walk and meditate the construction and love put into this area was palpable. Walking to one of the many alcoves I found a circle wailed with black onyx and rose quartz. Startled I reflected back to my house where I have the starting of my medicine wheel laid out in a room. The circles is anchored by large black onyx pieces and rose quartz! Surprised but subconsciously feeling the divine connection I felt at home here in the garden. Walking around a small orange cat came prowling out of the bushes and headed directly towards me. After introducing myself he moved forward ready for me to follow. I telepathically asked where do I need to go cat? He stood at the intersection of a path looking left and right over and over. Finally he chose to the left and took me towards a bench in front of a tree I had already explored. Sitting with this magnificent tree I knew the Planet of Peace and Connection was coming through. Feeling the love for this land and the connection to nature here I could feel the connection to the Planet. Feeling lighter each minute that passed I walked with Tonya back to the rose quartz circle and placed the Faden Quartz and Tektite. Snuggled amongst a landscape of other talismans left by other visitors I felt no need to burry these crystals and they sat in the middle of the circle empowered by the Peace Garden.


After the adventure in the garden and placing the first crystal I though exploration to a new area would not be necessary as my mind contrived one crystal experience a day so we hopped in the car and headed towards Pluto Caves one of the address I wrote in my note pad. In Weed county on the same side of the mountain as we were the word cave just sounded fun. Finding our way through an off road maze we finally arrived to the caves. Not impressive at first glance and having no clue what this was about all I saw when I wrote down the address was that there were many discovered and undiscovered caves here. Standing at the rock basin it didn't appear to be much but we proceeded on anyways. Following a winding path Tonya's worrying tone could be heard from behind. You could tell there was a bit of fear of not knowing where we were supposed to go as there were no trail signs. Having just went through the Hell Planet and back I had recently let go of all fear and placed my path in divines hands so my unwavering tone and steps I hoped would calm her mind.

Finally finding the entrance to the first rock cave we both got excited until we saw the graffiti and smelt the damp, possibly human smell. Slowly walking down the rocks mom says watch out there might be people living here! Thinking somewhat the same thing we make it through the first cave with not a soul in sight. After the cave we find an open grassy area that leads towards more rocks. Walking and not expecting much we find our next cave entrance. The scenery completely chAnged here to a lush green and moss began growing all over the rocks. Thinking we were just transplanted to Ireland we both comment on the potential fairy presence and take picture all over before entering the next space. As we move into the next cave it's dark, deep and long. Exploring and walking as far as we can go it hits me that we are living the process of the book chapter by chapter! First the tree in the Peace Garden and now the Pluto Caves which symbolize the limestone Caves... surprised by the connection and totally not expecting this kind of literal translation in our exploration I decide it's good enough for me a decide to leave one of the stones in the cave so I have a cord of energy connected back to this place. Again with no need to burry the stone I leave it towards the left side of the cave the emerald stone in black matrix with a Tibetan tektite. Thrilled we walk to the green fairy area And sit to connect with the Caves energy. Tonya implants one of her stone record keepers into the fairy area and I express my excitement over the journey this far but convey my fear of anything continuing from this point on...


"How am I ever going to connect with an Orb or find a roman coliseum and connect with my 12 guides!" Those being the next chapters in the book I almost resign from the thought that this fun literal translation of the book could continue to happen. The Pluto Caves conclude our night and we head back to Stewart springs where we both enjoy the mineral plunge in the freezing stream and then warm up by the sauna.

The next morning we head to our scheduled meeting with Omarion and the pyramid. Tonya asks what this is about once again and throwing up my hands I admit I have absolutely no clue. He said he does private sessions, but also does pyramid sessions??? I don't know, it just seemed right. Coming down from Stewart springs retreat we were greeted by a view of Shasta every morning that changed each time we passed it by. This morning it was so clear that I stopped on the side of the road and had Tonya get out to take a picture. Finished her task we jump back in the car and head towards the freeway. Not being able to take my eyes off the mountain I can't help myself and pull over on the side of the road one more time to take a picture hope in to capture the energy I am feeling on my iPhone. Jumping out of the car I start snapping pictures. One after another I am capturing a blue Orb. Hollering into the car I ask Tonya what qualifies an Orb? And how do I know if it's not just dust. She told me to take a picture of the ground to see if it was on the lens which I did and it was not. Snapping around ten more photos at different angles the blue Orb never left only moved around. Getting back inside the car Tonya read to me something online explaining the details of an Orb and the color associations. Figuring we had just caught an actual Orb Tonya looks at me and says well you got your Orb. Having not put two and two together at this point I start squeezing with delight as Tonya joins in the excitement. Oh my god I saw the Orb another direct connection to the book! Giddy now I repeat once again to Tonya great we got the Orb, now all we need is to find the coliseum and twelve beings! Laughing at the enormity of this request we head to our 11am apt at the pyramid.

Arriving at Omarion's home we pull up still unaware of what to expect. The man approaches the car and is a sweet as can be an older gentleman with kind eyes. He begins explaining who he is and what or who he connects with and explains the birthing process of the pyramid. Through divine connection ISIS and other assented masters came through to Omarion and gave him the specific schematics for how this pyramid needed to constructed. He built the immaculate pyramid on his property to the exact specifications and now charges people like us to come for an hour and use the pyramid for ceremony or meditation. Walking us around the property he shows us the newest addition to his landscape a dodecahedron with pyramids at each flat space to symbolize the Christ light and I Am Connection the stricter is made of copper and is sitting off the ground so that the bottom point of the pyramid can just barley graze the ground. Explaining he tells us that a person I supposed to sit inside of the stricter for 30-minutes so that the 12 divine beings can come and work on the persons energetic field. At this my mouth drops clear to the floor. Looking at Tonya she hasn't gotten it yet and I mouth to her, my twelve guides. The coliseum, this is it! Omaran apparently saw our faces because he asked if we wanted to do this before we entered the pyramid to which I yelled YES!

IMG_3790 2.JPG

The structure was amazing and the pyramid also, but nothing was more amazing than the book literally unfolding in front of me and Tonya. Swapping time we each spent 30-minutes in the copper structure and the other 30-min walking the labyrinth in which I felt compelled to wish for earth to marry the harmonic vibration of the planet of Peace and Connection. Leaving my palm sunstone in the middle of the circle I felt a happiness and release from my wish and could feel it's manifestation begin to take place. 

The hour of darkness inside the ground level pyramid was just as amazing as sitting within the structure. Here is what was experienced:

Pyramid session started with a separation of body like the tiny balls of light we're trying to separate I kept hearing let go let go.

Then my bodies separated and I saw each physical, emotional and mental held up as if on clothes pins and a washing of their energy became apparent. They turned translucent. My high self sat in the side waiting for completion. Then like a puzzle box each fit back together and clicked into place where my heart center accepted the light of my high self.

Then mom and I connected and intense heat came through my right ear I took this as a sign of holding someone else's energy and needing to move through the clearing process of my own bodies.

Then I asked questions about selling our hose, getting. $$ for it and the book... was guided to Jen and guy

Was told to start seeing with my heart and placed the stone on my heart and began feeling the energy of my heart

A pig came through from Sedona mad about his land

Jesus took me to the Akasha and I saw a book with golden scribe the gold turned into pictures I saw what I was doing here with crystals and the land and saw the sacred symbol of all triangles grid across the US then intense indigo light filled into the earth and two vortexes sat funneling into and out of the earth. The points never touched and our plane of reality seemed to sit in between them

Then at the end a vise grip took hold of my head and 30sec before the man dinged the bell the pressure/download stopped.

After the intense session my head continued to fill with pressure a symptom I usually get from being in alignment with high frequency energy. We took the rest of the day to explore Ashland in Oregon and allow all of the amazing downloads to continue to process through.


The last day of the trip Tonya had to leave early in the day and all that seemed to remain was a quartz crystal with tourmaline and my desire to find lake Shasta where my Oma and Opa had taken my sister and I when we were young. Journeying down the mountain Tonya and I took separate cars so that she could continue to San Francisco once eleven am hit. Hopping for some kind of last sign to leave the final crystal I was following Tonya's lead down the mountain. An hour into our drive I started getting the sign of 55 which was the numerical seal of this trip. As soon as the number came up, a voice came through my head saying this is the spot. Hoping for one more sign that this was the exit I asked the guides to provide another sign indicating this was the place for us and just then Tonya turned on her blinker signaling we were both aligned to whatever was off this exit. Following her lead we wound down the road to an entry point of lake Shasta, not what we were looking for I wondered what could have signaled this exit and racked my thoughts to remember what I had been thinking when we exited. Remembering my thoughts I told Tonya to get her camera and take pictures of me while I call out to my guardian angles and I would do the same for her. Wanting to recreate the Orb photo was my intention. Shooting photos of each other turned up empty, but when I had taken the camera into selfie mode there was the blue Orb once again zooming around my face. What a final glorious confirmation of divine connection. Feeling satisfied we continued to one more exit where we said our final goodbyes and Tonya left leaving me free for one more half day to explore. Not having an agenda I let myself be guided by my heart and found an exit claiming caverns. Always interested by caverns I followed the exit to the bottom of a hill where I departed and followed the signs. 


Little did I know where I had been lead was into a full two hour tour accompanied by a boat trip, bus trip and 400+ stair climb into limestone Caves of Shasta! If the first Caves didn't cut it these surly would and to top it off once in the gift shop the rock specimens available from the caverns for sale were exact replicas of the last stone I had to bury a quartz price with green tourmaline - although I believe there's were black. Taking the tour I could feel the energy of the caverns and the crystals around me and realized this was to help the download of energy received earlier. Floating through the tour 2-hrs later my journey landed me at the Shasta national Forrest. Walking into the trail head about ten minutes the entire space opened up onto a view of Shasta. I found a neat little space sat down upon the earth and decided it was time for one final meditation to say goodbye to the mountain and ask for the last bits of download to come through as my head pressure had still not lifted. This is what happened: (and btw if you know me and flys this is the first time a fly came to me during the trip and I had called in all my divine team forgot one name and said out loud who am I forgetting - the fly landed and I alighted and said yup Jesus!)

During meditation I believed I was going to work on some physical ailments held in my body when the dragon "the great protector" as I call her came to greet me. In typical form. I pull down the silver grounding cord and connect it into the crystal within the core of the earth below me. This time she came and guided me to use view the gigantic crystal point that sits below San Francisco. Pulling my cord here she stayed that it was time to activate the crystal. Illuminating when my silver cord dropped in she began breathing fire onto the crystal here she said that during my next travel to serpents moi d we will be working with not only this connection but also a crystal residing under L.A, Miami, N.Y, Chicago and SF. Illuminating all the crystals I saw not only my cord in SF crystal but others some were very old and some new and still illuminated. With her fire some of the old "not useful" attachments fell away and some illuminated with her breath. She said we will be working through the connection to the Science Planet and my mind began to wonder how this all could connect. Follow me child she said and with that we zoomed to each of the cities and I witnessed the first breath activate each crystal. My mind reviewed what I remembered about the Science Planet and I heard, "Over Consumption" and words from my mentor rang through my ears, "if you activate crystals and people are not ready great catrastiphy could occur." Knowing this was not my doing I understood some greater energy work at play here and watched now from somewhere above the lAndscape each of the 5 crystals illuminate in different levels of color from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and then pure white. Like beacons from within the earth I could feel the emanating energy pouring forth from their placement and began to see bubbles of an energy field appear over each city. My thoughts Turning dark for a moment I contemplated what might happen (earthquake, violence, fires, floods...) with these crystals now activate and wondered if that was my morbid thinking or possibility? Then a gentler though of relocation for those not ready settled into place. The dragon instructed to hold these cords in daily meditation until I visited serpents mound where we would once again explore these cities and their connections to the crystals.

Burying the final crystal along with a piece of Tibetan tektite and my palm stone of labradorite I covered my tracks and began feeling a bit overwhelmed with the energy now swelling to full pressure once again. Almost running to the car I decided maybe the altitude wasn't helping and cut my trip one night short driving immediately to San Francisco once my cabin was packed up.


Remembering the last meditation from Shasta back at home in Ohio here are the events that have come about before the trip to Serpents Mound to engage the Scientist Planet:

During meditation I believed I was going to work on some physical ailments held in my body when the dragon "the great protector" as I call her came to greet me. In typical form. I pull down the silver grounding cord and connect it into the crystal within the core of the earth below me. This time she came and guided me to use view the gigantic crystal point that sits below San Francisco. Pulling my cord here she stayed that it was time to activate the crystal. Illuminating when my silver cord dropped in she began breathing fire onto the crystal here she said that during my next travel to serpents moi d we will be working with not only this connection but also a crystal residing under L.A, Miami, N.Y, Chicago and SF. Illuminating all the crystals I saw not only my cord in SF crystal but others some were very old and some new and still illuminated. With her fire some of the old "not useful" attachments fell away and some illuminated with her breath. She said we will be working through the connection to the Science Planet and my mind began to wonder how this all could connect. Follow me child she said and with that we zoomed to each of the cities and I witnessed the first breath activate each crystal. My mind reviewed what I remembered about the Science Planet and I heard, "Over Consumption" and words from my mentor rang through my ears, "if you activate crystals and people are not ready great catrastiphy could occur." Knowing this was not my doing I understood some greater energy work at play here and watched now from somewhere above the landscape each of the 5 crystals illuminate in different levels of color from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and then pure white. Like beacons from within the earth I could feel the emanating energy pouring forth from their placement and began to see bubbles of an energy field appear over each city. My thoughts Turning dark for a moment I contemplated what might happen (earthquake, violence, fires, floods...) with these crystals now activate and wondered if that was my morbid thinking or possibility? Then a gentler though of relocation for those not ready settled into place. The dragon instructed to hold these cords in daily meditation until I visited serpents mound where we would once again explore these cities and their connections to the crystals.

At home synchronicities unfold and the flow is palpable. Sitting outside and working on my computer I begin to see a blind spot out of my peripheral vision. The

Master Trip 44


Master Trip 44.jpg

Northern Lights Trip 3-26-2017

Before starting the journey of this Northern Lights trip in March of 2017 I felt a desperate urge to perform the 7-week chakra journey meditation. The only inclination as to why I wanted to do this 7 week process was that I had not been meditating and I felt a bit ego centric and in my mental body detached from the present moment. 2 weeks prior to the adventure I started the root to crown experience and as expected had some major tweaks happen to my energetic body. The week prior to the expedition I had a phone conversation with my mentor who had performed an analysis of my chakras column. Something she does every year or so she pointed out most chakras were performing at over 90% effective. She noted something going on with my solar plexus chakra that needed attention. As she began trying to explain this to me she pulled back stating, “the guides are saying you know this better than I and will figure out what is going on here.” Leaving the topic we moved on to whatever next point the guides were bringing up. 

As these things tend to happen I started week three of my seven week journey right before leaving for my northern lights adventure with my kids for their spring break. Starting the first of the three meditations for the solar plexus journey on the Monday before our trip I received amazingly specific information that connected to some of the confusion I had been experiencing. The messages came through that it was time to let go of the control I had once again let sneak through while trying to pronounce myself as increasingly more spiritual once again. One of the traps of being a spiritual seeker is that you continue to judge your journey and where you are in line with your expectations of what your belief system dictates as spiritual. Knowing that this is counter intuitive to a spiritual expansion it is a hard trap not to fall in. Constantly judging my process, I get down on myself that it takes a liter of mountain dew to stay high vibrational for hours at a time to channel necessary information. At this point in my spiritual career this is what my body needs to bring through high frequency information without completely burning out. That’s not to say my body wont burn out because it always does when I push, but at this point in my existence that is what it takes. So when I hit the completion of a manifesting cycle I drop down in frequency and return to a human existence which is probably the hardest part of my creative process. Understanding the energy cycles I still judge my inability to connect when at the bottom of the cycle and starting a new process. The amount of energy loss, disconnect, and depression cause my mental body concern every time. Having gone through a root to crown manifesting process multiple times over the last few years, I can reflect and see just how much of my life purpose I have achieved, yet every time I finish a completion cycle and return to the human world my psyche judges my loss of steam and questions my life path once again.

Having these thoughts fly around a mental body while going through the third week of a seven week chakra journey I found myself landing directly in the center of analyzing the blockages of my solar plexus chakra. The answers started coming through that I needed to find balance this time around. That by staying connected to the human element when connected to such high frequency during a manifesting cycle that I would be able to sustain more balance for my body and not experience such extremes in my physical world. For the first time I understood something I read in a book called “open to channel” the woman stated she was instructed to start running/working out so that her physical body could handle the high frequency of a channel without having the crash back down effect I had experienced so many times. 

When energy needs to come through it will, and if a physical body is not ready the human vessel will find ways to sustain the energy needed to bring through the connections. In my case that meant drinking liters of mountain dew to sustain the energy necessary to connect. During the first of three meditations for this weeks solar plexus chakra all of these realizations came through and I recognized that there is no write or wrong to this process, but if I was not going to take care of my physical body throughout this process that I was going to have to deal with the effects of that crash back down effect every time. Doing this over four times in the last four years, I realize I am done with that level of polarity and found peace in the knowledge that I wanted to take both my physical and spiritual consciousness’s along for the ride through this next manifesting adventure.


Having channeled information while in Sedona I knew I had to travel to specific landmarks, Sedona, Northern Lights, Crystal Mountain, Mount Shasta and Serpents Mound. Not having a clue what was expected of me, I tried to connect a few times and receive information about the upcoming trips, but only small bits of information would come through. I knew my trip was meant to be an unfolding surprise of information, this would keep me grounded and centered allowing the experience to unfold quite like Sedona already had. Not questioning the upcoming adventure all I knew I had to do was position myself in specific places and allow the energy to come through. Part of the messaging I had received so far was to let go and be present, not constricting through the mental body as this only leads to smaller perspective. Pre planning this adventure all I knew was that I needed to seek out the Northern Lights, that was it. I searched far and wide for information and my final itinerary included Northern Michigan, Ontario Canada and New York. Finland, Alaska and Northern Canada were constant contenders, but everything about those searches felt incorrect. For some reason I was being called to stay close to home, not understanding it at the time of planning, I was being directed to stay around Lake Huron. My search lead to three dark parks. A dark park is a planned area void of light pollution used to witness and record astronomical events. Some go as far as banning anything but infrared lights during specific times when astronomers are using the area.  Feeling connected for the first time, the dark parks felt right. 

Driving the first leg of the adventure was the longest. From Aurora, Ohio to Mackinaw City, MI the goal was to stay a night and explore the Headlands International Dark Sky Park. With a seven hour drive ahead of my all my mind could do was wonder. What information was this adventure going to bring. Sedona had been five days of exceptional adventures, but the reasoning behind those encounters didn’t fully make sense until the end. My hopes are high and this scares me a bit because expectation most usually leads to let down. Trying hard to keep my mind clear and watch for the synchronicities, I believe the divine assigned to me Taylor and Camden my two sons to Shepard this adventure. How can one truly plan or control when a five and six year old accompany your journey. Immediately I realized this was not going to be a meditative journey. With two young boys by my side even five minutes of peaceful meditation was going to be too much to ask, so closed eyes meditation was out. That meant all connection would have to come through experience, dream or guided divine encounter. Open to this, I surrendered to the unknown and let my itinerary do the hard work of getting me where I needed to be.

Arriving to the first hotel around four thirty the seven hour drive wound the boys up and tired me out. Unloading our 1 night bag, I made sure three out of the five places we were going to stay had an indoor pool. Luckily this first one did so we grabbed the pool toys and swim trunks hit the room to unload and ran down to the pool. Brining a few books and a journal I didn’t plan to swim, my goal was to wear the boys out so that if inclined to do so we could awake later that night and search for the northern lights. Two hours fly by at the pool and I have yet to read or write. Relaxed to the point that I could fall asleep I sit poolside and watch the boys splash amongst other hotel goers. Sitting next to a family with two young children, I stick up conversation with the father. This is something quite out of my realm of ordinary. I am usually very contemplative and very much in my mental world. Very aware of my surroundings I use them as a barometer for life not usually disturbing the flow of what is happening around me. For whatever reason this questioning energy become too much and I started to engage the father about his young son who was very pool savvy. After time spent talking he introduces me to his wife who I find out is a local and loves to give recommendations about the area.  After a few local tipsregarding dinner and attractions, she explains she is from the northern peninsula, synchronistically right where we are heading. Having no dark sky park there this was the only day I had absolutely no agenda or no plan for what to do. She explained that we had to visit Tahquamenon Falls State Park, it was a must see even though it was an hour out of our way. Great! This is exactly what I needed.

“It’s like Niagara but smaller.” She states 


And this catches my attention. Our trip is slated to end with Niagara and not one to miss the synchronistic connection my seventh dimensional guides must have been working over time to get us two together. Her words connected me to a vision of the trip I had yet to perceive. Before coming on this trip while still in aurora Ohio I had to make decisions on what to bring. The only spiritual component of the trip I understand is that I am to bring crystals that need to be buried. This clue I learned from my first adventure in Sedona where it was explained to me that I was using crystals to create a grid of energy between these specific places I was to visit. Having no clue what crystals to bring again I stayed open to receive guidance. Two days prior to the trip I had a vision of selenite, wondering how much selenite I had I didn’t question until the day before when I packed the car. Needing at least four pieces of selenite I knew I had two long rods of the stuff, but wasn’t sure what else I owned. Not questioning the vision I simply packed the car and then went to my meditation room where hundreds of lovely crystals reside. Finding the two rods from my vision I walk around casing the place looking for the remaining crystals that are to make the journey. Hanging on the wall I find three selenite pieces I had completely forgotten about. They are as large as your hand from the wrist up. Each have flat bottoms and pointed tops raw on the bottom and carved into the pointed top. Grabbing these three I lay them next to the two rods and question how these five are going to partner together, but recognize I don’t need to know that now and acknowledge their connection will come through later in the trip. I also grab the Tibetan Tektite that has established itself as the connection to my frozen bodies and the ET race and grab four pieces of that as well. Sunday the car is loaded, the boys jump in and I walk from one side of the car to the other where I being to enter the driver seat. Something pulls me back and I walk as if I had forgotten something inside the garage. Walking back slowly I scan the open garage and shake my head, catching the planter box filled with trees I see the statue of Buddha we have sitting amongst some low shrubs. Last summer my boys and I put fairy stones around the statue to bring the fairies to our garden. Pausing I stare at the stones and say its not your turn. Having a direct connection to a fairy planet my timeline there reanimated and there was no longer a connection to that body on that planet, I was moving through this journey to connect to Uriel from the Planet of Fire. Confused I walked back to the car, and paused once again as my mental body tugged me back towards the stones. Surrendering I walked towards them and grabbed the four stones not understanding how they would participate but knowing its better to bring them and not use them to not bring them and want them.

Having the selenite and hearing the woman's words sitting next to me at the pool I get an instant flash that the waters of the great lake of Huron are going to somehow be a big part of this journey. Long lost memories of the great lake come into my mind and I can see how the magical energy is going to be supporting this journey. I can see the energy grid I am creating through the five different places and somehow get the feeling the lake and its energy will help to support all of which I am trying to create or help establish. Again having only a small piece of the puzzle it feels right and I thank the woman and man who are now leaving with their family. They have imparted so much more than they will ever know into my journey here. I am so thankful for these synchronistic connections as my path would have never found the connection to Tahquamenon Falls without her. 

After another hour of pool play it is time to find food and move to our room. Relaxing into the hotel room the boys are happily watching cartoons and I decide it is time to finish my Solar Plexus chakra meditation. Asking the boys to not bother me I put the headphone into my ears and start the third meditation of the solar plexus chakra. Listening to the words I am fully engaged for about ten minutes before my own journey begins to take place. Moving quicker than normal energy begins pulling from all around me. Hearing only brief words form the recording in the background I am asked to bring in an archetype. I find myself staring at a mirror and a full body image of myself is staring back at me. My mental voice calls out to my angels and guides and Uriel and asks them to allow me to transcend this physical body I see standing before me. The voice again begs asking out that I relinquish my human agenda allowing my path to align to that of the divine. I feel the words all around me like a prayer being uttered from my own heart. Then my energy started falling and spinning the vision of what I had been staring at disappears and everything in the vision goes black. It feels as if my physical, and energetic body had been captured by a spider who was about to feed on me, the web began spinning around me and I spun around and around. Having a consciousness in my physical body in the room and also having a consciousness in all of my other bodies I could feel each body tumbling and spinning in different directions. I knew I was laying flat on the bed but could help but also feeling like I was in a never ending free fall. All of a sudden the intense energy simply stopped. I intuitively knew the crystals within my body had been aligned and the mental voice spoke again requesting that my DNA and chromosomes be updated, upgraded and activated. I felt all of my divine team surrounding me yet couldn’t see a soul all was still black. The frequency within the hotel room was palpable, my body was on fire it was vibrating so intensely. Letting go I know whatever had just happened was done. I was recalibrate and felt like I had found a new zero point for my human self. Again on some intuitive level as I opened my eyes I could feel any remaining bit of need to control this path this journey had gone. I had gained a level of 100% trust in this adventure, but not only here. This was a new calibration for my life. There was no need to control from the human agenda, transcendence from the human container has gone. I feel completely expansive and trusting in the void of what lies around me. Trust is gained and I am ready to move forward not knowing what is waiting for me in all areas of my life.

Coming fully back into the room, I find Camden and taylor are relaxed we are all ready for sleep. My agenda to see the northern lights is still present, but I recognize I can have trust and faith that if I am meant to awake and seek them out that I will be waken if and when the time comes. Settling in for sleep we all hit the hay by 9:21pm. Sending a final prayer out I ask that my guides, angles and Uriel wake me up if I need to get up, that way I don’t try and control when to go out and stress about what I am going to experience. Leaving everything up to the divine plan I lie my head down and settle into bed realizing that if I am awoken there will be something to experience and that if I stay asleep maybe that was the overall intention. Finding it hard to quite my mind, after a good few turns from left to right sleep finally comes. 

10:21pm exactly one hour later my phone buzzes and wakes me from the part of REM where you almost feel sick in having to get up. Rolling over I check the time and grab my phone. Bryce my cousin has texted asking for a recap of my Peru trip from this time last year, he is 90% ready to go and needs the final motivation to buy his ticket. (not knowing it at the time, this text would perk up my subconscious allowing for deeper experiences later). Seeing the text and not replying I recognize the text was sent through a very sensitive individual to get me up and out of bed to proceed on my first late night adventure to find the northern lights.  Rolling over I fight the urge to go back to sleep, my mental state is trying to ignore the synchronicity. The warmth of the bed and the heavy breathing coming from the two boys gives me every reason to ignore this intrusion, I had pleasantly requested before closing my eyes. Standing up I move towards the windows to see if the sky has any painted colors present. Black and dimly lit by the bridge overpass by our hotel, I debate in my mind one more time the benefits to going or staying. This being the first nights adventure to find the norther lights I hadn’t quite bought into the whole release control idea. Finally surrendering, I get dressed and start dressing the sleeping boys.

Taylor is much more compatible than Camden who fights every twist and turn battling on his pants and then shirt.  Leaving the hotel room, I am carrying Cam and Taylor is walking like a zombie next to me. Taking the back stairwell we exit the side door and arrive at the car in no time. Having set up the back of the van prior to leaving Ohio it has been primed for this portion of our trip. There is a memory foam mattress, sheets, blankets and pillows, the perfect little sleeping space for late night light hunting. Cam immediately snuggles in and falls immediately back into sleep where Taylor cuddles up but stays lucidly awake. Diving the empty streets our hotel is only 25 minutes away from the dark park. The eerie setting of this empty seasonal town is a bit haunting. Yellow lights illuminate the road ever so often allowing the slick wet black road to take shape underneath us matching the sky above. 

Arriving to the park the GPS gets the car only so far before the destination is over, this leave us at what appears to be the first entrance to the park. Following the sighs down a dirt path the road becomes bumpy and we slowly drive down what appears to be a sloping hill. Hoping this is not a foot path, andnot having done much research on how busy this place could be I drive 10 miles an hour and turn up the cars lights. Searching every twist and turn a light rain has been falling since we left the hotel, the wetness coats the trees in such a way that everything glistens leaving things almost dream like. Searching the path, the sky and the trees my eyes are scanning everything for as many clues as possible. Not knowing what my purpose here is, I am as open as possible to receive divine guidance wherever it might come from. Turning another corner something is spotted in the trees, first my eyes catch what I assume might be a plaque describing the trail, yet standing directly behind it I see a brief glimpse of what I think is a fully dressed solder!  Having turned the corner my eyes only rest upon this figure for a second before the car passes. My heart starts pumping faster, and I can feel my breathing restrict. Did my eyes really see that? Was that a ghost? Is this part of my journey? Was that a hiker watching our car? Every possible question and solution moves through my mind. Wanting forever to see apparitions with my open eyes I wonder if this trip is where that talent will finally settle in?

Arriving at the bottom of the hill this seems to be our destination, there is a large sign at the bottom of a small turn around area. There is a gate to the side that says something about a cottage house and there appear to be paths to our front and other side.  It is pitch black as soon as I turn off the car, having already adjusted the door lights at the hotel not to come on, we are left with nothing but the stars. When I started planning the trip I realized that this spring break adventure would take place on March 26th 2017 the day the new moon would start, meaning there was zero visibility from the moon in the night sky. Divine presenting itself once again, recognizing this again at this moment when everything was pitch black, I tried to trust in the adventure and however it was supposed to unfold.

Opening the car door, alerted Taylor to my intentions. “Mom, I am scared.” His words matched my feelings exactly. The vision of the person in the woods had startled me, and I could feel the residual fear in my body. Knowing that divine guidance won’t connect when you are in the energy of fear I tried to release the tension from my body and relax into the unknown space of what could happen. “Why are you scared, Taylor?” my voice was calm and intrigued open to hear what he was feeling. “I am not so sure, but I am scared that there might be predators out there looking to attack.” He was of course talking about animals, but his concerned matched exactly the internal state of what I had witnessed in the forest moments ago, and in my case the concern was fully connected to my ability to protect my vulnerable family from any physical predator. 

Talking to Taylor about his feelings, I was trying to convince myself just as much as I was trying to convince him. “No animals are going to come for us, they would see us and know not to mess with us.” Questioning my own trepidation, I know that I am 100% protected by divine guidance right now, so why am I allowing so much fear to come in. That image shock me to my core, and made me question my physical safety. Planning this trip I had only prepared myself for our destinations and the midnight adventures, I didn’t allow my mind to wonder concerning anything else. I knew everything else would come through by synchronicity, like it had from the encounter at the pool earlier in the day, so why so much questioning in this moment?

Getting out of the car, I popped the trunk to be able to see and sit with Taylor in the back. The light rain was still falling and there were no visible lights in the sky. Moving behind the car, I did the only other thing I knew to do regarding the spiritual portion of this trip. Uriel came to me during a meditation experienced not to soon after Sedona. When he came through he explained that I needed to perform a sort of dance when I got to each of the places on my Northern Lights trip. The only way I can explain this dance is to review the body positions. I believe the intention is to create a type of vortex because there is clockwise and counter clockwise spinning. While spinning one arm is above your head with the palm face up and the other is below your waist with the palm face down, spinning in one direction you repeat with the same hand positions in the opposite direction. Then flipping the arm heights and palms you perform he spinning again in both directions. Once the spinning was complete I was to bring the palms of my hands together where I could see rainbow light pouring out of them and move into a low squat. That was it! So I performed this sequence and then jumped in the back of the car with Taylor who was asking me to come inside because he was still scared. Feeling the same, I did what he asked and then allowed his concern to guide me into leaving the park. Staying there no more the thirty minutes we had made our exit back to the hotel.

The next morning we gathered our items from the hotel and packed the car. Getting ready to go I told the boys we were going to go back to the dark park, because I needed to bury one of the crystals. Getting to the park we followed the GPS until it stopped and then followed the signs like the night before. Moving down the hill in the light of day I was amazed to see this path was only big enough for one car. Hoping there would be no other cars out exploring I moved cautiously down the path. Scanning the forest my heart skipped a beat when I saw the solder again. This time in full daylight I could see it was an erected cut out standing next to a sign apparently explaining more about the dark park. Feeling a bit silly it only took a moment for the totality of this journey to set in. The realization of what I was here doing became clear. Being a self proclaimed “balanced” human I recognize the amount of fear I held last night was completely out of balance for my normal constitute. My mind flashed to the selenite crystals I brought and the location of this adventure and I realized immediately that I am here helping to transmute fear! Getting to the bottom of the hill I see that the sign we parked in front of the night before talked about the beach below. Getting out of the car with the boy we walk the short path to the beach. Standing on the edge of the beach I realize we are at the exact point between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. The water and its transmuting power becomes completely evident to me and my mind begins unraveling pieces already collected. Standing by the lake the boys and I find a tree that has corkscrewing branches signaling its connection to energy and a vortex and we decide this is the exact place we need to bury this first crystal. 

The boys each put their beautiful energy into the selenite point and I take hold of it and allow all of the fear I held the previous night to flood back into me. Realizing that this journey is for me and humanity I recognize the amount of fear that our collective still holds attached to the physical world. Not having to deal with this in my normal life the previous night’s experiences brought up not only the deep connection to fear I had buried but also brought up the amount of fear evident in our collective connection to one another. All of my spiritual teaching have imbedded the knowledge that higher vibrational forces doing divine work will always be protected or in alignment therefore having nothing to worry about, so why did I allow myself to become susceptible to the energy of fear? I realize I was in a very physical place and living a very low vibration one that humanity typically experiences, therefore allowing my energetic field to tap into the vibration of fear. The experience of my meditation also floods back into my awareness and I realize I am being called to step out of what I have created and transform into the next level of my own divinity. IN doing this I have to 100% trust in divine and allow my way to be guided when I have no control and give in to the vulnerability of my path. This is much easier said then done,  and I believe this Northern Lights journey will hep teach me these principals.

Layering the three stones, Tibetan Tektite to connect to the ET cords still present. The Fairy stone which I now understand was brought to help transmute the fear and imbed JOY, and the selenite crystal. We decide to bury the point facing up helping to pull that fear from the physical Earth and humanity and transmute it into the ether which lies above the physical. Doing the vortex dance now all three of us on the shores of Michigan we laugh together and then run back to the car, tucking ourselves in, ready to move towards our next adventure.

Upper Peninsula – Sault Ste. Marie US side.

This leg of the journey was only slated to take an hour and thirty minutes, but after meeting the local family I couldn’t pass up taking the guidance to explore the Tahquamenon Falls State Park which will detour us maybe two or so hours. Being a stop planned more for the hotel pool than the norther lights this will be a nice unplanned experience. Driving onto the upper peninsula it is apparent that this part of Michigan is also closed down for the season. Arriving right onto the highway we get detoured quickly towards what I expect to be the opposite side of the island. Driving we are scheduled to be on this same road for over an hour. The trip proceeds on and close to an hour in we have passed one truck and one gas station. The landscape is never changing and I feel like I am driving into some twilight zone opening. Signs warn to drive with a half full tank of gas, and watch for snow mobile traffic. Watching the sides of the roads still covered in snow I see recent carvings left by the proclaimed snowmobiles. The markings signal life once existed here yet boarded up shops and deserted streets beg otherwise. 

Making our way to the opposite side of the peninsula we drive along streets that meet the lake, frozen waters kissing the barren landscape create an eerie ambiance and the isolation begins separating me from rational thoughts. Checking my gas tank the needle is hovering below the ¼ full mark and a sinking fear begins to settle in. What is it with this fear? Never feeling this trapped and alone my spiritual self begins analyzing the situation from a higher perspective. Where are these feelings coming from. Separating from the emotion of it all I begin analyzing the situation, being divinely guided I have nothing to fear, when and if something is needed I can trust the answer will present itself, so why do I still have so much fear?

Driving past a gas station, looking at the one exposed free standing pump and the flashing open sign my mind twists at the thought of stopping here. Scared emotions surface once again preventing me from turning in. Leaving the safe comfortable reality I am use to and heading into these back woods with their unfamiliar options scare me. Something didn’t feel right about the location so I continued on with less than 50 miles of available gas. Reassuring myself that I will be taken care of, I am beginning to question myself here in this isolated landscape and begin reviewing emergency options if something were to happen. Driving into the town settled outside of the falls I can see more civilization come to be yet everything is closed. Little mom and pop shops and food places sprinkle the streets all with closed for the season messages posted over their signs. Driving further into town we being our ascent into the state park and as the gas needle drops further towards empty I see over the hill a 76 orange ball come into view. Relief washes over me as I pull closer towards the drive way. Once in view I see this station is a replica of the last, one single pump and a glowing open sign. Realizing it is now or literally never I pull over and face the ego I had been holding onto. Parking the car, I carefully walk across the melting snow which has become slick ice towards the shop. A husband and wife team greet me as I walk inside. “Do I pump first or pay first?” part of my fear is that I have no clue how to deal with this kind of small town service station, and I didn’t want to do things wrong and look silly. “Pump and tell us the amount, we will charge you when you’re done.”

Performing the task as instructed, I proceed back into the store to pay when the husband asks if we are heading to the falls. My face softens as I answer him, yes. “I wouldn’t suggest going to the lower falls this time of year, they don’t plow the paths and its sure to give you trouble unless you brought your snow gear.” Understanding the reason for entering this gas station I ask a few questions about the upper and lower falls, not having known there were two to select from and thank the two for the kind help. Relieved at the kind openness of the two I head up the hill the remaining twenty minutes towards the falls. Passing a large obvious sing for the lower falls I send a silent thank you to the man who helped me avoid a complete disaster in coming all this way just to turn away when I found the paths un walkable. Without knowing there were two to select from and the signs not being of much help either I can see the reason for my gas dilemma.

Driving another 10 minutes after seeing the sign for the lower falls we make it to the upper falls. Walking the short fifteen minute track alone piled snow towards the viewing area, each new viewing area gives another little glimpse of the falls which are increasingly getting louder and louder as we move along the snow covered path. The last stop brings us to the 96 stair wooden descending platform which looks out over the falls. With new excitement the boys run down the stairs and I quickly follow behind. Standing on the lowest deck the energy of the falls roars and the electric energy fills the air. Understanding why we were guided here and understanding the cleansing power of this rushing water I lift my arms and release the tension, fear, worry and isolation I had let cloud my journey. The cool air married with the tiny dewy droplets of water kissing my face brought me right into a meditative space. Having used this image many times while connected into my sacred heart space I feel the heart beat of the world happen here and I find a release and vulnerability I had yet to tap into. 


Having brought one of the selenite rods with my on this hike, I understand now how the waters of the great lakes are going to play an important role in the divine process of this journey. These waters are here to help transmute this energy they will help with the release, the cleansing, the purification. Reflecting back on my original assumption, it was almost spot on. The three selenite points are going to be implanted into the earth somewhere near each of the three dark sky parks, where these two selenite rods are going to be put into the water. Feeling the totality of this water I can see this fall pouring into Lake Superior and can see how our final destination will end near Niagara falls where I know the last rod will be placed to move from Lake Erie which pours into Ontario. How amazing this journey is stacking up to be, I can only imagine what else will come to light along the way. Having dealt with a physical fear already and now being given an opportunity to transmute this with the purity of the falls I am excited for what else is to come. 

Calling to the boys I have them each hold the rod and give it some good mojo. Taking it back I have them stand along the wooden railing as I crank my arm back and throw the selenite into the waters moving behind the falls. Letting go of the rod I receive an immediate rush of relief. The boys intuitively understand the moment is done and begin racing up the stairs, counting out loud to see if they can hit all 96. Coming to the top of the stairs Cam was somewhere around 98 and Taylor had stopped counting. Reversing our path back out towards the car, Camden looks at me and states. “Mom, I am not scared anymore.” Having not expressed to Cam any of my internal findings over the falls or this part of the journey, I am amazed at how intuitive he is over what we just accomplished. Feeling validated in a way that only the most perfect of moments can we continue our walk and proceed back to the car full of joy and peace.

Arriving to Sault Ste. Marie our hotel sits directly across from the border into Canada where we will continue day three tomorrow. This is the last hotel with a pool for two days so in honor of the two accompanying chaperones of this spiritual journey we check in and go right to the pool. Unlike our first hotel this one is quite, and at one in the afternoon no one else has decided to take advantage of the indoor pool area. Having brought my books and computer along I realize the stress and isolation of the day has emotionally drained me. Sitting down pool side I catch myself nodding off every thirty minutes or so, having no energy to read, write or even parent the two happy boys I sit legs up pool side letting time fly by. 

Night two ends quietly and we find ourselves tucked in to bed by nine at night. Surrendering control of the adventure to the angles, guides and Uriel who are navigating this adventure from the astral plan I again state if I need to be woken for the norther lights or anything of interest to please do so otherwise I will take advantage of the sleep since night one was a bit more adventurous. 

Walking abruptly at six in the morning I am up before the boys. Reviewing the early morning dream, I am perplexed to say the least. I am very aware of my dreams and know how to lucidly move through the astral plan in the early hours of the morning through a semi active dream space to achieve guidance from my divine team. This mornings dream was no different than most and the guidance received was chock full of symbolic meanings.  The dream had one major point that lead me to seek advice from a very good friend, Diane a master Astrologer. 

At 6:30am this is the email I sent off to her:


Question for you:

I am on my trip burying crystals with the kids and last night I had a vivid dream where they “the guides” showed me the five crystals I brought and they were buried – to vanquish “fear” they put me up against a mirror and said you are the “KINGMAKER” this is your purpose- do you remember where this star came in my chart and what its meaning is?

Thank you!

To go into more detail the lucid dream had me and a group of people involved in an alien invasion, there was an alien that I was trying to catch that was straight out of “ALIEN” the movie. It had negative, bad energy and my astral guides came through to me and showed me that I needed to lay the selenite crystals I had brought in a circle on the ground and that this would trap the “bad” alien. Once this being was trapped the brought me the mirror and showed me a reflection of myself and through the mirror they stated that I am the KINGMAKER. This I only know from my encounters with Diane the Astrologer, she has talked to me about this star Regulus also known as the KINGMAKER and therefore when I awoke with this information I knew she was the one I needed to contact to get more clarity on my adventure and some of its more hidden details.

Diane’s response did not come until the final day of my trip on Friday, Sending the email released the questions and allowed me to become present to the adventure ahead. Day three began filled with information that was not ready to be processed, once the boys awoke I allow them to sucker me into a morning pool session before we crossed the boarder into Canada. Down to the pool by eight in the morning we had until eleven to swim and then check out. Bringing my books and computer I finally found the energy to begin documenting some of my adventure thus far. The boys ran off their steam and I was on a roll writing. 

10:15am Camden comes running around the pool slips on the tile and lands face down. Screams erupt and blood starts spilling. Running to Cam I pick him up and see he has slip his forehead open all the way down to the bone. Running for a towel I scream to Taylor to follow me and we run to the door which connects right into the lobby of the Holiday Inn where complimentary breakfast is being served. We get to the door, Camden still screaming and I yell to the woman at the desk. “I think we need an ambulance!” Walking briskly over she stands in front of us phone in hand wanting to see what happened before she makes the call. Darrel the only guest eating breakfast is sitting front row for the entire show. He stand up grabs a chair and throws it over the railing so that Camden can sit down while we organize ourselves into position in front of the desk attendant. 

Removing the towel from Camden's head both Darrel and Susan the woman grab their phones and start dialing. Darrel grabs the towel from me and begins applying pressure to Camden's head while Susan walks to the front desk awaiting the ambulance. I look at Taylor who has been completely quiet and tell him to stay by the door of the pool. Running down the ramp next to the pool I grab all of the clothes, toys, and bags we brought down and run back to Camden. Darrel is quietly talking to Cam who is still screaming things like, “I don’t want to die, It hurts and Ouch!” I look at Darrel and with our eyes I convey I can take back control of the towel. Feeling sorry and like I am inconveniencing Darrel and his free breakfast I want to do everything in my power to let him get back to normalcy. 

Two maybe five minutes at the most have passed and the ambulance and Susan are on their way over. There are four men with a stretcher a mix of fire department and EMT plus one police officer Weis. Being a minute from the Canadian boarder we had everyone on duty there immediately. Darrel on one side of the gate steps back I on the other step back to give way for the men to get to Camden. A fireman grabs me, looking at Darrel he gives me the node that its ok to leave Camden he will stay close. Stepping back the man takes me to a table on the other side of the gate and sits me down asking me questions. “How old is he?” 

“What, his age – um four, no five.”
“Did he stay conscious the whole time, does he seem normal right now?”

“I think??? He screamed the entire time – if that indicates consciousness ok?” “Normal?” I think to myself well he's pissed off I thought, so yes this is Camden when he's in pain, he doesn’t handle blood so well. “Yes, he's normal.”

We move through a refusal of an ambulance ride and Officer Weis assures me he will give me a police escort to the hospital to make sure we get their ok. The EMT wrap his head with a pretty serious bandage and then pack up. I ask Susan if its ok if we miss check out at eleven and she nodes saying do what you need to we will keep your room open. Standing next to Darrel the stranger who will never forget his holiday inn stay near the boarder, he looks at me and says. “maybe you want to take the boys and get some clothes so they are not wet outside?” Looking at Darrel I search his face for what he means. I can seem to think straight and am not sure I he is saying he will watch the boys while I run upstairs or if he wants me to take them upstairs. I wish he would just tell me what to do. Staring blankly I nod looking at Taylor and Camden then back at Darrel. “OK, thank you Darrel.”

Looking from Darrel to Susan I see Susan's neck is completely flush and Darrell's eyes are big. Officer Weis touches my shoulder snapping me back to the situation and says he will wait in the lobby for us to come down. How do I convey my sincerest thanks to Darrel, I have to go immediately, but I owe him my life. Finding his eyes one more time I look at him and say, “Thank you.” Still standing you can tell he is shaken, but feels satisfied with how things turned out. We make it to the room where Camden says again.

“Mommy, I don’t want to die.” This snaps me back into my body where I sit in front of him and try to find the words to assure him he is not dying that everything is ok and the ambulance wouldn’t have let us go if we were in trouble. “I didn’t want to go in the ambulance, they said you couldn’t go with me.” 

Gut wrenching, I never would have let them take you without me, ever! Back into the lobby officer Weis has a huge teddy bear the size of Camden and walks us to our van. Assisting Camden into his seat, he starts to put on cam’s seatbelt and Cam says I can do it. Well at least Cam is getting back to normal. We follow him to the Emergency Room which is only five minutes away. Pulling into the parking lot the officers car stops in the middle of the road, I pull into a handicap space not realizing what I had done. Officer Weis gets out and says I probably need to pick another spot and he will take Cam into the ER. Taylor and I have yet to speak to each other, stunned and disassociated from the events.

Moving into the hospital Officer Weis gets us situated and then leaves, again how do I express my fullest gratitude for his expert care over my family? I look at him in the eyes and say Thank you and he leaves.  None of this feels like enough to convey how deeply touched I am for all of these peoples care. Moving through the process of the ER Camden gets taken care of with a series of stitches and towards the end When the process was over I had to rest my head on the gurney, feeling nauseated and near fainting the emotion swelled into my body making me dizzy and feel like I was about to pass out. Images of Camden open wound started visually playing out in front of my eyes each time making me almost vomit. Sitting for the required time after treatment I needed this adjustment time to reacclimatize to what had just occurred.


Where did my body go? I was a shell, a void, I could make decisions. Without Darrel I am not sure what I could have accomplished. The amount of fear now present in my energetic field was intense, I continued to see, feel, and relive the slip and fall and the moments after the cracked head. Released from the ER we got into the car now ready to journey across the boarder and start our four hour drive to Manitoulin Island. Driving across the bridge from the US to Canada was interesting, until this point I had not actually realized I was going to be driving in a different country. Having detached from the journey I really didn’t give any thought to the experience once I set up accommodations. Having never driven into Canada before I realized that the new experience was one I couldn’t control and that I have improperly prepared for. Exiting the boarder I my navigation placed us onto a one way road. With no signs indicating this my heart began to race, how do they drive in Canada? Am I on the right side of the road? There was a car in the far lane, but nothing curb side. Oh my god, I didn’t prepare, what am I doing? Then the mileage is in meters and the speed limits are all in conversion I don’t know how to do in my head. 

The fear is back, I am so scared now I start questioning the people in this city I just emerged into. The town wasn’t clean and there were many people walking the streets. The fear was choking me, what did I get myself into. Finding our way to a shopping center I pulled off and had to recollect myself. This is Canada, these are probably the nicest people in the world, what am I doing? Why am I so scared? What is going on with me? 

Finally finding the highway that I was going to be on for three hours the fear settled down and allowed me space to relax into the drive contemplating what was happening to me. Recognizingthat this trip was going to be steeped in Fear and that apparently I was being called to face fears I held that I didn’t realize I was holding I started widening the perspective of what was happening. First physical fear, then a complete drain from the isolation yesterday and the emotions with Camden today. What so this trip is going to be about releasing or confronting the fears still held in my physical, emotional and mental body? And there it was, that was the purpose. Three selenite points, three dark parks, this was never about the northern lights this was about the search for the light from the journey through the dark. Thinking about Uriel and the Fire planet, I realize the first time I meet Uriel it was through a shamanic journey which is all about facing that which resides in the dark. Uriel and my connection to the frozen body on the planet of Fire is about soul retrieval, finding the soul wisdom so that you can create and walk the soul path. Here I thought this adventure was going to be about bringing in the healing energy from the norther lights and I had it backwards. I am the light, my journey is the light, but its letting go of the perceived darkness, the shadow, the shade that blocks us from seeing that it is all light. So this I understand, and now knowing what I am up against I can move forward ready to acknowledge and confront where I still hold the fear that is blocking me for the completely illuminated path.

Manitoulin Gordon’s Dark Park

Making our way onto the island was easy, the road was straight and clear and the weather was actually approaching fifty degrees. The island was shut down, again not in season there was a running theme of isolation here, meaning this was my journey and just like a good shamanic quest it had to be done in isolation to confront the demons. Thankfully I had my two consistent companions to help guide the presence and reality of what it was I needed to experience. Day three we checked in to the hotel and found the one open pizza joint. Played some card games got ice cream at the same pizza place then hit the road at 7:30 trying to make the next norther light show. Still hoping to see the lights and bury the next crystal we headed thirty minutes away from our hotel to Headlands International Dark Park. 

Finding the park the first gate we drive past states it is closed for the season, what a bummer. Driving past the park hoping to find some other gazing point we find another entrance. Pulling in this spot seems like a campground and home. We pull through and park, starting to get out of the car another red car pulls in directly behind us. 

“Can I help you a woman’s voice yells?”

“Hi.” Walking over to her car Camden runs up and says are you here for the Dark Park?

“This is closed right now.” She says back looking at me.

“Oh yes, I saw that we tried to schedule here but found that out too, we traveled from Ohio. Since we were here we were hoping to take a look to see what it was all about for next time we are here. Do you think that would be ok?”

“I am their neighbor and the owners are gone for the season, I was just dropping off some soup to my mom but I can get out for a minute and show you around.”

Not expecting this I take it as a sign that maybe there is something I am missing. The kind woman walks us around for five minutes and explains all of the wonderful things this camp ground does along with another neighbor to her other side. Exchanging pleasantries we part and both leave the Headlands Dark Sky Park. Not having a chance to bury our crystal I wonder where the energy is supposed to go on this island. Fifteen minutes down the road is the southern point where a fairy picks people up during the season to take them towards Toronto. Not feeling right we decide to head back towards our hotel. There was a sign that caught my attention on the drive out that said 10 mile point lookout. Not remembering where this was on the drive we proceeded back the way we came with our eyes on the lookout. Nearing eight thirty and increasingly getting darker we finally find the sought out area. Arriving we come across locked gates preventing cars from entering the area, like everywhere else. This time it didn’t stop us. Parking the car outside of the gates we walked in a hundred feet or so found a wonderfully gnarled spiraling tree indicating good vortex energy and found a soft spot in the ground to bury our selenite point. 

Looking out onto Lake Huron this spot seemed divine perfection for what I had come to understand about this journey so far. Looking at Camden and Taylor I handed off the crystal for good intention and we took turns digging. Deciding to place the crystal point down we decided that we needed help bringing the unseen intangible emotional energy into physicality making it more relatable and human. Placing the fairy stone and Tibetan Tektite also into the burial ground, I think about everything experienced dealing with the emotional energy of fear and let it all go. Performing our spinning vortex dance we moved every which way across the lookout point seeding our intention to help transmute this emotional energy of fear and joyfully laughed all the way back to the car.

Day four the journey was going to take four hours and our destination was Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve. The seamless journey felt like. Coming to understand how this process was unfolding I was assured at the pace and progress we had made. Driving around lake Huron towards Torrance Barrens we drove through many rock formations. The drive is beautiful, peaceful and serene. Every time we passed through a large rock formation we would see small piles of rocks left in stacked designs along the cliffs. Seeing all of the native culture shops, town names and outposts along our journey I had again not researched our path much and was not familiar with the areas heritage. Living the experience now I can see how the shamanic influences of this journey are becoming ever more present. This entire area is rich in the Iroquois culture and these piles of stones are called InukshukIt. Traditionally they were used by the Inuit for communication and survival, now they represent “You are on the right path”, “Someone was here.” Driving past each and every one of these tiny monuments you can feel the energy of the landscape and the collective experiences of those who have journeyed this path before. The combined energy and unity creates a feeling of harmony and peace from brother to brother which solidifies the message of release during this journey.

Arriving in the city of Bala heading towards Torrance Barrens, I am greeted by a large sign right after exiting off the freeway. A carved Raven with the message Seven Generations fly with you presents itself for my review. Having seen many ravens fly along with us on this journey I smile knowing that my Brother Raven from the Half Animal Half Human planet is still with me along for the ride, watching and guiding our path.  This leg of the journey we have planned to sleep in the back of our car hoping to see the Norther Lights. Arriving at the park around five at night, it was still bright out. The towns were sleepy and like everything else closed for the season. Not one car passed us as we navigated our way through winding back roads to get to the dark sky park. Once we settled in and picked a nicely tucked away spot on top of the flat rocks of Torrance Barrens we went out exploring the area. Once covered by a glacier the area is still surrounded by water and the now flat rocks provide many interesting places to perch and watch the sky. Walking around we pick a large flat rock anchored in by a massive tree and set up our picnic dinner. 


Deciding this is the perfect place to bury our crystal we follow our now routine steps and perform our dance imbedding the crystal and all the wonderful energy into the ground. The night sky turns dark and we retreat into our car. Playing card games in the back until there is no more light to see with we begin our slow decent into sleep. As soon as our heads hit the pillows we begin seeing white lights and hearing car doors open and close. Intrigued by the movement we had not expected to see anyone else. The trip thus far had been completely isolated not a soul ever really crossing our path. So here at this final spot we were shocked to see life moving around us. One car filled with explorers, exit with their flash lights starting their own journey. Then another and then another. Startled I have to explain to the boys what is happening, they like me were completely surprised by this new energy. After multiple cars pulling in and out, some parking and staying the night, doors and lights constantly in flux moving all around the inner space of our car the boys finally find their peace. 

Trying to surrender to this new energy and find my sleep, I recognize the familiar feelings begin to swell within me. The fear is back and it is more active than it has ever been. Having not expected to share this spot with anyone I am on heightened alert, watching and analyzing all of the movement and energy going on around me. Trying to let go of the fear and giving up the control of the situation I continue to talk to my guides and angles stating that I want to sleep and if I need to get up to notify me so that I can. Unfortunately I found no rest, the constant thoughts of my mind would not subside. Questioning the people, safety, and experience I was alerted to every sound, and every light that came through our protective car barrier. Rising up on bent knees I continued to look at the new comer’s wondering who they were and what their intentions were. A car pulled right in front of ours and filled the air with more than ten new voices, my mind reeled at thoughts of young hoodlum kids getting ready to drink and do drugs under the stars. Peering out through the front window I see it is older Asian men with binoculars and cameras ready for the full astronomical experience. Ashamed at myself and my mind for conjuring up such displacing thoughts I lie down once again. Repeating mantras over and over I try to let go of the mental games that are playing with my divine connection in this space and can’t find any relief. Moving from fears over the children’s safety to my own discomfort I am riddled with fear. Knowing full well this is just another test I cant get out of my own head. I am trapped within my mind and early into the morning I realize the journey will not conclude with this night. I realize that I have not let go and that my lesson of release has not been achieved. Defeated by this mental game I crawl over the boys and turn the car on heating up the windows trying to dissolve all of the internal fog created by the three breathing bodies. 

Three in the morning, and its time to go. The last day of this adventure we were going to Toronto to see Niagara Falls but more so check into Great Wolf Lodge for the boys to have a fun water park experience before we head home. Counting the time if I leave now we will get in around six in the morning. Check in not being until one in the afternoon, I figure we can find something to do that will hold the boys interest and hit the road. Driving through the back roads it takes an hour of bumpy roads before we find the freeway. The sky is pitch black, and all I want is to see the Norther Lights. Knowing this was not the purpose of my journey I tell the guides that if they just let me see the lights I promise I wont write about it. Knowing full well the lights were not the journey. To no avail, the path is pitch black the stars are out and no painted lights in the sky. Finding the freeway I fall into the flow of traffic and question my experience at Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Park.

Putting my fear aside by way of deep breaths I allow my perspective to find its way back into the cab of the Honda Odyssey Van where the two happy boys currently rest. As perspective over the situation grows I begin to realize that last night I went through a purging. Everything about my experience reminded me ofmy trip to Peru this time last year where during an Ayahuasca experience my body went through stages of purging. Never physically but emotionally, mentally and for the entire collective. The pain my body felt was akin to what I was feeling during the night at the dark sky park. The level of severity was much less than my Peru experience but the intensity, frustration and physical sensations were all the same. Having never actually thrown up during the Ayahuasca experience my stomach would move through sensations hard to verbally describe, and last night was the same. My body ached in very specific way as it did last night. I remember the voice of Gaia coming through and speaking to me at the break of dawn after my first night on Ayahuasca in Peru during this final release she said when you are in pain you are not in the flow, if you are feeling the pain you are not completely in the flow of divine. As the voice rings through my mind reminding me of the Peru experience the freeway becomes oddly colored. At first I am drawn to the color of the reflective street lines and tags on the barriers between the north and south bound traffic. Instead of the white and yellow reflection the color turns orange. The orange is like a fiery red orange and I search for what is creating this new color. Looking for the source of the light change I can find nothing and wonder if this freeway used this orange color instead of the white for this portion of the street I am driving. As my focus attaches to this new color change the totality of my journey comes flying into perspective. I actually feel like I am descending into the gates of Hell or the Fire planet. As if the freeway had changed to open like a gateway for my shamanic descent into the fire planet. This matched with my purging from the previous night all come slamming into my physicality together confirming my shamanic experience thought the underworld of fear, and that I had physically, emotionally, and mentally purged for myself, for my family, for the collective. 


This realization did not lessen what I was experiencing. The gravity of what I had experience still sat atop my shoulders heavier than ever. The clock says six thirty and we are making our way down Niagara street pulling into the falls parking lot which is open and not charging admittance because of the early hour. Camden is awake and Taylor is still asleep. Moving to the back of the car I pop the trunk and allow the gushing mist to flood over the boys. We wait for the sun to come up jump out and snap some pictures. Driving up the road a bit further we find a pull off that has a walkable island where waters from Niagara come pouring in. Playing around we find the perfect spot where the falls water comes rushing in directly under two beautifully intertwined trees. The boys and I perform our final ceremony and I chuck the selenite rod into the water. Hoping for this to release the frustration I was still carrying from the journey I was only lightly lifted by the release of the stone. More work to be done, I hear in my head as I try to ground into the energy of the falls.

Finishing our journey at the water park the boys are happy little clams and I am also happy, but curious as to what to do with this newly acquired energy. These five cords of connection journeys to my frozen bodies were supposed to take me to the end of 2017, but recently the timeline got moved up. Traveling to Mount Shasta California in two weeks from now I am intrigued at what energy might be needing to come through. Leaving the great wolf lodge I have three and a half more hours to contemplate the adventure and resolve some of the missing information. As we make our way towards the bridge separating Toronto and New York I read Welcome to the Rainbow Bride and laugh out loud a deep crazy laugh. 

“Really” I say looking skyward.

The five frozen bodies and cords connecting me to these bodies and experiences have been established but this years 2017 crystal burying journey is coming through piece by piece. Starting in Sedona I didn’t know unit I was there what or why I had been called. Once complete I knew that Sedona was the start of my five final planetary adventures. Sedona was a connection to the Half Animal Half Human planet and I learned about my guides being present in my life and to watch them for the signs of where I needed to be and what I needed to be doing. Shortly after returning home, Uriel came through from The Fire Planet and told me he would meet me on my trip to see the Norther Lights, when he came through he showed me the dance I needed to perform when establishing the vortex energy connected to each crystal. Now leaving Canada I journey across the rainbow bridge the only sign that could directly connect me to the energy of Jesus and the Planet of Peace and Connection. In two weeks I travel to Mount Shasta where I now know I will connect with the energy of my frozen body from this planet. As I understand this connection a truck pulls in front of me with the word JESUS carved into the dirt on its back side, then a few miles later we cross the PEACE bridge into Buffalo. Oh how beautiful this world can be when your ready for the signs.


Master Trip 33


DISCLAIMER :: Don't Read with EGO there is NO EDITING!!! Straight thoughts from before/during/after trip

Day 1 – Sedona

The day is schedule to start at 10:30am and end at 1:30pm. Akal my local tour guide picks me up from Sedona Rouge hotel only a few minutes after 10:30am. The three following hours consist of a guided tour of the local vortex sights. Akal is a seasoned guide and quite eccentric in his Sedona flare; cowboy hat, dirty jeans and overstuffed backpack. He shows up curb side in an old green truck ready to go exploring with a new Sedona tourist. 


Akal has done spiritual vortex tours for longer than I have had a driver’s license. He knows his way through all of the round abuts scattered across the 89 and 179 while still holding an impressive conversation. Akal starts our day off at the Chapel of the Holy Cross. After a quick hike up an impressive ramp built into and out of the weaving red rock stones of Sedona we reach the narrow plateau where the church sits atop a grand viewing point. Pausing outside of the entrance of the building Akal explains some of the different spiritual masters who helped to create different systems of understanding the energy surrounding Sedona. Standing at the entryway to the church, Akal points towards the left of the church. This is Courthouse Rock (next to bell rock) he explains one of the overlay lay line theories that connects some of the major vortex sights. Courthouse is the masculine it symbolizes the root charka. Now pointing off towards the right he shows me Twin Buttes which symbolizes the sacral chakra. Akal continues on with his lesson and explains more of the vortex sights and their meanings. I conintue to ask him to show me again where the root chakra is and the sacral along with the other. Akal tries to remind me that this is just one version of the energy grid here in Sedona, yet I won’t listen. My entire spiritual life has been cultivated around the teachings of the chakras I try to explain which means this is how I am going to be able to digest this energetic place. Half way through day one Akal begins to understand.

Day one continued with a trip to Bell Rock where we were closer than before to Courthouse which held a wonderfully strong energy for me. After the track up Bellrock where I didn’t feel much energy, but strongly connected to its neighbor Courthouse, Akal began to understand where my heart was anchored. He shifted plans our remaining plans and drove onto Rachael’s Knoll. This represents the third eye chakra on this energetic line and it was here where my first experience happened. 

Bringing too many expectations along with me on this journey it didn’t take me long to realize my hoped for experience was not going to happen. Being a clairvoyant, intuitive, astral traveler and more, I expected sitting in a vortex would shift my visual world with eyes open. As a clairvoyant I typically close my eyes to see symbolic imagery that connects me into understanding I wish to know. Coming to Arizona, I had high expectations that sitting in this powerful energy woud dissolve the remaining vail over my eyes an allow me to see into the fifth dimensional astral world surrounding us, so when my experience on Bellrock turned up less than ordinary I was supprised and a bit let down. On our drive I recognized that a guided brief tour was not going to be enough time to truly sit in the energy so I let my expectations go and began to enjoy the companionship of Akal and his stories and decided that deep unearthing meditative journeys could come after the guided tour on my own private adventures.


Sitting shot gun in the green truck we pulled up to a ritzy golf resort. This is the enterence for Rachales Knoll. Akal, handed over the customary three dollars and we were granted access to ride the singular road up the side of winding well manicured path towards the viewing point above. After a few minutes into the gate I stop Akal from talking and point towards his window. Looking at me he turns his head to see what I am pointing at. Three fully grown deer stood just outside the care on the greens. Akal stops everything and says, “Three Deer! What a sign.” Pulling out his Animal Speak book from between the center council and his seat he flips open to page 262 where he reads out loud the entire passage about deer.

“When deer show up in your life it is time to be gentle with yourself and others. A new innocence and freshness is about to be awakened or born. There is going to be a gentle, enticing lure of new adventure. Ask yourself important questions. Are you trying to force things? Are others? Are you being too critical and uncaring of yourself? When deer show up there is an opportunity to express gentle love that will open new doors to adventure for you.” – Animal Speak, Ted Andrews

I hear the words Akal is speaking and realize the obvious meaning as it applies to my current journey. Deciding to let go and let in what I need for this adventure I acknowledge the wisdom of the deer and allow the journey to continue. As we progress up the side of the hill Akal tells me that we just saw one of three indigenous animals to Sedona, the deer, the coyote and the javelin (boar).  Arriving at the top of Rachale’s Knoll we sit atop the large red rock hill and Akal does a ceremonial smudging of my body before we make our way down a footpath towards two cliff like overhangs. Showing me to the first of the two spots, Akal suggests that I sit for just a few moments until I feel energetically full then once that is complete to sit on the other spot where there is a direct view of the crown chakra and suggests that this is where many who don’t see get downloaded with purpose and imagery regarding their spiritual journey.

Being someone who can connect quickly all I must do is close my eyes and I can be taken on an out of body adventure. First I charged my body up and then I set on the spot to receive my guidance. I had my usual encounters, my body when through a series of energetic clicks, my spin shifted and aligned and I felt a great energy within me perform a type of suturing up of my energetic field. My experience was done only when I heard the loud barking call of a Raven overhead. Opening my eyes I saw the magnificiant bird flying freely overhead swirving and diving playfully dancing on the air. Confirm that this was a Raven, Akal shook his head in agreement and said, the animals sure are coming out to comuniate with you today.


We concluded our adventure with a drop off at my hotel and a corgil, until tomorrow. Wanting to explore a bit on my own, I jumped right into my rental car and drove back to the Chapel of the Holly Cross. Akal had told me about a foot path that was about 40-minutes in and 40-minutes out that got you as close to Courthouse as one could go. Having the strongest connection with Courthouse thus far and it also symbolically representing the root chakra I decided this was the place I should go for me first solo journey. It was around two pm when I arrived and the signs all indicated that the parkinglot would close at five. Setting my phone timer I didn’t want to get swept up in the adventure and forget to trun back. I had all baslines checked off and was ready to explore the landscape for myself. 

With a new found sense of expectation I had already forgotten the messages of the deer and sought out a friendly spot along the hike that had high energetic potential to see with my eyes open all of the divine energy surrounding me and this place. Akal had taught me to look for spiraling Juniper trees which would indicate the vortex energy, so I walked the trampled path up and down sitting in different spots along the way. My journey took me through terrain that was not clearly marked as a path.  Mostly a narrowly imprinted path sometimes turning onto a long flat rock, sometimes ascending or descending a series of chipped rocks that formed a type of stairway, there always seemed to be multipul ways to go. I kept walking until I reached the second of two large ceremony like spaces. This second spot I found has one large flat rock that you had to clim up to lay upon. Feeling like it was time to get down on my back and stare into the sky I did just that. Allowing my mind to wonder, I feel into a deep trance like sleep where time itself seemed to freeze. Staring at the loomin rock face above I allowed the designes buried within to present themselves in unusual ways. Getting almost too deep into a relaxed meditative state I decided it was probably best if I start the journey back. Having no grand “vortex” experience just my normal meditative involvement I jumped down off the rock and started the journey back. 


Each step taken in the direction of my car and the church seemed to be in juxtaposition to where I had been, where I was going, where I needed to be, and where I thought I was. Every step I took after I climbed off the rock seem to be both a second and millennia long. The path I took to get in to this place seemed to go from light salmon colored sand closest to the car and turned into a deep red colored clay which is where I finally eneded up at the final rock. Now walking back the dirt under my feet goes from dark red to white, to salmon to burnt siena. The hues are messing with my mind and my understanding of where i am. At one point I looked up and saw the church in front of me and the next I was back at the flat rock, it was as if I was jumping forward and backward through time by using my mind. When I would think about the flat rock and how far away it was from the church I would go back when I thought about my car and the light sand I would move forward. Every thought brought me closer or further away from my destination. Once I realized I was stuck in this time loop I lost my way. I took a path that was an extnetion of the path I was on. Watching the color variances in the path beneath my feet I noticed an interesting track that I had not seen before. It looked like a deer hoove but smaller. I follow this track as it seemed to be accompanied by a tennishoe mark to its side. Following the tracks deeper and deeper into the rock filled landscape I completely loose trace of the church, my head lifts up and I see a barbed wire fence with a big X and a sign that says no trespassing. My heart begins to beat out of my chest as I realize I am lost. Looking around I cant see where I am within the landscape and realize I have no cellular service to see where the church is. Looking down I realize my only chance at finding my way out is to follow the tracks that brought me here in the first palce. 

Backtracking as fast as I can I am startled to hear shuffeling in the bushes surrounding me to the left and right of my path. Stopping abruptly I see a Javelina run across my path. Now terrified, I take a step ahead and hear squellles erupt from either side of the path. The Javelina claw at the dirt shuffeling around in what I can only assume to be some predator escape plan. As they create distractions on either side of the path I run quickly down the gully where they were and up the side of the hill opposite where I was. Twisting my ankle I get caught by a rock as one more Javelina runs across the path at my back. Heart racing I come up to the ceremony sigh where I realize I might have taken a wrong route. Moving quickly now I rush up a path I pray will get me back to the parking lot in front of the church. 

Finally creasting a ridge that gave visual confirmation of the church I sit in a moment of relief that my adventure was over. What happened after I had lied down on that rock? All sense of time and space had left me. I felt as if I could move forward and back on my timeline placing myself I experiences I had previously been and not yet achieved. When time and space became to playful I lost my way and meet the Javelina who disturbed my route enough to force me onto a path that connected to my present.

Now sitting in my car outside the gated entrance of the path, I feel my heart pounding against my chest and wonder what the meaning of this encounter could be. I question reality and feel as if I have been removed from the part of the world that is quantifiable. With no clear answer I begin driving white knuckled back to my hotel. I see and hear things that lead me to question if I have done this all before, if I have been here before, if I have experienced this before. My reality has been shaken quite dramatically and I am left with only questions which back at the hotel only became more muddled. Lying in bed tying to relax and find some meaning in the experience I click on the TV trying to drone out the onslaught of questions probing my mind. Commercials begin to play and seem to last for hours, or repeat over and over front to back and back to front. I seem to know all of the local personalities advertising law offices, insurance and news stories yet I have never been here before or tuned into the TV... Layering hour on top of hour there is never a show only the local commercials repeating and stretching making my mind nearly go insane. What is happening and PLEASE let sleep find me.

Day 2.


Akal picks me up from my hotel and asks how my night went. In short I explain my encounter with the Javolina and Akal is amazed. How rare he says. Althoguht there is excitement in starting our day my foundation is still a bit rocked as I am not sure what exactly I am here to do or achieve. I started this journey to finish writing a book about out of body experiences. The book is done and just needs minor edits yet after a day of being here I cant seem to do one edit or read for more than five minutes its words without being turned away. This on top of my expectations over the vortexes and my world shattering Javolina experience I am at a place where the reality I held is no longer supporting me. 

Akal take us to Airport mesa where we harmonize the solar plexus chakra and then proceeds onto the Stupa. The stupa is where we are going to do a medicine wheel ceremony before our day is complete. Arriving at the Tibetian stupa I am greeted with a wall of energy surrounding the two story stupa. There is intense amounts of energy scattered along this landscape and this exictes me for what is to come. Walking past the stupa we arrive at a stone lied medicin wheel. Akal does a smudging for me hands over blue cornmeal and beats a drum while I walk the circle imbuing prayer, intention or clearning. As akal says theres no wrong way to do this, whatever you feel coming up. 


Walking in through the East I am immediately greeted by an image of the Javolina. Having some shamanic knowledge I acknowledge that the animal is coming into the wheel to lend its energy to my experience. Smiling I walk towards the south node and see a vision of the three deer who greeted me the day prior at Rachales knoll. Following the circle my eyes open and take in the maginficint view of chiminey rock directly overhead. Moving towards the north I see Raven fly down with my minds eye and he takes the book I came here to work on out of my mental center and flys it into the universe telling me, we will take care of this. Asking what Raven means by this, I see golden cords connect to the book and I know that Raven is showing me there is nothing to worry about that the universe will handle the details I came to Sedona worrying about. I allow this thought to leave my mental center and contimue to walk the circle a few times prior to finalizing the ceremony with Akal.

Finding peace over some of this journey I return to my hotel and decide if I wake up early enough I would like to go to the stupa once again to mediate more deeply connecting with Raven once again.

Day 3.


Walking up at 6am I find my body is relaxed enough to prolong my bed stay until 7am. Not able to lie in bed one more minute I get up and decide to head to the stupa for a good morning meditation. Arriving around 7:15am there is only one other car at the gate. I grab my journal and head inside. Walking past the large stupa structure I make my way up the path to the medicin wheel circle. Sitting adjacent to the circle is a pile or large red rocks, tucked at its base is a wooden stool which looks perfect for a morning meditation. Sitting down I realize this stool has been placed perfectly enough so that the occupant can see the wheel and Chimney Rock in one line. Smiling internally I perform a series of steps to quiet my mind and call in Raven. 


Raven takes me on a glorious journey answering all of my burning questions. After thirty minutes or so of flying with Raven I feel feather and wind move around my head and back body. The sensation felt just like Akla’s smudging, but this journey Akla was not with me. Hearing the beats of wings all around I decided to open my eyes and leave the meditation. Once open I saw a few of the small culprets zoom past my head and into a bush sitting directly in front of me. Enjoying the tiny birds playfulness I catch glimps of movement off to the left. From a bush sitting behind the south node of the medicin wheel comes prancing a coyote. Sitting far enough away I watch him and yet he never sees me. He hops the small stone wall and prances right through the East node of the wheel. Surprised in the moment by subconsciously not surprised at all I laugh to myself at the sheer luck of my journey. Mostly I was excited to tell Akal who had been an active part of this entire adventure, but mostly I was beginning to see how the energetic landscape of Sedona was coming through for me.


Leaving the stupa, I had my last visit with Akal at his home where he was performing a sound healing for me. Akal is a master musician and had some of the most rare and unique gongs, symbols, drums and other instruments one could hope to have used during a sound healing session. Walking to the back of his house we move inside his teepee where the insturments are set up. I am instructed to lie down upon a layered assortment of mats and blankets. Akal grounds me and the session and then begins. Vision after vision takes place and I see how each of the animals and their energy has come forth to guide my energetic experience in Sedona. I am renewed by the understanding that expectation of our spiritual process with be the first thing to block our experience. We must remain open to energy in all forms not just how we expect it to show up. The animals paint a picture for me of their vortexes and educated me to leave crystals in each of the spots where they were each seen. They assure me through this sound journey that this will create a cord of resonance and connection for not only me but others to this amazing energy. They show me how this is but one experience I will have and document to show how the world energy is connection to each of us. The connect lines of energy from my home in Ohio to that of Sedona, Mount. Shasta, Alaska, and Arkansas. I am not sure what the rest of this journey will bring, but know that I am being called to each of these spots as energy centes to discover deeper parts of the tapestry I am weaving.

The sound healing completed and Akal and I gave a fond farwell. This signaled the guided part of my tour but for full completion I knew each of the vortex sights that held animal energy called once again for my attention. Stopping at my hotel room I grabbed a bag of special crystals I brought to Arizona. Taking a look there was, amythist, tibetian tiktake, copper, azumar, and violet flame opal. Each connected immediately to an animal and a vortex spot. Grabbing out my phone I google mapped each location previously visited where each animal came through. Hurrying around town up and down the 87 and 179 I found my way to each, finding spots to imbed each crystal creating an energetic link to the animal, the vortex, the energy, Sedona and me. Not fully understanding the full breath of this experiment I hear the animals call and obliged.

Cathedrial of the Holly Cross – Javolina – Violet Flame Opal

Rachales Knoll – Deer – Copper


Rachales Knoll – Raven – Amythist

Stupa, Medicin Wheel – Coyote – Azumar

The one not spoken outloud is the Tibetian Tiktake which I was told connected to beings from Orians Belt. I saw an image of Airport Mesa attached to this stone and also went to that spot to bury this stone within a curving juniper tree. Each stone is secured, connected to a vortex sight and an animal spirit energy.







What we are trying to achieve:

  1. Manifesting Intention with Grid Layout best suited to needs
  2. Using crystals, grids, and dowsing to manifest in 3D desired result

Why this works:

  1. Radionics Background –
    1. Intention alone (mental field) can be hard to focus, train, manifest
    2. Definition…
    3. Radionics made us aware it’s not so much the machine it’s the vessel focusing the intention
  2. Radionics -> Photonics -> Quantum Entanglement
    1. Photonics Definition…
    2. Using photos – Study of Crops that diminished Pests through Photonic work 
    3. Quantum Entanglement Definition…
  3. Set Intention for work
    1. Dowsing – Clearing field through intention and becoming clear
    2. Crystals – grounding frequency into grid
    3. Dimensions - 3D to 2D the sacred geometry of the grid – the KEY!


Radionics- google: creativespirit.net/lerners/AUCulminatingProjects/CP-Cox.pdg

(1.B) RADIONICS DEFINED: A system of alternative medicine based on the belief that detectable electromagnetic radiation emitted by living matter can be interpreted diagnostically and transmitted to treat illness at a distance by complex electrical instruments.

(2.A) PHOTONICS: Is an area of study that involves the use of radiant energy (such as light), whose fundamental element is the photon. Photon is a particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. A photon carries energy proportional to the radiation frequency but has zero rest mass.

(2.C) Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance—instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole.

(3.A) Pendulum Dowsinghttps://lettertorobin.wordpress.com

(3.B) Quartz - These crystals are able to transduce the electromagnetic energy of the radio signal back into sound waves which are audible to the listener. Crystal radios do not need a battery or other power source, because they are able to draw energy from the radio waves being transmitted through the atmosphere. The crystal radio is simply a tuned circuit designed to resonate at the frequencies of the AM radio band. - Humans using crystals are said to attune to their energy receiving their impulses then they use this guidance to perform different intuitive and energetic modalities.

These examples demonstrate that certain crystals can act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energies. With this principle in mind, it is not too great a leap to imagine that they may be capable of transforming and or amplifying other forms of energy which have not yet been detected by scientific instruments. It may also be true that the human body and or human consciousness is capable of detecting, or "feeling," these energies, especially when one is in touch with the appropriate crystal.

Biophysics are now suggesting that the physical bodies of human beings and other organisms are liquid crystals. A liquid crystal is defined as a liquid whose component particles, atoms, or molecules, tend to arrange themselves with a degree of order far exceeding that found in ordinary liquids and approaching that of solid crystals. Biophysicist Mae-Wan Ho writes: "Organisms are so dynamically coherent at the molecular level that they appear to be crystalline...There is a dynamic, liquid crystalline continuum of connective tissues and extracellular matrix linking directly into the equally liquid crystalline cytoplasm in the interior of every single cell in the body. Liquid crystallinity gives organisms their characteristic flexibility, exquisite sensitivity and responsiveness, thus optimizing the rapid noiseless intercommunication that enables the organism to function as a coherent, coordinated whole..."

Quartz is a piezoelectric material, which means that if you mechanically deform it, it develops charges on its surface. Similarly, if you place charges on its surface, it causes mechanical stress in the crystal. The way a quartz crystal benefits a circuit is that mechanically the crystal acts much like a tuning fork, with a natural resonant frequency, and the piezoelectric property allows that to be coupled into an electronic circuit. Since the resonant frequency is mainly determined by the physical size and shape of the quartz, you get a frequency reference that is much less sensitive to temperature than you would get using just LC circuits.

Piezoelectric Effect is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. The word Piezoelectric is derived from the Greek piezein, which means to squeeze or press, and piezo, which is Greek for “push”.

(3.C) DIMENSIONS: Are there really invisible dimensions, all around us? Surprising, we already know a lot about the crazy idea of dimensions, enough to vastly enrich our lives. What simple stuff do we know? For starters, a dot belongs to the first dimension, whereas a line links to the realm of two dimensions. Width, heath and length create the third dimension. We add the energy of time and whala!

3D -> 2D Why should we even care about dimensions? If we were the dot, we would have access to the information contained within the dot. If we were the line, we would make decisions based on the ‘line information’, and so on. But notice that more information is contained in higher dimensions. The small dot is a small part of a 2D line. Many lines are contained in the 3D world. We can create designs with 2D lines and make a 3D paper house. We are using limited information from one dimension to enter a higher one. Likewise, in ancient times medicine men used meditative techniques and brain entrainment processes to allow their thoughts and emotions to go to other dimensions and retrieve information.

Energy flows through dimensions, both ways. We can go to a higher dimension and retrieve information like our ancestors did. We can also go to other dimensions and leave information. Why would we do this? Back to our simple example. The dot is part of a line, like a finger is a part of your body. Do you care about your finger?  Yes, the safety and well-being of your fingers is important to you. The reverse is true as well. If the body dies, is the finger impacted? Do the energies within one dimension affect the other? Of course!

Because of these points and more it is time for those looking to channel their intuitive skills into crystal gridding. Whether you do this on photos of people for healingpurposes, grid the Earth for transmutation and balance or use boards deconstructing the 3D world around us to plant and seed our hearts desires. When the call to action is received its time to act. Draw your grid and begin your work.

Stone Placement Chart

This chart is meant to be used when dowsing for the placement of stones. Any chart can be constructed to assist one in their dowsing practice.

Always start with Clearing yourself and your field of any distractions and say your prayers or call in your divine team for guidance and support.

Connect yourself to high self and become a clear and natural channel for spirit and the divine work you intend to do.

Check to make sure your EGO is at 0% on the chart by dowsing and that your field is clear and it is ok to work on yourself or another.

Once the GREEN light to go is on start your dowsing. Bring your stone allies out and get your grid ready. Connect through the heart to whomever you are working with and begin.

Numbers along the top can be used as percentages for accuracy as well as indicators of number of stones or help answering other questions.

1- Clearing/Purifying - when the dowsing signals this ray it is signaling your stones have been placed in a specific spot to clear or purify in the area they are resting. Once a stone is placed you may ask what the purpose of its position is and the pendulum may move here.

2- Downloading/Manifesting - when the dowsing signals this ray it is signaling your stones have been placed in a specific spot to download or manifest in the area they are resting. Once a stone is placed you may ask what the purpose of its position is and the pendulum may move here.

3- Place Stone - indicates it is time to place a stone on the board

4- Remove Stone - indicates it is time to remove a stone from the board

5- Adjust Stone Placement - Energy is constantly changing along with the energy and intention of the person working the grid therefore 1/2 way through stone placement your pendulum might move to this ray indicating a stone needs to be adjusted on the board to better connect with the energy coming through.

6- Repeat Stone Different Spot - This indicates that the stone that was just placed needs to be used again in a different location.

7- New Stone Same Spot - This indicates it is time to select a new stone and place it in the same spot (sometimes layered) one on top of the other.

8- New Stone New Spot - This means it is time to select a new stone and dowse a new location to place it.

9- Energy Changed Re-Check Stones - This means that the energy has shifted while working and each stone needs to be checked using the % scale before you continue.

10- Shift Stones on Lines - This indicates that a stone recently placed needs to be moved onto a line for better connection to the grid and other stones.

11- Connect with Stone Before Placement - This indicates you need to take the stone being placed into a quite meditation to connect deeper to its energy or hear its specific message before placement. Stones carry a collective consciousness meaning all rose quartz heals with loving energy all bumble bee jasper helps balance a solar plexus chakra, but sometimes stones have a hidden subtle message that need to be connect to personally to bring out.

12- Charge Grid/Lunar Cycle - This indicates that the grid and stones need to be placed out during one of the lunar phases of the moon for better connection. Find the lunar phase most connected to your work and charge the stones and grid during the most potent night for the corresponding cycle.

13- Board Done - Will indicate your stone placement and work is done. Even after a lunar cycle stones may still need to be added or changed so continue to add stones until Board Done is received. *When this is signaled also check how long the stones need to sit on the board before you check the chart again. Ask for the number & if that is days/weeks/months...

14- Interference/Ground - This may trigger if there is interference happening with your work. When received reground and clear your connection to high self and spirit. Restate your intention and ask what % you are clear to work? Unless you hit a 0% do not continue to work. You may need to stop for some time and re-visit the board at a later date. 







Part 4 - Creating Trust


The Circle of Light:

Establishing trust in your practice can be as simples or difficult as you like. When connecting to your guides through the process of meditation it is recommended that you first set up a series of guidelines on how you intend to connect and receive information. To begin you will need to ground yourself and set the intention for your practice. During this specific meditation your intention would be simply enough to establish guidelines between you and your guides, further stating that you are creating a process that will establish trust and accuracy while in meditation and while moving about your normal waking life. Once out of the grounding phase select a visual image somewhere in nature and visit this place known to you through your mind’s eye. This meeting place can be somewhere familiar or unfamiliar, but it will be of your creation. Consider this place in nature to your sacred space, a space created to perform this work with your guides. This will be a place where you can set up necessary parameters for your meditative work. This place can and most likely will change once you have a better connection, but for now any comfortable place will do. Call out to your guide by name, three different times, to insure the connection is strong and then request that they meet you here in this natural setting that you have created. Once you see, sense, feel or know the energy of your guide has arrived ask that your guide send to you a feeling or sensation within your physical body that you can attribute to this guide as their unique frequency and connection. Don’t allow this to be a subtle feeling that you question, ask your guide to make this a very unique sensation something that is unquestionable and that you will be able to recognize even when you are heavily engrossed within your normal operating day. Once you have acknowledged this sensation tell your guide that anytime they want to talk to you they have to signal you through this same sensation you are now receiving in your body. This will allow you to trust in the feelings you are receiving throughout the day and allow you to know what specific guides frequency you are working with. If clairsentience is not your thing you could also ask for a unique smell or sound to happen that could work the same way as a touch or sensation in your body. Once you have established these preliminary guidelines it should be easier to build trust in what you are receiving.

After this initial physical connection is made it is time to ask your guide to take you on a walk to a nearby meadow. Once you get to the meadow have your guide show you what flower represents his or her frequency. This flowers image will be used during future connections to this guide. If you want to connect to the frequency of this guide at a later date, you can simply imagine this flower and meditate on its image to raise your frequency to align into communication with this guide. Next ask your guide to walk you into a nearby cavern like space. When you get into the cavern ask your guide to point out the stone that most harmonizes with their frequency. Ask them to hand it to your and see if you can feel the stones energy during this mediation in your physical body. Ask your guide where you should wear this stone on your body for optimum receptivity to his or her energy? Also ask how this stone should be used? Again when out of this meditation try to find this stone if you do not already posses it and utilize it during future meditations or wear this stone to help align your physical body during waking times.

Next ask your guide what color you should wear in the physical world to better align yourself to their energy? Ask your guide if there are any signs or symbols they may also use to communicate with you and then thank your guide for their care and support. Tell your guide that you now require them to signal you with one of these triggers before they relay their communication to you so that you can be more alert and ready for their messages to come through. Over the next few days after this meditation is complete it would be beneficial for you to wear the color your guide suggested so that you can better align your frequency to this guides energy. This will allow your antenna to be clearly aligned to the field of this guides energy. This practice will help you better receive immediate signs and signals meant to come through. During the days following your work while you are still connected to the intention of this work make sure to ask to receive messages throughout your normal day. Make sure to ask for specific occurrences to happen to see how well you are connecting into your guides’ vibration. Ask questions while in meditation and see how the answers become presented to you during your normal day. While you are practicing this connection make sure to keep your journal handy. Different guides will have different methods of connecting with you and you don’t want to forget any patterns or connections once they have been made.

If you have yet to make a connection with your guide you can ask for all of these things to present themselves to you through the course of your day. Simply state out loud or write down this intention: “I am looking to make a connection to my highest and most loving guide, I would like to hear your name over the next few days, or better!” Then go about your grounding meditation every day and night and stay present during your daily interactions making good notes within your journal. It is likely the name will pop into your head quite suddenly.

To find even more trust in the information you receive you can ask for validation that this is your guides name and undoubtedly you will have some interaction that will validate this experience for you. After you receive the name you can sit in meditation to acquire the other information as previously discussed that will help to create a stronger connection between you and your guide who has chosen to come through. 

Being spiritual beings living a human existence you may find it frustrating having so much energy surrounding your field during random times of the day. Establishing boundaries should be an important part of your practice when you begin to make these spiritual connections. When beginning to develop a clear connection to your guides it is important to establish these boundaries early on. By doing this you will also help in developing your trusted connection. In some cases, it may be beneficial to establish specific times to connect with your guides. You will establish these boundaries by stating that you are only to be connected with during specific, pre-determined times. These parameters can be adjusted anytime to best suite your needs and growth. An example of this might be that sometimes while at work you may have to ask your guides to respect your time only coming through if you chose to open the lines of communication. By doing this you allow your energy to be reserved for specific times when you are ready to work within the energetic field. If you find yourself drained or resisting daily meditations, it may be due to your boundaries not being fully in place, which could lead to an energetic drain.

A solution for fear of missing something is to always keep a journal with you. The small hints you get throughout the day can be written in your journal with the intention to follow up later. This will save you the hassle of spending extra time and energy on messages that pop into and out of your energetic bodies. Once at home and within your delegated hours for spiritual practice you can then chose what to follow up on. It will be here within your scheduled time that you can connect and start acknowledge the message the guides are presenting you with. Once you have established these boundaries you will become more perceptive on what fills your own energetic field and it will be from here that you begin to perceive from a higher dimensional plane without the assistance of your guides, but that comes later for now simply know that when you carve out this time for not only your human self, but the energetic levels of yourself you will begin to open more fully and align with all of the energy surrounding you.

By doing this work in this way you will undoubtedly become present to your energetic field at all times, you will see clearly the lessons that are being presented for you to learn from while working together with these divine beings. During this time, it is important to keep an eye out for synchronistic occurrences that begin to happen in the physical world around you. When you are present enough to perceive what is happening, you will begin to learn what work you are being called upon to do. These synchronicities are confirmations from your guides that you are receiving their messages loud and clear. The goal is to be able to ground your energy daily into the third dimension while still holding an open line of communicating to the energies present in the higher dimensional realms. This objective of presence everyday can get you the answers you seek without having to close your eyes. It is normal and quite human to feel we must go into meditation to receive the most understandable guidance. Because we believe that meditation is where we can establish clear visual, audio and sensation based guidance that can be trusted above all else. Through meditative journeys it is true that our guides can help us answer questions that have been within our mental field for too long and have become clouded during our normal day. Meditation in this way is encouraged and is sometimes required to help one learn information in a clear and encompassing manor, but it is not the only way. Be fully aware that at some point you will need to rejoin society and perform more waking mediations.

A waking meditation is where you can be active in the third dimensional world surrounding you and still receive powerful guided messages similar to how you receive with your eyes closed. Here the goal is to hold this space in your every waking moment and be grounded and present enough to filter through the energetic field as you move through your daily activities. This can be tricky at first as it is hard to stay fully present in the third dimension while believing and deciphering the guidance you receive. That is why it is so important to set up guidelines for your practice and boundaries with your guides early on so that when these patterns of connection present themselves you can have ways to confirm what is happening while in a waking state. The goal is to not have to run somewhere and close your eyes hoping to connect into the matrix to see if the answer you think you are receiving is correct. When you can create these trusting connections to your highest guidance the information you receive will be directly connected to your highest and most loving path. When this happens your everyday life will feel fulfilled with high spiritual energy and guidance.

A final tip about trusting. It is important to not attach to the idea of receiving information in the same way every time you try and connect to your guides. This is the quickest way to block your ability to receive and can lead to second guessing what comes through. Allowing the left brain to think it has everything figured out when it comes to psychic work will push you to the edge of stagnation. As guides and allies change in your energetic field so too will your method of receiving also change. One day you may chose to wear the color red, a guideline you set up to help you connect to your guide associated with healing. You may call out their name and ask for a sign that they are with you. Every time you moved through this process in the past you would see a specific flower in your physical world or in your mind’s eye, signaling that this antenna of connection had been made between you and the guide you had intended to connect with. This time when you called out to this guide instead of sensing the flowers presence you received an intense burning sensation in your shoulder, this distracted you and made you move through the steps again to call in your healing guide’s energy hoping to see his flower that signals your connection has been made. You start to question why this guide is not coming to you and begin to think you are doing something wrong. Instead of questioning the burning sensation in your shoulder you dismiss this sensation and resign to try to connect again later. Your guidance is always evolving, trying to keep up with your growth as you move through your path.  The pain sensation received in your shoulder might have been the frequency of a new guide stepping in to assist with a new area in your life. This might be a signal to a cord or attachment you need to entertain before moving forward. There

are times when your spiritual connections will change, and it is important not to attach to any hoped for outcomes when you practice.

During practice if you are not getting your hoped for results it may be time to sit in meditation with your eyes closed and set a clear intention to better connect to your guidance. You will need to stay open to how you receive once you finish the grounding process of the meditation. If you find you start to have mental impulses on how or what you should be doing, your left brain is becoming too active and you are going in the wrong direction. Stick to your breath and simply place your attention on the feelings moving through your body. By doing this your next initiation or stage will come. It will do you good to remember, there are also times when you are required to do introspective work. During times of introspection you will be required to implement recent teachings or finish a lesson through to completion. During these times it may feel as if your growth is blocked, you will feel as if you aren’t connecting as deeply as you once had and this is ok. As a matter of a fact this is expected, during these times you are integrating the learned wisdom into your energetic field and will not connect as deeply as you once had. There are also times where you may feel you are not connected to anything divine or spiritual and this might have to do with previously received information that has not yet been finished or followed up on. Here your guides will wait for you to implement that work before you are given or told anything new. This too will feel like a block or stagnancy because in this space you may not get to connect regarding anything new until you clear the previously assigned tasks.


Throughout my journey I would admit that the integration phase is always the hardest adjustment to become aware of when it is happening. There is not predictable time when it will happen to you yet low and behold one day it will happen. Once in your field the trick is to catch the shift in your energy and make use of the down time to regenerate your body, otherwise you may find you begin to experience feelings of depression, loss, and confusion just to name a few.

An example of my most memorable integration phase happened a few weeks after I had finished writing my fourth book, “Survival guide to 2054”. During this writing process I had with me twelve guides who would assist me in astral traveling and writing. The entire process lasted a total of thirty days and each day came through with seamless accuracy. I woke up each morning in the flow of synchronicities, connection and energetic support. When I would intentionally sit down to start the process of meditation for the book my body would connect quickly and perceive what was needed almost immediately. Following the completion of this book my body began to fall into increasing states of tiredness and depression. I felt lost on my path and was not able to connect in meditation. I found I had no energy or desire to move into the field of the matrix. Each day I became more confused as to why I felt so disengaged from life. Coming off of the high from writing the book I fell directly into what seemed like a never ending pit of disconnect.

It is here that I will remind you yet again, when you take these first step and begin to question your consciousness you step into the open awareness of the matrix and all of the subtle fields surrounding you. It is here that you exist as all forms of yourself, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is here that you will learn what it means to be a spiritual being living a human existence. It is here that you must learn to listen to all levels of your “consciousness”. In my experience I had just had the connection and support of twelve high frequency guides. Each day they lent their frequency to my physical body to achieve the outcome which was a completed book. While experiencing this connection I had transcended the limitations of my physical body and connected each day into their higher frequency energy. To be running this much high frequency energy a physical body will at some point need to ground and recharge to the Earth plane otherwise a short in the circuit just might happen. In my case when the book finished writing, five of the twelve guides detached from my energetic field. I went through the experience of losing five of these being’s energy. When this happens the human who is connected to this being will need to go through what could be called a mourning or integration back into the physical realm. In this example it took me about a month of disconnect and integration to rebalance my body and begin to move back into the matrix. When I finally did I found I had gained some new guides who were surrounding me ready to start the next phase of my journey.

Other not so extreme examples of an integration phase could happen when a person goes through their first meditation where full connection into a different frequency is achieved. Here when the person gets up from their meditative state they may feel dizzy or light headed. If there is no documentation noted regarding the experiences the person may go through a loss of the content received. Making details fuzzy and over time the experience you had in the field will become like the aftermath of a good dream. You will return to life and begin to live again from the third dimension. When the time is right, you will be given a synchronistic occurrence in your daily routine that connects to your experience in the field. This will trigger you back to your meditative state and begin the process of you exploring the information you subconsciously stored regarding the experience. When the integration phase is over, meaning once the information has moved thorough your spiritual, mental, emotion and physical field you will find time or inspiration to follow the hunches, connections or synchronicities that the encounter brought you. This is how the field works. We receive information from a higher plane. Most of the time the information is in pieces and these pieces need to be “integrated” into our full energetic field for complete understanding to occur. The last phase of this integration happens when the information begins to manifest into our physical world by way of patterns or synchronicities that connect us to the full message. This entire process is our integration. Once we give ourselves the time to allow these pieces to come together better understanding of our next step can be received. These are opposite ends of the integration cycle from someone who has lived it again and again. The important piece of information to take away here is that if your body either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually is going thorough something out of the ordinary don’t push, don’t resist and don’t force. Stay connected to the energy surrounding you and find the silver lining. Allow your body the time it needs to balance and integrate and you will bounce back in a much more harmonious way.


Part 3 - Raise Your Frequency



After you have achieved a grounding practice your next goal will be to learn the importance of raising your frequency. There are many ways to begin to raise your frequency, if you live long enough the natural progression of the earth and its own energetic field will force you to raise your frequency. For everyone else it is recommended that you find a way to help you in raising your frequency. For those who are not separated from civilization and connected to the Earth plane somewhere in nature it is recommended that you manually achieve heightened states of frequency so that you can begin to bring thorough more divine light and energy into this world. In the year 2016 around 72% of humans can be said to be vibrating around a 3.2 frequency, meaning they are vibrating and perceiving within the three dimensional field. That percentage drops drastically when you begin talking about persons who are resonating around a 3.8 or slightly higher. What this means is that in order to move ourselves into and out of the different dimensions we must be able to raise our base level frequency out of the third dimension. Why you ask would we want to move into and out of the different dimensions? Simply put so that we can perform the work we were made to do with clear perspective. Example, when you sit at the base of the mountain you cannot see the top. You know the top is there, but you can only believe that it is there. It is not until you start climbing the base and scale the mountain until you reach the top you have a clear understanding of what the entire mountain looks and feels like. It is here that you gain the greater perspective.

 It is to be assumed if you have gotten this far into the book that you have been brought into this space and time as a teacher. As a teacher you must begin to remember your specific gifts and talents before you can begin to assist those around. These gifts that you must recall are some of the ones listed above like astral projection, time travel, connecting with angels and guides, but also include things like healing, manifesting, telekinesis, telepathy, animal communication, plant communication, elemental control and inter dimensional travel just to name a few. Specific individuals are here in this time and space to remember who they are on a spiritual level so that they can begin to help others transition into the full understand of who they are. By being able to hold more light and raise your frequency you will allow a shift to take place for the people who surround you. Unknowingly people of a lower vibration are drawn to higher vibrational people. This happens because higher vibrational people can aid others in their assention process simply by being themselves. As you embark on your own journey of self discovery you will find that the universe brings you people that can be aided by your unique spiritual skill set. As you begin to discover who you are and what drives you, others will be brought to you throughout your own learning process to be a part of the understanding of who you are, but also to learn from what you are discovering. When we step into the light of who we are we not only make it ok for ourselves to discover our unique gifts and talents, but we also open space for those that surround us to find their unique energy within the matrix.

You may be asking yourself at this point what are the dimensions and what exactly is frequency? It is important to know in physical terms humans and their tangible bodies live within the third dimension. In our matrix there are 10 dimensions that a person can move into and out of at will, simply enough by raising your vibrational frequency. On a scale one can raise as high as a level 10 frequency. If a person holds a level 10 frequency, they can easily move thorough any of the 10 dimensions. There are times in your life when your frequency will be raised so that you may access one of the higher dimensions either for greater perspective on a situation, or to help you remember a part of your spirituality or simply to allow you a glimpse of your unique gifts and talents. When discussing a person’s frequency, it is important to know both of the levels in which you hold, first there is the level of frequency that you have reached at any given point in time and second is the average level in which you consistently hold. These will be two different numbers one for your average frequency and one for the highest level you have experienced. These numbers will be constantly evolving as your practice and work progresses.

Example, Joe has an average vibrational level of 3.3. Joe may have been involved in a near death experience which means Joe has achieved a level of 6.4 reaching into the sixth dimension. When a person goes through a near death experience their frequency gets elevated when they move through the fourth dimensional portal of time space and move into the higher dimensional realms. From this example it would indicate that our subject Joe normally holds a 3.3 frequency and has reached into a 6.4. With a consistent practice Joe will begin to elevate his average frequency higher, with such practices anyone can learn how to hold more light energy and vibration in their body. What Joe had experienced in the sixth dimension could with practice one day become his normal frequency.

Here we will give a hint more detail on the sixth dimension and a near death experience since we brought the topic for review. When a person lives through a near death experience they will travel through the fourth dimension into the sixth dimension. Missing the fifth dimension as this is a place for visiting beings and certain souls who have passed already. A guide from the seventh dimension or higher will be available to greet the person who is now astral traveling or projecting into the sixth dimension. This guide will help to initiate a review of sorts before the soul makes any choices. Think of the relationship between a loving mother and her child, this is what the welcome is like when a soul enters into the sixth dimension. Things move slowly and at the pace of the wide eyed soul. Like the Joe example there can be many reasons humans go through a near death experience. One example is so that the soul can be reminded of their lesson plan. Another reason may be to make choices on whether to stay in the current human body or to move into another human body called being a “walk-in” or even to fast forward life experiences so that a lesson plan can become fully recognized. Meaning the soul visiting the sixth dimension needs to remember what it is to be a soul, possibly this person could have been to focused on their human existence forgetting their divine lesson plan. Souls always have free will when it comes to their path therefore options that are given will be given time for consideration before any decisions are made. After a near death experience depending on the information that was given to the soul to review the soul will then decide if they want to come back to earth or transition on. If return is selected, most souls will return to their body and have little to know memory of what was experienced in the sixth dimension. If a soul remembers the experience or not will depend on what information and tasks that soul is looking to complete. An important note to remember is that as one progresses higher into different dimensional realms it is not necessary to have a near death experience to reach the sixth dimension, this is simply one way an unpracticed soul may achieve this level of resonance within the matrix. With practice holding light energy one can begin to perceived into the finer subtler fields running through the matrix they live in. This is all done by projecting your consciousness through that which is physical, once this is done you can begin to move into the different dimensional fields.

Children and their relationship to frequency. Ever few decades the frequency of the world changes and therefore the children being born into that Earth frequency also make big strides in understanding the connection between human and spirit. The last big shift in planetary frequency happened around the year 1983. Souls that incarnated around this year and after are considered bright eye children. Most souls born into this earth frequency have the ability to remember more clearly their divine connection and have a stronger pull towards their unique abilities here on earth. It is said that each child of a new generation will be born with a stronger connection to the higher dimensional realms. This is an important note because as each generation comes into this world they are bestowed with more consciousness than the line before them. Today children manifest anything and everything they want. They were born into a time when what you think can appear outside your door within 24 hours, yet this ability to transmit through the mental field or the internet is something they will always know. To not have proper mentorship about the different fields will be a means to an end. They must learn how to remain connected into the physical world for our growth in our abilities if not taught to our new generations will lead them to a point of disconnection instead of ultimate connection. 

As children we keep in constant contact with the divine world around us. Babies come into this world and chose to have their all knowing soul incarnate into a physical third dimensional body. Due to the changes that this new dimension holds a baby will continue to astral travel taking its soul and leaving the body returning to the sixth dimension. Energetically it is said that this is why babies sleep so much because they are astral journeying. It is hard to move from a completely energetic form and then be forced into a physical form. In order for babies to completely acclimate they will astral projects up until they develop their language centers and may even continue to project after this language center has developed, but it is a fact that as an infant the baby will leave the body almost every time it moves into sleep. Children up until the age of eight will have the presence of a guide with them most all of the time. This guide will act as their guardian angel protecting this child and making sure its lesson plan is looked after. Once the child reaches the age eight they will lose contact and knowledge of their guide. This loss will happen mostly because it will be time for the child to enjoy the life of a third dimensional being. At age eight the child’s guide will stay connected to the soul of the child, but from the perspective of the child the connection will be gone. At this age a child becomes very internal and will begin to transmit from their mental field, this combined with the soul growth that is needed at this point in time the guides will step back and allow the child to develop on a more self-directed journey until they are around the age of 27. This is to insure that the child has experiences that are unique to a human existence in the earth plane. Then around the age of 26 or 27 the guide will reestablish a connection and begin introducing elements of the soul lesson plan. Whether the 27-year-old knows it or not the guide who has stepped back in the picture will now begin assisting the person into situations, encounters, dreams and remembrances that will help keep them moving towards their divine purpose. At this point those adolescences who have held onto their spiritual connection will even begin to develop their unique gifts and talents and move into a clearer channel of receiving their intuition and messages from their divine connection here in the physical world. Between 26 and 31 beings will begin doing physical world activities that begin to connect them to their divine lesson plan. This will start to align in their lives in subtle ways and become more predominant if the being is clear with their intentions and goals. Beyond 31 the guides will always be around to assist and keep a person centered on their lesson plan, how clear the actions are will be based off of how clear the human is. It is always possible to develop your unique gifts and talents no matter what age, it is simply most accessible when a person is clear during the timeline provided.

The Circle of Light:

The 12 dimensions all coexist within the world we live in and can perceive today. When you look around with your two physical eyes you are seeing into the third dimension. What you may not see, lying in wait are the other subtler dimensions all coexisting right beneath the veil. Dimensions in nature become less dense as they progressively get higher in frequency. Even the most attuned spiritual seeker requires much practice to raise their frequency high enough to get access into the highest dimensions. With enough practice, openness, and an ok from the higher realms we can all experience the higher vibrational fields that are contained within our matrix.

The third dimension is explained as everything physical/material that you see around you. The third dimension is considered dense and therefore contains physical matter. You will learn later on that it is possible to take your physical body into higher dimensions, but this practice requires the ability to raise the vibrational level of the cells of your body very high.

The fourth dimension is the dimension of time and space. The fourth dimension is used to travel into the past and future. Beyond the fourth dimension there is no such thing as time so three dimensional beings must use this tunnel to access that which is all “time and space” or “past and future”. Here by using the fourth dimensional gateway we can travel outward (faster – more fine) and other beings can slow down and travel inward (slower- more dense) the fourth dimension is like the great inter dimensional airstrip allowing all with the intention to do so a landing strip to move wherever they are looking to go. When traveling through the fourth dimension many explain that it feels as if your body is being pulled or sucked through a cylinder like tube. As you raise your frequency your body will become lighter and around your head you will feel a pulling or lifting sensation. This is one of the ways that you can tell you are moving through the fourth dimension. Using the fourth dimension is where you can begin to remote view. This means using the eyes of another human or guide to gain perspective on a situation that has happened in the past or in the future or even in current time. When we go through a past life regression we are using one of our talents called ‘remote viewing’. During meditation in connection with your higher self, guides or angles you are most of the time using the fourth dimension to remote view. If you see yourself from a distance or watch a situation play out as if on a movie reel you are almost always using the fourth dimension.


It is easiest on a human body to use the talent of “remote viewing” as opposed to other techniques you will learn later. The fourth dimension being closest to our third dimension is close to the frequency of our normal Earth plane and therefore makes it easy for us to reach and hold this higher frequency without much change in our normal state of being. When a human brings in higher frequencies it changes the molecular structure of their physical body. This means when a person raises their frequency enough their physical body will begin to change and not always for the best. People who have channeled high frequency energy for repetitive years will begin to get mutations in their cells which can lead to tumors or cancer. So to own your energetic field and be cautious about the work you do is always recommended. Like my mentor told me, doing this work is not easy, it is a choice and being that it is a choice one should know exactly what they are getting into before they proceed.

The Circle of Light:

In the fifth dimension we can astral travel. This means that you don’t have to use another energetic forms eye to view timelines and you have choice in where you go and what you see. Here you are able to take your own etheric body and see events as they happen or as they may have happened at one time or in a specific timeline. You may move between remote viewing and astral travel during the same meditation session. A way to know you are doing both is to chose to meet your guides to review an upcoming even, once in your meditation you may at one point be remote viewing meaning using their eyes or your higher selves’ eyes and then in the next moment you may transition into astral travel. Astral travel is much harder on your body energetically so it is not uncommon in the beginning to bounce between the two dimensions depending on what you are working towards. If you feel you might be transitioning back and forth a way to know you are astral traveling is that when you touch or embrace your guides, you will always feel the surge of energy from this deep loving connection. If you are remote viewing it will not be as intense or you may not feel an energy transfer at all in your own physical body. During remote viewing we are simply witnessing encounters or events, not able to use the senses during the situation, but with astral travel we can go where we want, we can touch, smell, feel, hear and when these senses are engaged it is an indication that you are using the fifth dimension. An easy way to know you are using the fourth dimension is that the images will flash forward and back as if someone is pressing fast forward or rewind. Sometimes it can feel as if you are watching pictures scroll in front of your visual perception. As if you are flipping through a photo book with no control simply witnessing a series of events.


It is not uncommon for an individual to move into states of “lucid day dreams” where they are unknowingly within the fourth or fifth dimension. I will give an example from my own life, whenever I sit in my salon stylists’ chair I begin to get lulled into a state where my frequency raises into the fourth dimension. I will begin to move into “telepathy” or the mental field of my stylist. I will begin to pick up on her thoughts as if they are my own and begin to sense into her field. Unless my mind is sharp, I will not catch this activity before I am hearing the same words come out of my stylists’ mouth. This can happen to anyone when they are tired or not consciously on guard of what their subconscious and mental field are doing. This also happens to people when they perform repetitive tasks like driving, gardening, or washing dishes. During these types of activities one can find themselves slipping into states of lucidity. This is where the energetic bodies find harmony with one another and the natural breathing becomes very regulated. A persons’ field becomes pliable and their frequency will naturally raise. It is within these moments that one can sense into the subtle fields surround them. A person might go into life/timeline review, or have pre cognitions about future events, possibly one might move into the mental field of someone they are thinking about inspiring the other person to connect in the physical plane. Because humans are not taught what it means to live being surrounded by energy people do not know that they do these things on a regular basis. When these things are done unknowingly it can cause for much distress in a person’s life. When you don’t know what is your energy and what is someone else’s energy you may constantly feel confused, thinking that everything you see, sense, feel, hear and know is you when that is not always the case.

The Circle of Light:

In the sixth dimension you will encounter what humans call “heaven”. The sixth dimension is where souls go once they transition over from the third dimensional world. Here they move away from the dense matter in the third dimension and return back into higher vibrational energy. Due to souls freewill there is the option for a soul to stay behind in the fifth dimension where they exist on the earth plane still moving through life, but without a physical body, they will be without a vessel. A soul might choose to

stay and not move on because they are attached to the third dimensional existence or people they use to know. This typically only happens to souls that have been through catastrophic deaths or subsides as these souls are unknowing of their death most of the time. This may happen because the energetic connection to those still living is too strong and the living might be keeping the soul behind.  Most souls that die here on earth in the third dimension have to go through a transition period where they are bound to the earth and their physical body that remain in the third dimension, but they are stuck in the fifth dimension while this transition happens. When this happens all souls have their guides with them helping them to clearly understand what has occurred, but again there is a transition period and it takes time to acclimate to the new senses and receptors that get turned on when you enter into energetic form. Most souls choose to move on from this period in the appropriate amount of time and can find their way easily and with help from higher frequency beings into the sixth dimension. There are some that want to stay behind or stay to long and find it more difficult to find their way back into the sixth dimension. As each day passes in the fifth dimension, connection to a potential different way of life becomes more distant and acceptance of the new fifth dimensional lifestyle settles in and souls become stuck in this dimension. These are what we call the ghosts in our third dimension. Please note that a soul that wants to move into the sixth dimension will always be allowed and shown the way, but as time passes so does any need or reason to move on. Remember that the fifth dimension is a place where we can see, feel, sense, touch and it looks as if we may still be living in the surroundings of our familiar world so it could be very easy to forget and remain behind. The fifth dimension is used in time travel; many beings from other dimensions use this dimension to move about our earth. Those in the fifth dimension can see beings in the third, but because of a lower vibrational level those in the third dimension can’t perceive what is in the fifth, unless you find yourself slipping into higher states of frequency.

In the sixth dimension we will become our higher self. This is the divine part of our self that has remained tapped into the higher frequencies of all space and all time. The higher self is knowledge and wisdom of all of our life times a complete version of our soul that we have access to always in this third dimension, but due to the vibration and energy of this component of ourselves unless we higher our frequency while still on earth in human form this part of ourselves remains convoluted full understanding is veiled from our human perspective. We connect to this knowing only through signals or impulses of remembrance like dreams or synchronicities.  Remember our human forms are very dense and it takes high frequency energy to connect all aspects of our soul self into a singular time and space. When one passes on from physical form into the sixth dimension this is where our soul gets taken into a life review lasting around twenty human years here we have the ability to work out the areas of karma where it did not successfully accomplish what it had set out to do. With the help of our guides who work here we figure out what lessons we will work on in our next lives or what work we will choose to do in our next incarnation. The sixth dimension then turns into a school for the soul, it’s where we review, learn and plan and practice for our continued existence as a soul making the return journey to Earth. This phase of our journey takes about 100 human years to complete. Beings in the third dimension can access the sixth dimension by raising their frequency and using either remote viewing or astral projection to experience timeline review, past life viewing of lessons, light retrieval, and even karmic clarity. If you have heard the phrase “heaven on earth”, there is a point at which a human being can raise their frequency high enough so that they are in constant contact with their higher self. Eliminating fear from their journey and bringing a sense of comfort and ease to the human body. This is called the decent of the higher self and it can only happen when a human is able to maintain a frequency that permits that haven energy to reside within the human form by raising the base level frequency to a six or higher. This can happen in short intervals over a life time or be maintained with conscious awareness of the energetic field and opening to the energetic field around one’s own body. For most souls going through this spiritual journey it will be hard to stay open and receptive enough to allow the higher self to descend into the body as well as stay connected and grounded to the Earth at all times. It is important to know that by practicing your meditative work and staying open and grounded all of the time you will create space for this shift to occur. The higher self or wise consciously aware self cannot stay in a body that is constricted or holds any dense or lower vibrational energy so eliminating these patterns from your body will allow for a more natural merging to happen.


Try a fun mental activity: Take away any concept of time and now reread the above paragraph. If time does not exist in the sixth dimension that would indicate that our six dimensional self or our transitioned soul is infinite, even in the here and know all knowing and perfect. If this soul piece is infinite and resides in all space and all time and we have access to that component of ourselves what happens when this shift occurs and we being to know ourselves as the higher self? How does this relate to heaven on earth? What happens when we are channeling our higher self and are aligned completely with this component of our existence? What is a human life (considering time) if we have an infinite existence in these other dimensions?

The Circle of Light:

The seventh dimension holds a higher frequency than all previously reviewed dimensions, here guides amongst other things may reside. These seventh dimensional guides chose to partner together with humans and assist with items within their divine lesson plan. Guides can be working with multiple humans at one time, remember past the fourth dimension there is no such thing as time so it is possible for a guide to work with any number of humans at the same time in this dimension. A guide from the seventh dimension will work with a human on specific areas within their lesson plan. For example, a seventh dimensional being and your soul might have connected together during a transition time while you were performing a life review in the sixth dimension. During this life review before you chose to incarnated back to a physical plane or elsewhere the two of you may have decided to partner together during your next cycle of life. The seventh dimensional being is tasked to take on your soul’s case and their job was going to be to help you stay aligned to your path by learning some of the life lessons you chose to learn in this next existence. Seventh level guides can be considered very social, due to their jobs descriptions within this seventh dimension. These guides are continually trying to align humans together on the earth plane encouraging people to come together to either resolve past karma or to assist in learning lessons or to help in transitional times. In the seventh dimension there is a lot of networking going on between guides, their goal is to fill our social calendars and our day to day interactions with encounters that keep us aligned to our highest path. This means that these guides are working behind the scenes trying to get people to meet together to encourage growth and alignment. In a human term we would call these guys our soul agents, because they are working together trying to get us a starring role with another soul in the stage that is our Earth. A great piece of advice to remember is that if you are having problems with a human from the third dimension you can always call on your seventh dimension guide to step in and talk with their seventh dimensional guide to elevate the tension or bring light to the situation between you and this other human. This will work if it is for your highest good, it will not work if you are trying to avoid a lesson or experience that is for your greatest alignment. A seventh dimensional guide will pop in and pop out of your life depending on what your needs are at any given moment in time.


Remember as you elevate your frequency into higher dimensions’ the things that you perceive around you do not change only your relationship to them do. As three dimensional beings perceive only that which is tangible and material around them this will become their reality. Once a three dimensional begin begins to play within the unseen field around them they will being to develop a different understand and relationship to that which is a higher frequency. So to do higher vibrational energies perceive all that which is similar to their frequency. As a person begins to elevate their frequency and has experiences with time travel, remote viewing, telepathy and other modes of higher energy beings you begin to realize that everything coexists within the same matrix, it is only our limited awareness that holds us back from this complete assimilation into the truth of our existence. Think of a high level military security compound. Those who have a first level clearance can access common spaces that are open to all, they do not have knowing’s of what lies within the spaces of the higher level clearance areas. Those who have a second level clearance can access the same areas as level one, but also have special areas that those with their same level clearance can access. Those who have a third level clearance can access even more areas than one and two and so on. Level three has the same access to level one and two, but also has access to a new area that includes those from level three. This is how the dimensions’ work. Once you gain access to a specific level those abilities stay with you yet it takes much clearing work and time spent trying to reach this clearance to begin to perceive from this state of awareness. Unlike a military clearance one only needs to open themselves to the possibilities of the dimensions to begin to perceive from its space, like a military clearance there are those who guide us who help us to achieve these different levels so never be scared to call out to your highest and most loving guides to help you achieve the perspective in which you hope to seek. Within the higher dimensions our guides also deal with these clearances. In the fifth dimension beings trapped here have no greater knowledge then your human self and these beings if they come in contact with your light might actually impose their own ego driven needs onto your journey. Above the fifth dimension is the sixth dimension here there are souls who are able to be in contact with third dimensional beings for a time during their stay in the sixth dimension. These souls are not supposed to interfere with your lesson plan at all because they are not guides, and do not have the ability to mentor you on your path. Above this are seventh dimensional guides, these guides come from a different solar system then you and have finished their incarnation cycle. They have had experiences just like you and are now tasked with seventh dimensional responsibilities of mentoring you along your lesson plan, you would have meet with them while in the sixth dimesion. There are seven different levels of knowledge or clearance within this dimension and each comes with its own job. Past this is the eight dimension here again guides who have passed through the clearances of the seventh dimension are able to work with us with greater knowledge and understanding. There are seven different levels here and each comes with more knowledge and clearance then the last. Past this is the ninth dimension where there are eight levels that guides can move through.

Circle of Light:

The eighth dimension hosts guides that work with humans on bigger picture items. For example, if your lesson plan states that you are to learn, remember and use healing arts while living here on earth you will have an eighth dimensional guide who is waiting for you to come into this phase of your life. When you are ready the eighth dimensional guide will be with you during the times when you are learning these skills and even performing these skills. They will make sure you are in contact with the people and information you need and help you to stay aligned to this process so that you can accomplish your goals and complete this greater objective. This guide will only enter into your field of awareness if and when you are focused on this goal. They will not be there day to day like your seventh dimensional guides. They will come into and out of your life mostly while you are engaged in this specific activity. These guides help you by allowing you the frequency necessary to remember how and why you are aligned to this goal and they will make sure you receive the lessons necessary that surround you and this new energy. Eighth level guides have a bigger picture take on your life and they will pick and chose based off of your own progression when to enter into and out of your energetic field.

In the ninth dimension you also have guides, but it is less likely they will be working directly with you. The only time a ninth dimensional guide will be working directly with you is if you are performing jobs here on earth that effect large groups of people or major shifts in consciousness. In the ninth dimension guides mostly preside over other groups of guides. An example of this would be that a ninth level guide is working with a group of eighth dimensional guides who are all working with humans who are learning to teach others humans about healing using medical intuition. In these dimensions’ guides will be working directly with humans if and when it suites the best interest of the human and their lesson plan, guides will also be working with other guides as in the example above. Ninth dimension presides over eighth dimension and eighth dimension presides over the seventh dimension and so on. Although there is no higher archery there is a level of perspective that is achieved that is greater as you move into the higher dimensions. The ninth dimension guides could be considered Karma Cops as they are making sure that everything is within the divine alignment of the humans, the guides and everything in the matrix. These guides will make sure that everyone is working towards the highest good of all involved and they will make sure free will is kept intact and lessons are not taken away from those needing the experience. This happens all throughout the dimensions, each level you move through there is more gained perspective so where one dimension may believe an action is best taken in a specific way the next level may see that there are other opportunities to take the same action during a different time or space. Even within the dimensions there are checks and balances to keep the matrix operating at maximum harmony.

In the tenth dimension we no longer have guides that work directly with humans. Here we have gatekeepers or guardians to the energy that resides here in the tenth dimension. Within the tenth dimension we have the god head energy, this can be experienced as the light that connects and move through each and every human being and dimensional being within our matrix. In humans this energy connects down into the heart center or the fourth dimensional gateway or chakra. The energy found in the tenth dimension is a collection of all of the healing rays of light that are found within each of the other dimensions. This is where complete assimilation into our matrix happens and receptivity to our own divine existence happens. When complete balance of positive and negative energy is achieved within a being it is possible to hold and use this energy. Access into this space will complete a trinity of energies and bring the merkabha light body into full knowing within a third dimensional being. Tapping into this field will allow for ultimate healing and harmony to occur to a physical body. This tenth dimensional field can give access to all beings within the matrix or all dimensions of existence and allows the one using this field to gain wisdom and clarity over one’s experiences and purpose.


Healers use the tenth dimension to bring through the rays of light into the physical plane to help heal a physical body. When a person can resonate with this energy no lower vibrational energy can affect the physical body. This is divine light energy and anyone who wishes to use this for their greater good has access into its frequency.

Circle of Light:

The eleventh dimension holds a connection from our matrix into other matrixes out beyond our known field. It can be seen as a frame work of gridded lines that extend form our matrix outward having the ability to touch all known matrixes in existence. Our matrix or “god” holds within it these ten dimensions and this eleventh dimension is the gateway to reach out beyond our known matrix and discover some of the other 40+ matrixes or gods that are within our reach.

Lastly is the twelfth dimension. This is our creator or the “god energy”. Although it may seem that these dimensions exist separate from one another that would be an untrue assumption. As you move through the dimensional frequencies the vibration of each dimension becomes higher and less dense and therefore all dimensions exist within one another just in finer and finer energetic levels. When trying to understanding what this god energy is we begin to see that it’s the energy that fills into every being on the subtlest of levels creating the grains of connection that unify all creatures within all the divine matrixes. It is the constant that connects everything to everyone and everyone to everything.

Circle of Light:


It is important to be able to raise your frequency if you wish to grow your conscious awareness and be able to gain greater perspective on the energy of things happening around you. Most humans reside in the third dimension which means if you are plotting this mark on the frequency scale they would be considered somewhere between a three and four. In order to move into the higher dimensions and connect with your guides, your unique gifts and talents, and the universal wisdom you must be able to raise your frequency and release the density from your energetic field.

Frequency changes in a body will feel slightly different to each individual going through them, but ultimately there are a few command threads between each individual’s experience. The goal when working with frequency is to first be able to feel it, and then begin to hold the higher energy within your body. When you begin holding this energy you will be able to consciously move the subtle vibrations around your body feeling and illuminating each area of the body you think about. A first time encounter with frequency coming into your energetic field might feel like a head ach or possibly pain to review one of the extremes. If you have started a meditation practice for the first time you may find yourself going through moments of dizziness or lightness in the limbs or head. Frequency in its most beautiful and subtle of forms will feel like light energy moving through your body starting at the head in most cases and running through the body like a chill or shiver. Again each person will describe this encounter differently and each is correct. You must recognize that whatever you are feeling no matter if it connects to these words or not is energy. If you think it is, it is, so go with what you feel and begin to play with what you are experiencing by seeing how long you can stay connected to it, before the sensations dissipate.


To review, if you hold a three frequency and find yourself receiving the full impact of an eighth dimensional guide while in meditation, it might feel like you were going to explode from sharp pain wherever the energy is channeling though you. It is important to know this is an extreme example and not how our guides chose to work with us. Over time we will be introduced to small amounts of our guides frequency allowing us to establish a connection to the higher energy. Once we begin to hold and work with this higher vibration we will be given more. It is a fine balance between human and guide when discussing how this energetic connection works. Remember frequency is energy and has the ability to change our biological constitute, therefore if an eighth level guide were to work with you they would do this work gradually allowing your physical body time to adjust to the new energy. Your guides will begin by sending you small amounts of this energy over time until your body is able to hold the higher vibration on its own. This might mean that during this time in your human world you will be called to let go of patterns and density that no longer serve your field. This will allow you to open up more fully to receive the higher frequencies coming through. This work takes time on so many levels so it is important to respect your journey and allow it to unfold as it is intended to. Release can and should happen on a physical, emotional, mental and then spiritual level. When one resists a calling to change their frequency they will most likely experience “problems” in their physical vessel. During cases of resistance one might take on illness and pains that can create sever blocks in their human body. This happens to try and signal the human to release whatever it is that they are holding onto that is no longer serving them. Note, this change will not happen to someone unless it is in their lesson plan. We all set parameters for ourselves for when we come into this human life and some will be called to change a lot sooner than others, so never compare your journey to that of another because all being are different in their lessons and that is part of the beauty contained within this experience.

Circle of Light:

When you first begin a journey and a guide is bringing to you a new level of frequency the information you receive during times of connection may come in fuzzy or be contained within brief encounters. This will happen until you are ready to hold this new energy more fully within your physical body. For an inexperienced meditator you can begin to request to feel energy within your own body by simply making a statement to the universe. Through a mental connection simply ask that you begin to feel energy within your body. When you say this from your mental center and send this request outward you should immediately start to feel energy moving within your body. This may feel like ants running up or down your spine or around your head, you may experience this energy as the hairs on your body standing on end. At this point it is suggested not to overanalyze what is happening to you on a physical level and just recognize that it is happening. Simply keep yourself open to the experiences that follow.


Words for the new meditator. There will be times during meditation when you will experience a very fluid connection to guides and the imagery that they will be sending or showing to you. This will be new and exciting. In these cases of connection, undoubtedly you will have had a guide with you helping to higher your frequency. This will allow you the ability to receive whatever it is you needed to receive. It is here that you will later understand what dimensional level you reached into by way of the help from your guide. This assistance alone will not promote your base level frequency to raise, but will show you the way to creating a connection through your human experience, to be, to see, and to feel into the new level you were brought into by your guide through meditation. Within this connection you will not have the bodily pains or density releasing discussed earlier, because you were being lifted into another dimension momentarily. It is only when you are doing clearing work that your body may experience the pain associated with a base level frequency increase. What you may experience after this connected encounter with your guide will be feelings of light headedness when you stand up or a vertigo sensation while sitting down, and quite possibly numbness in your limbs or face. After an encounter like this you may feel either a surge of energy or like you need to take a nap, no in-between, truthfully there has never been an in-between for me while practicing. No matter if you are experienced or inexperienced it is always recommended to take your process slowly and respect the energy as it comes in. If and when you overdo it, and I promise you will overdo it. It is recommended to listen to the signs to slow down, when you feel tired, or like you don’t want to mediate, do not force yourself into situation you are resisting. There will be times when your body needs to integrate the information it has received and if you don’t slow down you will be forced energetically to slow down by the universe, this is never a good sign.

Circle of Light:

Methods to raise your Frequency.

There are many ways to raise your frequency beyond what is stated here. Through reading the words below you may be inspired to try something new and exciting that pops into your head. Know that in order to connect into the energetic field around you all you must do is request it, if aligned to your path the process will be simple. Trust in what you are guided towards and be sensitive to your own inner callings. Raising your frequency is a trial and error method of practice that only you will be able to validate as successful or not. It is important like always to initially ground yourself in meditation before you begin to explore raising your frequency. If you are ungrounded and begins this work, you may not be able to register the changes happening within your field, so find a pathway to grounding that works best for you and make sure to perform this ritual before moving into any of the following techniques. It is also important to set your intention prior to your practice. Make sure to note this intention in your journal for full clarity during your practice while moving into the stillness of your breath work. This will help to align you more fully to your hoped for outcome, and will enable you to understand the results more fully based off of your set intention.

Method number one.

This method is best used if you have already established a connection with your guides. Meaning that if you have meditated in the past and been able to connect to the energy of the guides or angels with you either by clairvoyance, clairsentience or other methods of perceiving while in the higher dimensional realms. If you have not connected with these energies yet it would be recommended that you try the other methods first and then come back to this one once you have established a trusting connection to those working with you. The only reason to not practice this method before you make a connection is because of the trust issue between you and the practice. Without some type of encounter to recall you will have to be very trusting moving into this specific practice and as it is humans will question everything.

Method one simply stated consists of you asking your guides to higher your frequency. After your grounding meditation is performed take notice of your body. Once you feel into the sensations moving through your body then ask for your guides to raise your frequency higher than it was just moments ago. Compare the feelings you hold now to the feelings you had when you initially sat down.  Do you feel more vibrations or tingling sensations moving around your body? Can you tell how these waves of energy are now moving through you, meaning what direction or towards what part of your body? Are there areas in your body where you can’t feel these energetic sensation?

Once you have found this initial baseline within your body, call on your highest and most loving guides to come and higher your frequency even higher than it was just moments ago. It is good practice to get in the habit of asking your guides where you currently are on the frequency scale, meaning what your base line number is. This means being open to hear a number between one and ten. This will help so that you can note how deep you can go within this frequency raising practice. After you find out where you are on the frequency scale, begin to feel into your body for any areas not completely taken over by this new vibration. Ask your guides to move their energy into those areas and create more alignment for the energy to resonate more fully within your body. Once you feel fully aligned into this vibration ask your guides to raise your frequency to any level above the number you were given earlier as your base line, asking for a specific number or staying open to be raised as high as you are meant to go today. At this point don’t do anything, this is very important, here you are placing your trust in the guides surrounding you. Simply sit back and continue your circular breathing. The only goal of this practice should be to raise your vibration to the number you are open to reaching or had just requested. You can wait until you feel a complete diminishing of this energy and then ask your guides to tell you what level of frequency you were able to achieve.


For those who are clairaudient when they ask a question they will get an immediate voice response back answering their question, if you are not clairaudient or more likely have not developed this talent yet in your practice you will need another method of connection to get answers to your questions. A fun way to receive answer that I will use to this day to eliminate any ego concerns over what I am hearing is to use my fingers or hands as different indicators of the answers I am seeking. Example of this, set up your fingers with numbers from one to ten reaching from one pinky finger to the next. Tell your guides to stop you from moving on when you have gotten to the right number or finger. This is working on your claircognicianze or your direct knowing. Your mind will clear or you will not easily be given the next number in sequence you will simply know when you hit the correct number or finger that answers your question. If your primary mode of receiving is clairsentience or feeling, ask the guides to send you a sensation within the finger that represents the number you are looking to receive as the answer to your question. When searching for yes or no answers I wills sometimes set each hand as either, yes or no, I will then wait for my hand to be closed or moved or effected in some way to receive the guidance I seek. If your primary method of receiving is clairvoyance you can ask for a red light and green light to appear for you as you count higher and higher up the scale to see where your frequency landed. There are many different methods you put into place to receive the direct guidance in which you seek.

After you figure out your achieved frequency send gratitude and love to those that assisted you with this practice and close your session. Following this session in your meditations you will ask your guides to raise your frequency to that of the vibration you achieved during this session or something better. You will work on this until you can feel your own frequency move between the different dimensions. This takes practice and patience. Stay consistent and be open to receive the subtle changes in vibration that your body goes through during these practices. When you become aware of your frequency during all waking moments and meditation moments you will begin to feel when your body begins to slip into higher level frequencies indicating a need for you to ground and become present to what the field around you is doing.

Circle of Light:

Method number two.

Method number two will review how you can raise your frequency by using a crystal or gemstone. Crystals are known to help clear low, dense, energy from the field around you. Along with clearing energy within a space, crystals can also help to raise your frequency and the vibrational field of the space around you. It is best if you have already performed clearing work on your chakra centers and your energetic field so that the crystals you use can work effectively on your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Without having performed energetic clearing work in your field it may be hard to perceive the subtle vibrations of the crystal. While using crystals in your meditative work if you can see, sense, feel and know that they are functioning it will be extremely helpful in confirming that these shifts and changes are affecting you in the way you intend them to. Please note that crystals will always be active and do what they are supposed to or intended to do, whether you notice the subtle shifts or not. If you are not clear within your energetic field, it becomes confusing as to what is happening and that is why it is so important to do your own clearing work before you experiment with this exercise.

When you have created space to receive higher energy within your vessel the vibrations from the crystals will help to raise the frequency in your body. This in turn will allow you to move into higher dimensional states of existence. Performing this work will feel similar to working with a guide, but in this case you will hold the crystal in your hand and ask the crystal to do the work instead of calling out for the energy of your guides.

Teachers Note: Crystals are said to be manifestations of higher dimensional energy that has chosen to manifest into physical form here within our third dimensional plane. So there is no real separation between working with a crystal and working with a guide. Their divine energy is very much the same, but here you have a tangible element to hold onto while requesting and intending through your work. When we bring something like amber into our energetic field our field replicates some of the signature qualities that amber holds like it natural anti-inflammatory qualities. Simply by having amber around our physical bodies the physiology of the way we operate begins to change from the physical through to the spiritual. Specific minerals, gems and crystals have come into our Earth plane as certain points during our existence to bring through different energetic currents that humanity needed at that point in time. The manifestation of these elements into our plane have come to assist us in our own assention so use them if you feel drawn to their energy.  

Circle of Light:

In selecting a crystal if you are new to this work and do not yet have a crystal collection, you will want to take a week or two and surround yourself everyday with crystals energy. You can do this simply enough by thinking about crystals, and asking for crystals to appear, ask for crystal guidance in your life. Set the intention that you want to find a crystal that will resonate with your energetic field. Specifically ask that this crystal will help enable you to travel into higher dimensional plains. Sit with this intention in mediation and then become very aware at the synchronistic events that start to happen in your life. You may see a program on television that you have never seen before talking about gemstones and their unique qualities. You may find a stone lying in the open somewhere unexpected waiting for you to pick it up. You may have an urge to drive down a street that has a metaphysical shop filled with crystals for you to examine.

Keep your field fluid and open to receive the guidance that will begin to come through. Remember when you ask the universe to provide, it does, but there are factors that come into play that will help you achieve your desired result. One factor you must be aware of is that you must be open to receive, meaning you must be present and grounded to the energies coming through. The second factor is that you need to be aligned to this part of your timeline or path. When working in your energetic field (simply meaning when working with the divine) when you ask for a stone guide to present itself for you it almost always will come to you when you ask. We say almost always because if you have asked for something else in the same manor that you were not present to when it appeared, you may have placed an energetic block on your ability to manifest, and it might be harder to get the synchronistic connections as they come through.  By using this practice, of asking the universe, you will also see how quickly things manifest into your world. It is always interesting to see how aligned we are on our paths by how quickly what we ask for comes into our field. Does it take one day to bring something of want or need into being in your world? Does it take a week, or a year? Start to journal your requests from the universe and create a timetable to see how quickly those requests get brought into your life. You may be surprised by what you find.

Once you find a crystal ally you should begin to work with this stone during quiet meditation. Sit in your meditation space and begin to perform your grounding process. You will want to be holding onto your crystal in whatever hand feels most receptive to its energy. From here start asking the crystal to raise your frequency higher than it was just moments ago. Feel your body and feel where you may be closed off to receiving this crystals’ energy. Ask the crystal to send energy into those areas of your body that feel stagnant and are not fully opening up to this flow. Ask that your entire body be filled with this crystals high vibrational energy. Request this for every area of the body that feels pain or might be holding onto stagnancies or blocks.

Once your entire body feels open and is in resonance with this crystals vibration, meaning you can feel your body shift into alignment, feeling the tingling sensations moving freely through it. Ask your crystal what base level your frequency is in this space and time? Wait patiently until you receive a response. You may have to practice this exercise multiple times before you get relaxed enough to hear, sense, see or feel into the number given. Once you get your baseline number continue to ask the crystal to help raise your frequency, moving it even higher than it was moments ago. If you have practiced this multiple times finding that you are not increasing your number at all, it may be time to ask a few more questions. You can ask how high this crystal is meant take you, and find out what the overall goal of this crystals partnership with you is? In some cases, it may not be time for you to experience different levels of dimensions using higher frequencies through this crystal. This could be because you need to experience something you on your path that you have missed. Or you may need to experience something you haven’t played around with yet. Remember crystals are here as messengers and most have a divine message from humans, if you have not moved into the crystals world yet to hear that message and have been solely focused on your intended journey you may not gain the full access in which you seek. As humans we tend to want to move into the next level without fully experiencing the level we currently reside within. Make sure you are receiving the teachings and lessons before you assume something is broken. Other times the answer to your frustration could be that you have gone as far as you can with that one stone. Make sure you ask your crystal if it is time to find a different crystal to experience different levels of frequency and dimension? Some crystals may only take you up to a certain frequency because they may only be working with you to move into the astral plane or possible to connect you to a seventh dimensional guide or experience. If you are feeling stuck with your current crystal make sure to open up a dialog to find out if it is time to transition onto another crystal or possibly bring a second partner crystal into the mix. Crystals also love to work simultaneously with one another for greater benefits to the user.

Method number three

Using nature to higher your frequency.

Nature is one of the quickest way you will find to raise your frequency, especially as a newly practicing meditator. By removing yourself form areas where there is electromagnetic frequency you will be able to connect quicker and more clearly then when surrounded by these distracting electronic impulses. There is no trick to finding a spot in nature, you could honestly go right into your back yard, assuming you have some grass and a good looking tree, and lie down amongst this earthing connection. In nature whatever fells most pleasant will allow you to achieve this transcended state of connection that you are looking for. Like during each of the previous instructions you will start with your grounding meditation as this establishes an intention to move forward and connect openly to receive the energy from the field around you. Once you are grounded it will be your job to do one of the following things to raise your frequency.

The first step you will perform through the process of raising your frequency whilst in nature would be to look and feel around your space for a spot that is calling out to you. By doing this you are finding a place in nature that resonates with your body and will help to align your energy and raise your frequency. When you connect with a spot that feels good to you, it could possibly mean you are sitting within a natural vortex which is very common in many places within nature. Our earth produces natural vortexes where our energetic levels will naturally raise whilst we are amongst them. Another option would be to look around at nature and wait for a tree, flower, or stone to call out to your field by catching your view. By keeping a soft gaze, you may even be able to perceive a space within nature that is holding a higher vibrational energy, vortex, or even auric light that seems right for your work. Again when using nature, it is important to stay very open, for this is old, deep, slow magic that presents itself to those who can ground into its stillness and strength. If you are familiar with the place in nature you have selected, you could perform this last act with your eyes closed. Choosing to sit in a spot that feels right and wait for an image of a plant or flower ally to show up to you. Someone not so familiar with this practice can search around the landscape as expressed above and move into a spot that energetically feels most in harmony with your own being. If you feel you are being called to stare more closely at a flower or tree it might be presenting itself to you, specifically to help raise your frequency. In nature this can happen very quickly and quite harmoniously so don’t hesitate if you feel a pull towards something, meaning you hold its gaze for more than five seconds. Move next to that part of nature and simply be with it while becoming hypnotized by its many details.

The practice will begin once you have completed the steps above, whether you are sitting in an energy vortex created by nature or are connecting with a plant or flower these next steps you will chose to do with your eyes open or closed. You must judge for yourself whatever feels most connected and comfortable for you is what is recommended. Keeping your eyes open helps you to stay connected to the present moment, allowing you easier access to your breath and the connection to the time space you reside within. Closing your eyes may allow you to travel interdimensional easier or perceive things which the open eyes are unable to see. Each is a different level of experience and each will bring you the intention in which you seek.

Like all previously discussed practices involving frequency you will start with your grounding meditation and then move into a full body scan, here you will begin to recognize any feelings of stagnancy or pain inside your body. Placing your attention on these points of resistance you will being to open your energetic field up to the vortex, the surroundings, or the nature allies of the trees and flowers you have chosen to connect yourself with today. When using the natural energetic flow of your surroundings or a vortex allow all energies that surround you to enter your body using your breath. Allow the energy to open your body up so that you can feel the subtle vibration move through your body, releasing any blockages and taking you deeper into the practice. When working with the energy of a plant ally simply connect to the image of the ally you are working with, allow yourself to become very relaxed in its presence and begin to receive the harmonizing vibrations that this ally sends to you. Note if you try to understand this connection using the logical left brain you will close off the natural give and take between you and nature. Keep yourself relaxed creates the natural harmony between the duality of our human body to take place and by staying fluid through left and right brain allows transference to work.

Whether you are working with the energy of the surroundings or a specific tree or flower ally, ask this connection where your current frequency is at on a scale from one to ten. It may take time to establish a language or symbolic understanding between you and nature so whether you receive an answer or not ask that this energy or ally help raise your frequency higher than it was just moments ago. Simply sit with your breath and hold the image of the tree or flower in your mind’s eye or breathe into the vibration and flow of the vortex surrounding you. Don’t create expectation or time limits, simply allow yourself to receive. When you feel your time is done ask what frequency you achieved and send gratitude and thanks to your surroundings. Working with nature is so wonderful because you can call upon the image of the flower or tree you worked with at anytime, even when you are not around them you can use their connection to raise your frequency. This goes the same for the vortex energy, once you experience the feelings and flow of the vortex you can close your eyes and use your mental center to bring back into view the natural setting to reconnect with its energy and raise your frequency. Connecting with plants and nature is just like using crystals, plants and nature may show up for you to help your life and your divine alignment in specific ways, so make sure to keep good records of your experiences. By keeping these records, you will know what energy to call upon when you need something specific and what is going to be the easiest way to connect and receive the information you are searching for. By keeping records, you will also begin to see what connections are showing up in your life for the same purposes, this can be very helpful when you are seeking higher wisdom over your path.  

Finding allies that will assist in hiring your vibration is going to be the key to receiving clear guidance surrounding your life’s path. To find an ally in the form of a crystal or flower will help your natural antenna or energetic channel to connect to the frequencies of the universe surrounding you. As a human being living a spiritual existence it is important that you can understand not only the vibrations that are familiar to you, but those vibrations still unfamiliar, that is where the amplifier of an ally can become very handy in your training. Take crystals for example, today quartz crystal is still used in microphones, because of their ability to change sound energy into electrical impulses which can then be used to broadcast a message. There are subtle frequencies moving all around us that we only pick up on because we are tuned into their channel. When we surround ourselves within the world of the elements and we become still enough to resonate with their vibration we become tuned into a language we never thought we could understand. These amplifiers or allies become our still point, our authentic place from which we chose to move from daily. All we must do is simply become attuned to their energies, to hear their guidance and wisdom.


When creating resonance with the frequencies of your spirit guides and allies one of the most important qualities to establish is trust. Without trust your practice will slowly unravel beneath you leaving no foundation to work from. Questions asked during mediation will be mulled over with endless curiosity. Without complete trust in your practice no answer will ever seem to fit that can be completely accepted. To establish trust between you and your channels you must establish boundaries, guidelines and understandings that will help you to feel confident in what you receive. The following will hopefully empower you to begin to establish trust within these sacred connections.


Part 2 - Grounded Awareness



Any good beginning to a spiritual emergency should start with a powerful and connected process. This process should be able to help the individual going through the emerging process feel trust and assurance that the work they are about to embark upon is authentically connected to them and their own journey. In our case this first practice is going to surround the spiritual and human concept we call grounding.

Grounding is the first and most important practice one must establish to help bring forth their unique gifts and talents. Before you move through any grounding practices you must first understand fully this concept of grounding so that your work may be built upon a strong foundation appropriate to your divine lesson plan. After recognizing what it means to be fully grounded one will then be asked to establish a daily practice of grounding that will help to bring forth the uniqueness that lies within that individual. Simply put this means your journey will begin to unfold as it is meant to unfold for you and not the person sitting next to you. Remember that as individuals choosing to experience this world we chose paths that are different from one another and although a mentor may be able to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it, this may be better suited to their path and not your own. So learning to establish your own grounding process will be the most impactful for your future growth.

Through a practice of daily grounding you will be able to establish a strong antenna like connection from your energetic body into the matrix. Doing this daily practice will connect the presence of your higher self or all-knowing self into your human, physical existence. This process will make you aware of the frequencies and energies within you, which will allow you to learn with full clarity the talents that you pose. All of this will happen by way of your authentic connection that has been created through grounding into the divine.

To define “grounding” is complicated, as is anything when you try to dissect it into manageable and understandable parts. On a physical level grounding can be called the physical connection between a human and his surroundings. Some people chose to use “earthing” equipment to be better connected and grounded into the energy of the earth. Some chose to use crystals and minerals from the Earth to feel a vibration and frequency of the present moment. Some chose to walk barefoot amongst the earth to feel at peace and connected with the present moment and others visualize roots or cords connecting their energetic bodies into the planet. When you begin to understand this interpretation of grounding it is very physically rooted in connection to our third dimensional plane. This physical layer is, but one element that is necessary to understand before performing your own grounding practice.

The second layer to grounding involves understanding it from an emotional level. This layer of grounding is more concerned with humanities destiny and what that means in connection to the Earth. As humans seek spirituality they begin to lose touch with their emotions. They do this by becoming clear in their emotional bodies by simply using emotions as indications of what is happening in the field around them and not engaging with the sensations of that particular emotion. This detachment from emotion is a natural process that any spiritual seeker will go through in order to journey into higher dimensional frequencies. In order for a third dimensional being to begin to perceive the different dimensions without concern of ego, which means falsely guided information they must elevate their consciousness from that of the physical plane.  In the physical plane emotions are used to create connections to our physical Earth and to travel away from the Earth dimension one must release these emotional entanglements to begin to perceive on a greater scale. The concern surrounding this quest to raise your frequency is that as humans begin to lose touch with their emotions and the emotional body they will also begin to lose their connection with the Earth. In this secondary level of grounding it is important to know that although we chose to raise our level of consciousness and seek out our connection to spirit we are still human. Humans have chosen to be one of the caretakers of the Earth and in doing so this means we must remain in connection to our third dimensional plane to help keep the Earth grounded within our Universal Martix. The act of grounding allows us to be open to the energy surrounding us yet also allows us to keep our connection to the Earth. This is how we become both human and spiritual being residing in the same time and space. Grounding allows us to have both of these attributes at the same time. This practice will help you to establishing times when you chose to elevate your frequency through grounding practices and other times when you will choose to remain balanced within the normal operating mode of the third dimension (being human). The third dimension is where we can connect into the energy of all other light beings surrounding us including family, friends, doing things we love, and caretaking for the Earth.

The third level of understanding surrounding grounding involves learning to establish guidelines for your energetic practice not only concerning emotions, but now also within the mental field. When you become connected into the presence of the moment you can pick up on what is happening in the field around you. This means sensing into past, future and current situations all by thinking about a situation. It will be important that you are one with the energy surrounding you when you are in meditation and also when you are out of meditation because here everything you think will become a part of your reality or a distraction from it. You will need to trust in your connection to this field because at this point your journey will become guided by synchronistic occurrences and patterns that come to the surface for your review. The mental field requires that you realize everything you experience is for your highest good and that when you ground yourself by using meditation you are creating a direct link into your everyday life for divine awareness to come through. Learning to release control over your mental impulses and reducing your want or need to control the situations around you will allow you the present mind awareness to see clearly what is being created for you to participate in. When you are ready to understand this part of your grounded awareness life will no longer allow you to control your destiny it will bring your destiny to you while you are open and present enough to be ready for it.

Now that the three bodies of the first triad otherwise known as the first level of conscious awareness have been discussed it is important to know that when a soul achieves the proper grounding practice it will bring into alignment all three subtle bodies, uniting human and spirit into one. By intentionally creating balance between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies you bring forth an energy that solely resonates with your frequency. This is the highest level of connection you will be able to find to grow and learn from while working through this metaphysical filed.

What you are doing during a grounding meditation is telling the universe that your energy is in alignment to channel and bring forth that which you need to be made more clear on and work through. After you perform your grounding work during your meditation you will have the opportunity to work with your collection of guides, angles, extra-terrestrials and other light beings who will be available to assist you with whatever intention you set for your practice. When setting an intention know that by using limiting words during your process you will likely follow a path that is limited to the words you use. Our guides and angles are here to assist us in working through our divine lesson plan. This plan was constructed between us and these guides and was specifically created for us to use while moving through our human and other incarnation experiences. If the work, you wish to perform in the physical world does not align with your lesson plan you will need to be clear in what you hope to accomplish before things become clear. Our guides will assist us based off of our intentions and sometimes our intentions are not stated from the highest possible perspective. It is important to keep your questions to the divine open and void of attachment. This will allow you to receive the highest level of guidance and will not place limitations on your experience.

To review, before you sit down to meditate or after your grounding practice when you are balanced and clear you will want to establish that which you hope to work on using a very clear and thoughtful intention. A practice that is helpful to capture high level intentions and questions is to carry around a notebook during your day. When you have moments of clarity throughout your day either through synchronicities, patterns or hunches it is recommended for you to write these impulses down in your notebook to be reviewed at a later time. Preferably when you can enter into a state of meditation. Once you have established your open channel by grounding through mediation you will be able to openly work from your kept notebook writing and reading without breaking your connection to the divine. This is called a state of trance. By establishing a state of trance in your mediation you can be assured that you are connected into the frequency of your guides and here they will be able to present to you the material that best suits your lesson plan.

If you are unfamiliar with the experience of being in a state of trance and you need more clarification on what this feels like, simply look more fully into your nightly routine of fallings asleep. The moments before you enter sleep, but are still aware of your surroundings is when your brain is reaching theta levels that begin to allow the subtle bodies to harmonize together in a fully balanced and receptive state. It is here that the body makes subtle twitches and adjustments before full sleep is found. Your body should become heavy and you may even find your bodily sensations become heightened which can lead to startling sensations if caught off guard. Similar to meditation, this is why it is important to find a space where you will not be interrupted frequently, not because it will pull you out of the meditative state, but because the body is so receptive that an intrusion will startle you to a point of intense shock through the body. During a state of trance, you will be very aware of what is happening around you, your eyes might even be open and you may find it easy to achieve automatic writing. To find this level of trance you simply need a repetitive sequence of guided commands that brings your body into a level of calm yet receptive conscious awareness. The grounding mantra will feel quite like the work performed by a hypnotist. Most people use a singular grounding pattern their whole lives never changing it to get themselves into a state of trance, once you perform this pattern a few times it becomes easier for the body to subtly fall into and out of this state. Another way to know that you are tapped into a state of trance is that shortly after you come out of this state you begin to forget what was received and experienced. Typically, after your meditative session as the hours’ tick by the information you received will become harder and more difficult to recall. This is a good sign that what you experienced was trance.

The last and single most important tip for grounding is to keep your breathing controlled. Your breath cycle will be able to take you deeper into your meditative state as well as bring you out if an interruption is needed. It is not uncommon to need to break your trance pattern to write something down in your journal or respond to someone in the third dimension. These reactions are all normal and ok to engage with whilst in meditation. Simply put your attention on your breath and continue the cycle of inhalation through the nose and exhalation out through the mouth, when the interruption is over you will return right back to the point of receiving when you left. By being able to bring yourself into and out of meditation like this it will allow you to move easily into states of waking meditation. Waking meditation will be the next big achievement in your spiritual process.

Waking meditation is simple enough to understand it is the process of grounding your energy throughout the day and being open to receive guidance while you are alert and awake without having to get into a meditative state. It is important to have established a strong meditative practice so that you are clear enough to be able to receive waking guidance. Most humans are not clear enough in their energetic field to be able to interpret this type of guidance. Due to lack of practice or clarity or both their own minds/mental bodies run on over drive inhibiting them from picking up on the patterns, synchronicities, and impulses that stream through their consciousness throughout the day. So when their most authentic guidance comes in they assume this to be just another impulse of an overactive mind. True guidance is sometimes so simple it is overlooked. This waking guidance can be as easy as getting out of your habitual patterns and following a whim or thought that floats into your mind out. These impulses are always streaming into you and the more you engage in their calls to action the more guidance and clarity you will receive. These experiences will help to heighten your human experience. As every human knows change is hard and does not sit well for most living in the third dimensional. When a standard routine is questioned and you receive guidance to change a habitual pattern, most people hesitate and will push this thought away. If one is not clear and does not have a trusted practice it will become harder to distinguish between ego mind and authentic guidance. The less one follows the cues of the mind the harder and more convoluted their path becomes. To trust ones own instinct and intuitive hunches is the easiest way to begin to follow the divine path and the simplest way to do that is to clear your mental field and begin following all impulses, seeking that which is the divine voice within.

When exploring the concepts of the ego mind and authentic guidance there is a lot of internal understanding and self actualizing that needs to be done before one can achieve full clarity. Once a person has gone through a self actualizing process more trust is created within their field and a clearer connection can be made. It is easy to tell someone to clear negativity out of their life, and remove fear. We ask them to eliminate the guilt and anxiety holding those people back from an authentic connection, but for one to actually go through a self-review and perform an introspective journey surrounding their life and to implement these changes is a completely different ball game. It takes time and careful consideration to go through ones’ internal system to watch for these ego indicators to pop up signaling where more clearing needs to be done. The collective consciousness is becoming very clear and the frequency of the planet is shifting. This means that many before you have done a lot of this work in preparation for your arrival into this matrix. So much of the negativity within the collective has been shifted and the false programming that seemed to control our emotions continues to reduce day by day.  This opens up your ability to connect more fully to the divine energy surrounding you. Now is the time while the planets frequency is steadily increasing to accept this unique challenge to clear your own field and open your channel to the divine. During this time in 2016 it is easy to slip into stages of complete connection into higher frequencies. In fact, most people do this unknowingly many times throughout the day. As you progress it becomes so important to establish practices that will help to keep you connected to your path, the divine, and your highest wisdom so that you can live your most abundant and fulfilled life possible.

You were blessed with your purpose in this life a long time ago. It is your unique ability as a human being to remember the divinity that lies within. Your process here on earth will allow you the pleasure of remembering exactly who you are and what you were created to do. By establishing a waking meditation, you will be able to connect into the field around you every day and receive immediate impulses about how connected and aligned you are on your path. The key to a waking meditation is to tune into your feet. You must establish a connection that moves through your body and out through your feet into the world. By everyday setting the intention that you are more grounded and connected than the day before you will confirm to the universe that you are ready to become engage, and a willing participant in the co-creating of your field.

Once a grounded connection has been established you may then begin the process of opening your mind to receive the impulses of the filed around you. In an unpracticed person who meditates this can be a bit overwhelming at first because it is easy to read into the etheric, emotional and mental fields of the people surrounding you. As humans we live in an electromagnetic world and any time we feel, think or simply be we give off electrical impulses that are carried into the matrix and felt by all. In our world so many humans operate on autopilot that they do not realize they are projecting their feelings, emotions and thoughts into the people around them. If you begin connecting to the universe through waking meditations, you will surly encounter all of these impulses from the untrained people around you. In the beginning stages of your practice this can be alarming because in a body that does not know its own field (etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual) a person might confuse what they are perceiving as their own energy, and not understand that it is merely a projection from a person in the field around you. This is why when you begin this practice it is important to know yourself well before any attempt is made to dive into the matrix. Uncertainty in yourself, your body, your feelings and your practice may send you into bouts of confusion and undue stress. Become aware of yourself before you enlist these practices of oneness within the field.

Circle of Light:

A suggested way to start a waking meditation for an experienced or novas meditator is to establish your grounding meditation in the morning when you wake up. An example of a grounding meditation will follow this explanation. After you run through your morning mediation set the intention that you are more grounded and connected than you were the day before and ask that you become aware of your highest and most loving guidance throughout the day. Visualize your feet and see them as trunks of a tree willing and open to walking through life present and grounded. This will initiate your presence process which will begin to allow you to feel the flow of the universal energies from the matrix. It is from this place of grounded awareness that your highest guidance will be able to help illuminate your path. Once you have performed your grounding meditation and connected to the Earth anything that tries to pull you from the grounded state of awareness can be sent down into the core of the Earth becoming transmuted from your field. Meaning it will be pulled out of your energetic field and away from your potential repetition of this pattern. The more you keep an open awareness of your energetic field the clearer you will become on your divine path allowing your unique gifts to play out. Anytime you feel overly consumed by the human reality playing out in front of you simply connect to your feet and see the trunks of two large trees replace the image that are your two feet and begin to walk with connected awareness once again. 


Example of a Grounding Meditation:

Sit in a comfortable space sitting up to begin with since this work needs to be actively participated in. Begin your breath work, breathing in through the nose and exhaling out through the mouth. Keep this breath through the entire practice. Bring the legs together and squeeze making contact between the knees, thighs, calves and inner feet. Hold this tight squeeze for three breaths. After the third breath release the muscles of the body and feel how open and receptive the lower part of the body has become. Make the statement that your frequency is now higher than it was moments ago. Next bring your fingers into the palms of your hands creating fists, lock your inner arms along your ribs, suck in your stomach and squeeze all of the muscles of this abdominal area. Hold for three breaths. After the third breath release and feel into the opened flow of the body. Make the statement that my frequency is now higher than it was just moments ago. Next bring your fingers into the palms of your hands creating fists, bring your elbows up on either side of your head and lock your fists onto the top of your shoulders. Stretch out your neck and drop the corners of your mouth down towards your jaw line. Hold for three breaths. After the third breath release and feel into the opened flow of the body. Make the statement that my frequency is now higher than it was just moments ago. After this last hold you will open your body completely surrendering into a fully open and receptive position. Next you will place your attention at the top of your head and find the silver grounding cord. Pull the silver grounding cord down through your head following your spine and send it out your groin area. Allow this cord to move in between your feet and into the surface of the earth. Sink this cord down until it hits into the core of the earth. Once in the core of the earth allow the silver ball of energy to form underneath your feet. From here place your attention at the bottoms of your feet and allow the root chakras on the bottoms of the feet to open. Next using your exhalation, you will push your energetic root system out of the bottoms of your feet and into the earth. Allow the roots to form whatever pattern they may and guide them down past the center of the earth towards the exact opposite side of the earth that you sit upon at that moment in time. From here allow the roots to protrude out the opposite side of the earth forming an anchoring connection that connects your channel into the earth. You will then place your attention at the top of your head around the crown chakra. Finding the crown chakra you will intentionally open this center and begin to draw down the white divine light. As you bring down this energy you will make the statement, only that which serves my highest good is allowed to be with me today. As you pull this divine white light down through your channel you will feel into this energy. As this light moves into your head and arms you will feel how this energy resonates with your being in a very personal and unique way. You will then move this energy down into the stomach and pelvic region. From here you can draw this energy down your legs and into your feet.

Finally, you will bring this energy through your feet and into the roots you had laid in the earth. Once this channel is completely illuminated you will place your attention at the heart center. You will find the center most point of the heart and allow the three lines that represent the matrix to move in and through this singular point. Move one line from the head down the body and into the earth, crossing through your heart convergence point. The next line will move from the left side of the body out and though the right side. You will lastly move a line from the back of the body out though the front, each touching the center most point of the heart. This will create the grid of the matrix in, around, and through your body. These lines will connect through you and into every other being in this matrix. Like the geographical lines on a map so to we run the girded lines of the matrix through our own bodies. From here we will call upon the highest and most loving vibrational words we can hold in our own bodies and then send these impulses out through the matrix lines. Words like, gratitude, love, kindness, abundance, grace, transcendence, joy, peace, happiness. Once you select a word that you can feel within your heart you will allow this words energy to fill your body and with your intention you will send this energy out into the matrix, like an offering to all who you are connected into. As soon as you send this out you will feel its vibration rushing back towards you and as you follow this vibration into your heart center and then down towards your feet. Once your awareness is focused around your feet you will ask that a vortex or black hole be opened under your feet and into the center of the earth. You will then acknowledge the green vibrant energy of the divine feminine residing at the bottom of this vortex. You will then pull this line of energy up from the center of the earth and allow it to sweep through your body. Feel how it flows in your own body and allow it to open you more fully into your receptive channel. Pull this energy from your feet all the way up to above your head where it can connect into the divine white light energy. Once you find the white light energy above your head, you will change perspectives and ride from heaven to earth with this white light energy back down towards your feet. As you feel this energy move through you acknowledge how it flows differently than the divine feminine energy and allow yourself to open up fully to this experience. Next you will ask that both energies move through you at the same time. This pull in opposite directions will open up a vortex of energy around your body that you can use to raise your frequency. As this vortex opens up around you begin to allow your consciousness to be pulled into its spin. You will now find yourself on the outside of your physical form, witness now as you get pulled in towards the heart center. Find the door that represents your heart center and move into this space. Take notice of this setting and call out to your inner child. Once you find the inner child send an I love you their way and ask to be show to the door of the sacred heart space. Next move through this door and into this chamber, this is a unique place where much learning and travel can be done. From here find the golden pool of light that is the god head energy and merge yourself into the pool of light. You may be able to submerge yourself into this pool if so with every step you take allow yourself to become more and more detached from your physical body. As you submerge your energy into this light allow your only perspective to be that of golden light. Now let this light spill out of the pool and fill your complete internal channel. Filling first your heart space, then into your throat and solar plexus chakra, next the golden light will move into your sacral and third eye charka, and then into your root and crown chakra. From here the light can spill into you entire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies until it overflows completely and becomes the entire matrix around you. Here you can be everything and nothing at the same time. From here call out to your unique soul frequency and call back through the golden light only those particles that belong to your unique soul song/frequency. As these particles move back to where you are they will create a vortex of energy that funnels down through the crown of your head and back into your heart space. This energy will materialize into a form that represents your highest and most loving self. For here you will become the energy of your higher self. From here you can continue to move into different levels of meditation or sign off for the day setting again your intention to be more grounded and connected to your divine purpose than you have ever been before. You will then close the meditation by bringing your attention back into your physical body and move back into your physical surroundings.

You can use this meditation or establish your own grounding practice by becoming connected to your field and finding what resonates most with your own path. Many times individuals will take parts of different teacher’s meditations and create a melting pot meditation that feels resonate with what their body needs. Never be scared to play around with different meditations. That which serves your highest good will always feel right so play around until you find the energy that sits best with your body. The only requirement for your grounding meditation is that you state something to the effect of, “only that which serves my highest good is allowed to be with me today.” Every detail after that is up to you. You will know a meditation is right for you when you can see, sense, and feel into every word or command being spoken. Grounding is used to anchor the physical body as well as the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to the present moment. When we are completely present in life things become clearer in the field surrounding us. As third dimensional beings this is the ultimate goal we are looking for, to be able to flow the highest and most connected light of the divine at all times. Being human means you are given a body that can become very dense if not properly taken care of. Only during times of heightened awareness and complete integration can we experience such things as trance, auras, time travel, guides, angels, and astral projection. The first way to establish your gifts in this life time is to become completely grounded in your field and into your daily life. This will align your energy bringing full integration of the energetic bodies making it easier for your next steps of growth to happen.